Disney Cruise Line and Its Ports of Call LIVE! Guidebook

PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line LIVE! Guidebook
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Glossary of Terms A-K

Glossary of Terms A-K

While this guide isn’t exactly overflowing with salty terms, we thought a brief glossary could be useful, and a bit of fun.

Aft—Towards the rear. The after section of the ship. Also abaft.

All Aboard— The latest time a passenger may board in a port.

All Ashore—The earliest time a passenger may disembark in a port.

Amidships—The center of the ship, between fore and aft. Also midship.

Assistant Server—The crew member who assists your server, typically by looking after drinks, clearing the table, and carrying trays to and from the kitchen. On the Disney Cruise Line, a single assistant server attends your needs throughout your voyage.

Beam—The widest portion of a watercraft.

Berth—Any bed on a ship, but more commonly, the fold-down or fold-out beds in a stateroom.

Boat—A small watercraft, sometimes carried onboard a ship.

Bow—The forwardmost section of the ship, pronounced bough.

Bridge—The location from which a ship is steered and speed is controlled.

Bulkhead—A vertical wall or partition. Captain—Ship’s officer responsible for the operation and safety of the vessel. See Master.

Cast Member—An employee at Disney’s land-based theme parks and resorts.

Castaway Club—Disney’s free club for past Disney cruisers.

Catamaran—A very stable, fast watercraft with two parallel, widely spaced hulls joined by a broad deck.

Crew Member—A shipboard employee.

Cruise Director—Officer in charge of all passenger entertainment and recreational activities, including shore excursions. “Is everybody having a good time?”

DCL—Abbreviation for the Disney Cruise Line. Deck—The covering over a vessel’s hull, or any floor on a ship.

Diesel Electric—Propulsion system used by ships of the Disney Cruise Line. Diesel generators provide electricity to operate the ship’s propulsion motors and other systems.

Displacement—Weight of the water displaced by a vessel, equivalent to the vessel’s weight.

Dock—To come alongside a pier. See also pier.

Draft—The depth of the submerged portion of a watercraft.

Fathom—A measure of depth. One fathom is equivalent to 6 feet/1.8288 m.

Fender—A device for padding the side of a watercraft or pier to prevent damage.

Fore—Forward. Toward the front. Also, a golfer’s warning call.

Gangway—A location on the side of a vessel where passengers and crew can board and disembark. Also, a retractable walkway broader than a gangplank, connecting ship to shore.

Guest Relations—Disney’s term for a hotel’s front desk operations. On the Disney Cruise Line, equivalent to the Purser’s Office. Located on deck 3, adjacent to the Atrium Lobby.

Hawser—Long, thick mooring lines for fastening a ship to a pier.

Head Server—The crew member who supervises dining room servers and assistant servers. A single head server attends your needs throughout your voyage.

Hotel Manager—Ship’s officer in charge of all passenger-related operations, including accommodations, housekeeping, food and beverages, and entertainment.

Hull—The main body of a watercraft. From Middle English for husk.

Keel—One of the main structural members of a vessel to which frames are fastened.

Key to the World Card—Your personal room key, admission, identification, and charge account. Each member of your party has his/her own Key to the World card.

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