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Updated 04/25/06

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  All About WildForWD

Hi! My name is Tim and I am thrilled to be the moderator for ‘Feasting and Snacking forum!’ I have long been a fan of Walt Disney World (as you can tell from my online name, WildForWD!) Disney and food have always been two things that are close to my heart! 

The magic started for me when I was four years old and my family visited Disneyland in California. It was quite an adventure and, even though I was very young, I can clearly recall sitting at the top of the Matterhorn about to plunge to my death! This memory has stayed with me all my life and I still hope to go back to Disneyland one day to ride the Matterhorn again. Of course, it will probably seem much smaller to me then.

I am 40 years old and married to another moderator at the PassPorter board, Cruella (‘Touring the World’) and together we have two sons, David (Grumpy) aged 13 and Andrew (Goofy) aged 9. I currently work for the local Sheraton Hotel as an accountant but I was trained at the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY as a chef and have spent much of my past employed in the food industry. So when Jennifer & Dave asked me to be a moderator, I immediately jumped at the chance to do ‘Feasting and Snacking’ because I have this affinity with food and Mickey!

I made one trip to Walt Disney World in my youth, when I was 11 years old. I traveled with a friend’s family in an RV and we camped at Fort Wilderness. I was amazed that Disneyland had grown so much!

Since then, I have been to WDW three more times, all with my darling wife, Cruella. She has helped encourage me to embrace WDW as much as she does and together we enjoy experiencing the magic with the rest of our family. David has been there with us twice and Andrew once, on our last trip in 1995. We have planned another trip for this October and are looking forward to re-visiting all of our favorite places within the World as well as visiting all of the new things they have added since we were there last. I think I am most looking forward to our dinner at the Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s in the Grand Floridian resort, where we are staying. I know I will enjoy reporting to all of you about that grand and elegant meal!

Of course, since my appointment as moderator of ‘Feasting and Snacking’ we have decided that we have to visit as many restaurants as possible during our stay! Thanks, guys! I will do my best to bring some new and exciting information to the forum and I look forward to sharing the fine eating experience offered at the WDW resort with all of you!


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