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PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line LIVE! Guidebook
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Selecting Your Stateroom

Selecting Your Stateroom

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You’ll need to select a category when you make your reservation, so it pays to know as much as possible about each category in advance. You have 11 main stateroom categories plus many sub-categories to choose from. Eight categories are found on all four ships, while categories V and 8 are unique to the Dream Class (category V staterooms were added to the Magic Class in early October 2017), and category S is unique to the Magic Class.

The most obvious difference between categories is price. Category R is the priciest, while category 11C is the least expensive. Price may be your only concern, and if so, we encourage you to check the current cruise category rates at http://www.disneycruise.com. You can also find typical rates on page 58. Sub-categories (5A, 5B, 5C, etc.) rank staterooms within a category, with letter A ranked as the most attractive (and most expensive) by the cruise line. You may find that B, C, or even E will suit your needs quite nicely, depending on your feelings about being on a higher deck, or fore, aft, or midship. We think many of these distinctions offer little benefit on today’s ships.

Beyond price, we can combine the stateroom categories into four groups: suites with verandahs (R, S, & T), outside staterooms with verandahs (4–7, V), outside staterooms with portholes (8–9), and inside staterooms (10–11). We devote one overview page to each of these four groups, plus four to six pages of delightful detail for each category.

The Disney Cruise Line may offer different “categories,” but old-fashioned “classes” are a relic of the past. If you choose a category 11C stateroom, you won’t be made to feel like you have lower status than any other passenger. You will have access to all facilities on your ship (except those reserved for concierge level guests) and dine in the same style, regardless of your category. We booked our first cruise in an old category 12 (now 11C) and never once felt funny about it. (We were later upgraded to category 9, which we loved. For more on upgrades, see page 155.)

Another deciding factor may simply be availability. This is particularly true of the highest and lowest category (and sub-category) staterooms, which are in shorter supply or lower-priced. Research availability before you choose a date, by looking up your desired sail date(s) at the cruise line web site, or speak to a Disney reservations agent. To learn how to check specific stateroom availability, see page 138. Note that you may be offered a “guaranteed category” (GTY, VGT, OGT, IGT) rather than a specific room. This tends to happen when most of the staterooms in a category are booked. GTY means you’re guaranteed a room in that category or higher, but all regular terms and conditions apply. VGT, OGT, and IGT guarantee a verandah, outside, or inside room, respectively, but special restrictions apply.

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      RE: Selecting Your Stateroom

      Is it better to pick a guaranteed room or specific room if hoping for a free upgrade?

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