Our Lodging PassPocket
July 1999 Trip

Here is an online version of Our Lodging PassPocket, with the same information that we've written in our PassPorter for our July 1999 trip.

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Our Lodging  
Hotel Name Polynesian Phone 407-824-2000
Arriving Thursday, July 8 Departing Monday, July 12
Room Type Garden view (AP Discount) Location Tahiti
Special Requests Room with balcony in Tahiti, Maori, or Oahu
Reservation Number 291514805886
Room Number 3203 Building: Tahiti
Additional Information Room not available at registration. The cast member who checked us in gave us a business card with a phone number to call and inquire about our room later in the day.

Things To Do

[x] Pay deposit by 6/21 [_]
[x] Take photos for Poly FAQ [_]
[x] Buy a refillable mug. [_]
[_] [_]


The Polynesian looks as beautiful as ever. We weren't given one of the typical resort "newsletters" at registration, though they did give us a resort map and lots of other park maps. We also received the American Express White Glove fanny pack for using our Amex card, along with the small Amex-issued "guidebook."
This is the first time we stayed at the Polynesian since they updated their guest rooms. The rooms look wonderful -- fresh, relaxing, and light. And the bathrooms have marble tiles and torch-like lamps! We have a great room in Tahiti, with a balcony and a view of the monorail (just what we requested).

See also the back of Our Lodging PassPocket for memories and expenses!

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