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We've been surfing the Web for a long time. How long? Let's just say we've worn tracks in our mousepads and rubbed letters off our keyboard. No kidding. Our only excuse is that we've written books to help our fellow human beings get online so they too can wear our their hardware.

In all the time we've been online and on the Web, we've been surfing Web Sites related to Walt Disney World. We must have seen hundreds by now. Some have long since fallen by the wayside, but many have grown into wonderfully rich, reliable, informative sites. These are the sites we visit on a regular basis. The sites we check when a fact eludes us. The sites that make us grin like kids and say "I want to go to Disney!"

We encourage you to visit our colleagues at each of these sites and explore their unique communities. We will add to this list as we learn of more special places. In fact, if you'd like to recommend a site to become a PassPorter Destination, we'd love to hear from you! We will review the site, and if it meets our high criteria, we will award it our PassPorter Destination Award:

Disney Destination Award


Updated 04/25/06
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