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The Yacht & Beach Club Resorts are described in detail in the PassPorter Walt Disney World on pages 90-93. Updates, changes, and interesting tidbits about the resort are listed to the right. Links of interest, if any are available, are below.

Update: We stayed at the Yacht Club in January 2000 — specifically the concierge level, lagoon view. We've incorporated the information we gathered during our visit into this page, but if you have specific questions about the Yacht Club (whether regular or concierge), please feel free to write us.

Updated 04/21/06

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  General Update
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Rooms (& Layout) Update
Each room in both these resorts has an iron and iron board. Refrigerators, if available, can be had at no charge. (Contributed by Carole Annette)

The fifth floor of the Yacht Club is the concierge level, which they call the Regatta Club. Concierge rooms are about $150 more than regular rooms and come in both standard and lagoon views. For the extra money, you get personalized concierge services (glorified guest services), complimentary snacks and drinks (continental breakfast, mid-day snacks, wine and cheese, and evening cordials and dessert), fluffy white robes, and private check-in and check-out. Is it worth it? If you're planning to spend a lot of time at your resort and/or you're used to going first class, the concierge level offers great service and amenities. Otherwise you're better off with a regular room in the Yacht Club so you can spend the extra money on meals and recreation.

Beach Club Villas are now open. You can book a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom villa at the Beach Club Resort and have full access to the beloved Stormalong Bay pool complex. We stayed here in July 2002 and had a wonderful time. Our two-bedroom villa was spacious and the walk to the resort's facilities wasn't too bad. We enjoyed having the DVD player in the room (these are available in the one- and two-bedroom villas). We especially liked the two common areas on the first floor. Simply delightful!

Food (Dining & Lounging) Update
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Recreation (Playing & Relaxing) Update
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Transportation (Getting About) Update
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Notes (& Tips) Update
Contrary to the note on page 92, both the Yacht and Beach Club have one extra elevator each in addition to their main 4-elevator banks. In the Yacht Club, the single elevator is near room *067 (1067-4067) and the guest laundry. In the Beach Club, the single elevator is near room *573 (1573-4573). A door to the outside is near both as well. So if you are located near these rooms, use this elevator instead of trekking to the main elevator to save yourself some time. The single elevator is easy to overlook -- Jennifer stayed there many times over the years and still didn't spot it. Many thanks to Bev Harrell who pointed it out! [Note: The single elevator does not provide access to the concierge level.]

Ratings Update
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Resort Map Update
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Best Locations Update
Rooms at the Yacht and Beach Club come in two views: standard and lagoon.

Balconies: All rooms at the Yacht Club have full balconies, but not all rooms at the Beach Club (some only have standing room only). The Beach Club's full balconies can be on any floor, 2,3,4,5, depending on the section of the resort, since it only has three floors in one section and four floors in another while the rest has five floors. (Contributed by Carole Annette)

A reader review on the standard rooms at Beach Club: "You also mentioned that standard views tend to me "below-standard", which I have to disagree with. It is certainly much better to have a water view but for people who cannot afford this view, I would not consider that they will be getting a sub-standard room. I would hate to see people not take a standard view room at the Beach Club because they feel it will not be very nice. Any room at the Beach Club, as far as I'm concerned, is beautiful." (Contributed by Carole Annette)
Author's Note: I dislike the standard rooms at the Beach Club which overlook the very ugly rooftop (over the drop-off/pick-up area), but that is only my opinion. Your mileage may vary. — Jennifer

Rates Update
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