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Vista Spa

The full-service spa aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder is the Vista Spa. It occupies a relatively large space on the ship (Deck 9 - Forward) and offers private treatments rooms with soothing lighting and sound systems.

If you're interested in spa services, we recommend you take the free tour on your first day aboard. During our cruise, the tour was available on a walk-in basis from 2:00-3:30 pm—be sure to double-check your Personal Navigator for times.

The Vista Spa is exclusively for guests 18 years of age and older. Hours are approximately 8 am-8 pm. The Fitness Center is open approximately 7 am - 8 pm. 12 working hours notice is required for cancellations, or a fee of 50% of your treatment service may be charged to your account.

The Vista Spa's menu of services, along with our comments, is listed to the right.


  • If isn't offered automatically, request a locker key, slippers, and robe. This will come in very handy, and are required if you want to use the Tropical Rain Forest.
  • Specials are offered throughout the cruise. Check the Personal Navigator for details. On our cruise, they offered a free Body Composition Test at 5:30 on the first day and $10 off the Ionithermie treatment on the second day.
  • Wear an old bathing suit for your treatments, as some treatments can be harsh on fabrics. Alternately, you may be able to remove a suit for certain treatments.
  • The Fitness Center is adjacent (and accessible) through the spa. They offer classes throughout the cruise, such as the Wake Up and Work Out (8:00 am) and Eat More, Weigh Less (5:00 pm on the third day).
  • The Fitness Center is the only place on the ship where you can see into the bridge without actually being in the bridge! To get your peek, go to the large forward windows in the Fitness Center and look down—you'll be looking down into the bridge!
Updated 06/30/06

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  Spa Services

Basic Services:

Tropical Rain Forest - Experience the benefits of steam, heat and water therapy combined with the power of aromatherapy to relax and detoxify the mind and spirit. Excellent before or after a body massage or water therapy. - $15/day or $8/day with a massage treatment

Authors' Note: Jennifer took advantage of the Tropical Rain Forest and enjoyed it. Almost no one was present, meaning she had the facility to herself most of the time (early Saturday morning). There were three saunas (one gentle, one aromatic, and one fairly normal), plus two special showers and a regular shower. The gentle sauna was good, and Jennifer recommends it as a good way to warm up for the other two (which are significantly hotter). Jennifer's favorite thing here was the rain forest shower, with two sets of jets on either side plus a "rain" shower above head. And the showers offered aromatherapy as well. You could easily spend an hour or two here.

Surial Bath - A fun, exfoliating, remineralizing treatment that you can try by yourself, with a partner, or in a group of three. Enter the Surial Bath chambers where you will be provided with three different colored medicinal muds. Apply these all over the body, including the face, then relax in the gentle steam room as your body absorbs the minerals and trace elements from the mud. Wash away the mud with individual showers and take your time to enjoy an aromatherapy experience of your very own. - 60 minutes = $60 per person/couple

Hair Salon - Don't forget we also have talented international hair stylists who specialize in the latest European styles and all technical work. (no prices or details offered)


Ionithermie Detox - An exclusive European treatment which is replacing liposuction as a way of removing cellulite. The treatment firms and tones, correcting cellulite, whilst giving the added benefit of inch loss. The treatment also raises metabolism and boosts energy levels. - 1 hr treatment = $100.

Author's Notes: This treatment was demonstrated during our tour. It looked as though the entire body was coated with the detox and then wrapped in foil. Most interesting (and perhaps unnerving) was how the detox agent seemed to have a life of its own and was moving slightly over the skin.

La Therapie Facial - This fantastic Parisian facial is now available outside France. Using gels and creams rich in amino acids and nourishing plat extracts, this facial cleanses the lower layers of the skin whilst transporting active ingredients in to the skin. We also include a relaxing neck and shoulder massage with the facial and complete the treatment with a purifying facemask. - 55-minute facial = $69.

Authors' Notes: This facial was demonstrated during the tour also. One interesting aspect of it was that the person receiving the treatment held a positively charged unit in their hand while the gels and creams were being applied. They claimed this helped the ingredients get down to the skin layer where they could do the most good.

Seaweed Massage - Combining the power of seaweed, sage, and aromatherapy, this treatment re-mineralizes the body, boosts a sluggish system and detoxifies the body. Following the seaweed therapy you will receive a 25-minute aromatic massage, which includes scalp, feet, back, neck, and shoulders. - 80 minutes = $120.

Combination Therapy - A fantastic 25 minute back, neck, and shoulder massage including the back of the legs combined with a 25 minute facial boosting treatment. - 50 minutes = $79.

Hydrotherapy Spa Bath - Allow warm water and aromatherapy oils to caress the body and take the mind to far off places. Over a hundred different jets massage the body from the soles of the feet all the way to the back of the neck. After a consultation with our Spa Nurse the jets will be programmed to meet your individual needs. Results can be achieved to breakdown muscle tension, aid arthritis and revitalize you. A soothing milk whey skin treatment is also available for dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. - 20 minutes = $25

Authors' Notes: Wonderful treatment! Jennifer had this on 10/22 and loved every minute. The treatment is in a private room. You can wear your bathing suit or take it off once you're inside (as you chose). The crew member asks if you'd like anything special in your bath water, such as oils to treat muscle tension, stress, etc. There did not seem to be an extra charge for different oils. Jennifer chose a energy revitalizing oil. Once that is set, you just get into the tub and make yourself comfortable—the tub is longer and deeper than a regular bathtub, and is contoured to fit a body lying down. The tub seemed spacious, too. At this point, the bath is started and the crew member leaves you to enjoy the tub. This isn't a traditional Jacuzzi, as there are many more jets and they cycle through different sets and different times. Jennifer remembers some delicious jets along her spine and at her feet. During the treatment, the lights grew dimmer. More impressive is the recessed area in the ceiling, which was painted to resemble bamboo. The lights shining on this recess changed throughout the treatment, going from sunrise to sunset colors. All in all, the treatment was WELL worth the 25 bucks. Jennifer highly recommends it!

Body Composition Analysis - Find out your body fat percentage, water, toxin level and lean body percentage. The analysis will also give you the important information about your metabolism. Learn how to burn those excess calories now. - 20 minutes = $25

Alpha Capsule - The ultimate relaxation experience! Let soothing sounds, gentle warmth, and calming aromatherapy take your mind to the deep relaxation state of alpha. The equivalent of 3 hours of natural deep sleeps. What are you waiting for? - 25 minutes = $25

Authors' Note: Jennifer tried this (during the Relaxation Therapy described later) and found it VERY relaxing. So relaxing, in fact, she thinks she fell asleep towards the end. It produced a slightly strange but pleasant humming throughout the body and it was very lulling. The Alpha Capsule looks a bit like a tanning bed in that it is a large capsule that opens to allow you to lay down. The capsule itself is stored in the aerobics room rather than a treatment room, which seemed a bit odd. There were no aerobics going on when Jennifer tried this, and we suspect they don't schedule them at the same time.

Food and Ankle Massage - Similar to reflexology, this pressure point and relaxation massage stimulates nerve endings, alleviates aching swollen feet, and relaxes the whole mind and body. - 60 minutes = $55.

Authors' Note: Jennifer tried this also and, as you can imagine, found it enjoyable. This was her first foot massage (she has very ticklish feet) and was surprised to find it neither tickled nor felt uncomfortable in any way. The only drawbacks to this treatment are that it doesn't take place in a private treatment room but in a corner of the Hair Salon and that the crew member tries to make conversation with you (which is bad if you're not interested, but good if you're in the mood).

Relaxation Therapy - This consists of the alpha capsule session, the ultimate in relaxation, followed by a foot and ankle massage. - 60 minutes = $55 (good deal!)

Personal Training - Bored with your workout? Not getting the results you want to achieve or not sure how to go about exercising? A one to one session will show you how to get the results. - 60 minutes = $50.


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