Our Lodging PassPocket (Back)
July 1999 Trip

Here is an online version of the back of Our Lodging PassPocket, with the same information that we wrote in our PassPorter for our July 1999 trip.

Please note that this is the best (and fastest) way to show you our PassPocket on the Web, but it isn't how a PassPocket actually looks (just close). To see a real pocket, visit our flip book.

What We Put In This PassPocket:

  • Disney Resort Guest Answer Book
  • Resort Confirmation Sheet
  • Receipt for amount charged to card upon registration
  • Card with number to call about room readiness
  • Map of Polynesian Resort
  • Extra room key (not functioning)
  • Express checkout folio
  • Captain Cook's receipt (for refillable mug)
Updated 11/21/03

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Memories of Our Lodging  

Our first impression of our lodging was lush and laidback -- we knew at once this was the best resort for our quick, summer escape.

The best thing about our lodging was that we got the type of room we wanted: in Tahiti, on the third floor, with a balcony, a great view of the monorail, near the elevator, and close to the Great Ceremonial House.

The worst thing about our lodging was that the cast member who registered us apparently didn't read our preferences (which we confirmed twice on the phone) nor did he even tell us which room we'd been assigned to before he issued our I.D.s.

The most interesting thing about our lodging was the Hidden Mickeys right in the room! We found M.M. hiding in the daybed cover and in the shower curtain.

The most convenient thing about our lodging was its proximity to everything -- great access to the monorail, boats, buses, and Transportation & Ticket Center. And the bus always picked us up within minutes (sometimes seconds) of arriving at the bus stop!

One word that best describes our lodging is RELAXING!

Photos and Snapshots Rooms and Views
[x] Photos taken today (roll #_1_) Our room was very, very comfortable.
Shot #____ Description We had more than enough space for
__1________Our room at the Poly_ ourselves and our stuff.
__2________The Poly bathroom_ The view was quite pleasant with the
__3________The Poly balcony___ gardens below the balcony and the
___________________________ monorail passing by the window.
___________________________ Best feature The renovated bathroom!
___________________________ Worst feature Sheets pulled off bed too easily.
Budget and Expenses Notes for Next Time
Target lodging budget $ (no presets)_
Room(s) $ 187.59 (dep.)_
  $_562.77 (bal.)
Tips $_12.00_
Extras $_9.01 (mug)
Other $_33.75 (calls)
Total $_805.12_
Not much more we would want to do different when we stay here again! We should remember to bring our refillable mug the next time we visit the Polynesian, however. We may also want to try more of the recreational activities, like swimming and boating.

See also the front of Our Lodging PassPocket for our lodging details and notes.

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