Disney Shorthands

With all the names and titles flying around at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Cruise Line, does it come as any surprise that folks use abbreviations? You probably already know WDW, DL, and DCL, but what about CDS or MAoWtP? If you come across an abbreviation you don't recognize, use this handy dandy list to look it up. We've also included some general usage shorthands (such as AFK and BTW), as well as some emoticons (smileys) at the bottom.

As for using abbreviations yourself, this usually works best when you spell out the word the first time, put the abbreviation immediately after it in parentheses, and then use the abbreviation from that point on in your message. For example, "We went to Adventurers Club (AC) on our second night — we thought AC was the best club on Pleasure Island!" This helps readers understand your message even if they aren't as up to date on all the abbreviations.

If you notice an important abbreviation missing from this list, please e-mail it to us and we'll include it.

General Shorthand
AFK - Away From Keyboard/Keys
BTW - By The Way
BRB - Be Right Back
DH - Dear(est) Husband
DW - Dear(est) Wife
F2F - Face-to-Face
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
OT - Off Topic
OTOH - On The Other Hand
ROTF - Rolling On The Floor (laughing)
ROFLWTIME - Rolling On Floor With Tears In My Eyes
RSN - Real Soon Now
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
WTG - Way To Go

Emoticons (Smileys)

:) = smile
;) = wink
:D = big smile
:< = pout
:( = frown
:'( = crying
};> = devil
0;V = angel
{{{}}} = hug
:* = kiss
:x = lips are sealed
:p = sticking out tongue

Updated 01/31/06
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AA - The American Adventure
AB - Alligator Bayou (at Dixie Landings Resort)
AC - Adventurers Club
AE - Alien Encounter
AIO - All In One Passes
AK - Animal Kingdom (also DAK)
AKL - Animal Kingdom Lodge
AP - Annual Pass
APT - Artist Point
AS - All-Star Sports Resort
ASMV - All-Star Movie Report
ASMU - All-Star Music Resort

BatB - "Beauty and the Beast" Live on Stage
BitBBH - Bear in the Big Blue House
BB - Blizzard Beach
BC - Beach Club Resort
BC - Beaches and Cream
BET - BET Soundstage (at Pleasure Island)
BTMR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BW - Body Wars
BW - BoardWalk Resort
BWI- Boardwalk Inn
BWV - BoardWalk Villas

CB - Character Breakfast
CD - Character Dinner
CdS - Cirque du Soleil
CBR - Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
CG - California Grill
CM - Cast Member (Walt Disney Company employee)
CM's- Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary
Cont - Disney's Contemporary Resort
CP - Crystal Palace
CaP - Candlelight Processional (Around Christmas in Epcot)
CoP - Carousel of Progress
CRO - Central Reservations Office (which handles Dining and Resort reservations) 407-WDISNEY (934-7639)
CS - Coronado Springs Resort
CSR - Coronado Springs Resort
CtX - Countdown to Extinction
CW - Comedy Warehouse (at Pleasure Island)

DAK - Disney's Animal Kingdom
DCL- Disney Cruise Lines
D/MGM - Disney-MGM Studios
DD - Downtown Disney
DD - Disney Dollars
DDE - Disney Dining Experience
DHV- Disney Hotel Village
DI - Discovery Island (now closed)
DI - Disney Institute
DL - Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA)
DLP - Disneyland Paris
DM - Disney Magic (Disney Cruise Line)
DVC - Disney Vacation Club
DxL - Dixie Landings Resort
DW - Disney Wonder (Disney Cruise Line)

EC - Epcot (Center)
EE - Early Entry/Surprise Mornings
ET - E-Ticket

FF - Flying Fish Cafe (at BoardWalk)
FNF - Food and Fun (now called Disney Dining Experience)
FP - FASTPASS Ride Reservation System
FRAP- Florida Resident Annual Pass
FtW - Fort Wilderness
FTC - Florida Towncar Service
FW - Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
FW - Future World (part of Epcot)
FWC - Fort Wilderness Cabins
FWH - Fort Wilderness Homes

GF - Grand Floridian Beach Resort
GoH - Guest of Honor

HDD - Hoop De Doo Revue
HH - Disney Vacation Club Hilton Head Resort
HISTA - "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience"
HM - Hidden Mickey
HM - The Haunted Mansion
HoB- House of Blues
HoND - "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" A Musical Adventure
HoP - The Hall of Presidents

IASW - "It's A Small World"
I-Drive - International Drive
IG - International Gateway
IN25 - IllumiNations 25
IN2000 - IllumiNations 2000

JC - Jungle Cruise
JH - Jolly Holidays (now closed)
JII - Journey Into Imagination

KK- Keys to the Kingdom (a backstage guided tour)

LBV - Lake Buena Vista
LOS - Length of Stay Pass (now called Unlimited Magic Pass)
LS - The Living Seas

MAoWtP - Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
MB - Magnolia Bend (at Dixie Landings)
MCO - Orlando International Airport
MGM - Disney-MGM Studios
MK - Magic Kingdom
MKC - Magic Kingdom Club
MKCGC - Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card
MNSSHP - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
MP - Millennium Pavilion
MS - Main Street
MSEP - Main Street Electrical Parade
MTWR - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (now closed)
MV3D - Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D
MVMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

NoJ - Night of Joy

OKW - Disney's Old Key West Vacation Club Resort
OPR - Old Port Royale (at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort)

PAP - Premium Annual Pass
PH - Planet Hollywood (at Downtown Disney)
PH - Park Hopper
PHP - Park Hopper Plus
PI - Pleasure Island (part of Downtown Disney)
PIAP - Pleasure Island Annual Pass
PO - Disney's Port Orleans Resort
PoC - Pirates of the Caribbean
Poly - Disney's Polynesian Resort
PotC - Pirates of the Caribbean
PP or PPWDW - PassPorter Walt Disney World travel guide
PS - Priority Seating

RADP - rec.arts.disney.parks
RC - River Country
R&C - Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot
Ressie - Reservation
RFC - Rainforest Cafe
RRBC - Rock-N-Roll Beach Club
RnRC - Rock 'N' Roller Coaster

SB - Stormalong Bay (theme pool at the Yacht and Beach Club)
SE - Spaceship Earth
SM - Splash Mountain
SM - Space Mountain
SOG - Shades of Green Resort
SplM - Splash Mountain
ST - Star Tours

TDC - Trimobius Disney Club (social group on rec.arts.disney.parks)
TDL - Toyko Disneyland
TDS - The Disney Store
TH - Treehouse Villas (at Disney Institute)
TL - Typhoon Lagoon
TLS - The Living Seas
TM - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
TMK - Magic Kingdom
ToN - Tapestry of Nations
ToT - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
TR = Trip Report
TSI - Tom Sawyer Island
TT - Test Track
TTC - Transportation and Ticket Center

UoE - Universe of Energy
UMP - Unlimited Magic Pass (formerly Length of Stay)

V&A's- Victoria and Albert's
VB - Disney Vacation Club Vero Beach Resort
VMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
VotLM - Voyage of the Little Mermaid

WDC - Walt Disney Company
WDW - Walt Disney World
WDWRR - Walt Disney World Railroad
WHS - Wildhorse Saloon
WoD - World of Disney Store
WL - Wilderness Lodge Resort
WoL - Wonders of Life
WoM - World of Motion
WS - World Showcase (at Epcot)
WS - West Side (at Downtown Disney)
WWS - Disney's Wide World of Sports

Y&BC - Yacht Club Resort and Beach Club Resort
YC - Yacht Club Resort

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