Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Description from PassPorter's Walt Disney World Guidebook:

The Indiana Jones films set the stage for an action show of epic proportions. Disney has built a huge indoor/ outdoor set to demonstrate the stuntperson’s craft, including the famous rolling boulder, an Egyptian marketplace, and a flaming German airplane. Adults may be picked to join the show—arrive early and show enthusiasm if this interests you. Theater opens 25 minutes before the show and guests sit in a covered, outdoor theater. Loud explosions and hot flames may scare young children. Wheelchair accessible. Assistive listening. Rumored to be closing (see 5590).

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Type: Live Show
Scope: E-Ticket
Ages: Ages 4 & up
Thrill Factor: Loud, fire, violence

Live Show Duration: 30 min.
FastPass: Yes
Special Considerations:
- Assistive Listening
- May remain in wheelchair/ECV
- Seating type: bench without backs

Also Known As: Indiana Jones

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61.19% of our readers would definitely visit Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular again.

I would definitely visit this attraction again!
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What PassPorter Readers Think of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (25 comments):

It was good to see the first time. Not a must see for us. We are going to see it again coming up, but only since so many other things are closed at DHS.
DisneyKimber gave this a rating of 5 on 06/30/2016 at 1:56:11 pm EDT

Really good show but I wish they would change it up a bit. I have pretty much memorized it.
Pawleys4 gave this a rating of 7 on 06/27/2016 at 10:04:37 pm EDT

gardengalWDW gave this a rating of 7 on 06/24/2016 at 2:01:05 am EDT

Fun show to watch maybe one or two times then it becomes stale.
scott disney dad gave this a rating of 7 on 06/20/2016 at 6:09:49 pm EDT

Good attraction, and with the closure of most of the movie making related attractions, it would be sad to lose this one too. But, would love it if they replaced it with the Indy ride I have never been on in California!
MissyMouse70 gave this a rating of 9 on 06/18/2016 at 10:28:04 pm EDT

Need to change the show a bit
ashlvsq2004 gave this a rating of 7 on 06/15/2016 at 12:13:07 pm EDT

Good show, but the same every time. After seeing it a few times there is no reason to go back.
AeroScott gave this a rating of 6 on 06/14/2016 at 4:56:10 pm EDT

This is great and has been around forever. I remember as a kid loving the part when the huge boulder is about to run Indy over! However its not a must-do for us every trip.
EvaKi gave this a rating of 7 on 06/14/2016 at 1:32:05 pm EDT

You have to see this at least once.
jodistrock gave this a rating of 8 on 06/13/2016 at 8:41:45 pm EDT

We always make sure we do this show!
mom2three23 gave this a rating of 7 on 06/12/2016 at 4:15:53 pm EDT

Always love this show.
CaptainSpalding gave this a rating of 8 on 06/11/2016 at 9:40:36 pm EDT

Each time we go to WDW we make sure to take in this show. It never grows old watching this.
krazykat_randi gave this a rating of 8 on 06/10/2016 at 1:03:09 pm EDT

Great stunt show for the whole family! They even call some volunteers down to participate in the show - so sit in the front and be ready to make some noise!
Csb10salum gave this a rating of 7 on 06/10/2016 at 11:07:58 am EDT

Definitely worth seeing once. It's entertaining.
TLCdisneyfan gave this a rating of 7 on 06/08/2016 at 5:30:15 pm EDT

Though dated it was a exciting and fun show .
Big G gave this a rating of 10 on 06/05/2016 at 6:28:53 pm EDT

Kind of a tired war horse. Would love to see some tweaks to the show or something new. The performers give it their all, though.
Marie the Cat gave this a rating of 5 on 06/05/2016 at 5:16:59 pm EDT

Great show! It would be nice if they could change the scenes for repeatability.
goofyboysmama gave this a rating of 7 on 06/04/2016 at 2:58:13 pm EDT

Love this show, lots of action and unexpected things happening.
cutiepie gave this a rating of 8 on 06/02/2016 at 8:19:59 am EDT

My son loves this. Opportunity to be in the show makes this a repeat
Zatrina gave this a rating of 10 on 06/01/2016 at 12:38:05 am EDT

A nice show and fun if you are selected to "act" in the show. Also nice place to beat the heat and relax.
FARMERGIRL gave this a rating of 7 on 05/30/2016 at 10:00:46 pm EDT

Always good, but once you've seen it, it's boring to repeat
Disneyisourthing gave this a rating of 7 on 05/30/2016 at 9:43:01 am EDT

Husband loved it, I hated it.
txtink gave this a rating of 2 on 05/27/2016 at 12:33:36 pm EDT

A little outdated.
MayraLR gave this a rating of 6 on 05/27/2016 at 12:02:36 pm EDT

A great show, if you've never seen it before, and a great chance to get in the shade if you have!
Ms Minnie gave this a rating of 7 on 05/27/2016 at 6:48:27 am EDT

It's pretty fun the first time, but it doesn't hold up for repeated viewings.
ArielsEric gave this a rating of 6 on 05/26/2016 at 10:29:37 am EDT

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