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Readers' Touring Tips

These touring tips were collected during our June, July, August, and September 1999 Tip Contests. The winners of our September contest (which focused on touring tips) were:

Keeping in Touch with Pagers
For the past several years, we have been traveling with teens. They wanted to do their thing, we wanted to do ours. To set up a meeting place was somewhat difficult because you never know how long you'll be waiting in line. So last year we decided to rent pagers (which can be obtained at Guest Services at all WDW hotels). The best investment money could buy! The boys were given the freedom to tour what they wanted to see and we always felt we were somewhat close to them. When we go back in Dec of this year, we are actually going to rent two way pagers which we'll even be better (it will truly be a direct link to them). This touring tip made our vacation last year the most enjoyable one we had taken to WDW.
-- Contributed by
Pam E.

- and-

Scrapbook and Trip Report Helper
Use the daily trip pockets to accumulate your dining receipts, purchases, ticket stubs, etc. Then, when you get home, you have an effective and easy way of remembering where you ate and what and when. It's a great way to organize your scrapbook of the trip and to take notes for that all-important trip report to R.A.D.P.! Example: On Friday, after a day at Busch Gardens, and a trip to LensCrafters!, we saw Cirque du Soleil and had dinner afterwards at Fulton's Crab House where we had . . . !
-- Contributed by Don Bartholomew


We will update this page monthly as we receive more touring-specific tips via our contest or just by e-mail!

Updated 06/27/06

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  Our Readers' Touring Tips (over 100 and counting!)

Make time for the water parks. They are well worth it and a lot of fun -especially for the kids. Typhoon Lagoon is a blast. The wave pool and the Shark Reef are great. After going to a water park in the morning, we still had plenty of time to go to one of the parks. Bring clothes with you. There are plenty of lockers available at the parks. Most importantly, have fun and relax. -- Contributed by Darcy J. (September 1999)

We have a family of six and we all try to wear shirts the same color. It makes it much easier to spot the rest of our family after restroom breaks, meeting up after standing in food lines, etc. Our family is also kept together on attractions since the cast members can see at a glance that we are all together. We also try to use Disney clothing with large pictures of common characters. Goofy is wonderful when he spots you in his shirt. We get much better attention from that specific character, so be sure to pick the children's favorites. I start purchasing a year in advance when I make our reservations, and have not had any trouble finding shirts in the various children and adult sizes. Red, green, navy, bright blue, and black are usually pretty easy to find. White, although easiest to find, is the color that blends in the most with the crowds. We usually have 3 sets of T-shirts and 2 sets of sweatshirts (we travel in the winter months) and we do laundry while the children take their afternoon pool break -- Contributed by Teresa (September 1999)

Our family's surprise favorite attraction on our last trip to Walt Disney World was the trolley horse ride up Main Street. In the morning, after you have hit the big attractions, ride the trolley from the castle to the train station. As the morning crowd is hurrying into the park and posing in the street for their personal family in front of the castle picture, their backs are to the horses. Watching the people turn around and see that immense animal breathing on their shoulder is very funny. One man left his stroller in the street and whisked his child to safety only to realize he had to go back and get the stroller. Watching people miss the "road apples" is also pretty funny. Disney is very quick with the shovel, so keep yours eyes open, or you will miss it. Our children giggled and laughed for quite some time about different people that morning. Everyone generally rides the trolley into the hub, so riding reverse order is the key. This has also made us very aware of our own entrance. -- Contributed by Teresa (September 1999)

Our family finds that the Monorail ride through the resorts is the perfect way to get in to that Disney Spirit! It's the first thing we do after check-in, and the last thing we do before leaving the grounds. I find the Monorail ride to Epcot to be the most magical, and prefer to save that for my last Disney experience! -- Contributed by Diane Siegler (September 1999)

When travelling with children keep them involved with decision making and let each child choose an attraction/ character meal they want to do every day. Also if you want your children to be happy and stay happy try to adhere to their normal sleep and nap schedules. If you stick as close as possible to their usual daily routine, they will be much more energetic and happy throughout the entire trip. -- Contributed by Carol Miller (September 1999)

When visiting the Animal Kingdom, go directly to the back and ride Countdown to Extinction. NO ONE is back there!! You can ride it bunches in a row before you begin to see the crowds. (Now I've spoiled the secret.) -- Contributed by Barbara Ott (September 1999)

Try entering the Magic Kingdom later in the day and staying until closing especially when the park is busy and open late. You can usually ride a couple of the "biggies" between 11:00 and Midnight. Even the young ones can make it. Disney magic keeps 'em goin'. Besides, nothing beats looking back at the castle with an unobstructed view as you leave at about 1:00 A.M. with a belly full of cookies from the Main Street Bakery. -- Contributed by Gene (September 1999)

I like to try to take advantage of early entry mornings, but only with a park-hopper pass, or UMP, which allow you to go to any number of parks in the same day. Go to early entry at the park of the day, and do as many rides as you want/can. Then, when the park start's getting crowded (as it always will) leave and go to another park, or back to hotel to rest/swim, whatever. -- Contributed by Anonymous (September 1999)

I like to leave the early entry park and go to the park I went to the day before, to sight-see, catch some shows, basically to take in more attributes of the park that I missed the day before. -- Contributed by Bonnie Scutt (September 1999)

When touring the Parks it is fun for everyone in your party to wear a T-shirt or Sweatshirt that can be autographed with a permanent marker, it is fun to see who can get the most signatures each day! -- Contributed by Gennie B. (September 1999)

Don't be an adult, get into the spirit of Disney. Disney is for kids of all ages. So cast off all the responsibilities of growing up and go for it. We have all seen people on holidays doing silly things and having a great time and all the time wishing you could do the same. Well, at Disney its your turn, just let your hair down and become a child again. -- Contributed by Lyn Evans (September 1999)

Tired from spending a -long- day at the Magic Kingdom, only to find that the monorail line to the TTC is overflowing with people, and the waits are just scary? Why not use the resort monorail? With much less wait (and usable by anyone with park media - which allows you complimentary transportation even if you are not staying at a monorail resort!) than the "Express" monorail, it is 2 stops away from the TTC (after the Contemporary). It does take a little more time than the Express monorail, but the queues are typically a lot smaller, and you are not packed in like sardines to fit every available space due to the long lines. Time is generally saved by not waiting for the Express monorails, and "beating the crowds" by offering a less harried and less crowded ride. -- Contributed by Steve P. (September 1999)

When touring the Disney Studios, make sure that you experience both "live action segments" of the Great Movie Ride. When entering the part of the line that is screening the movie clips you will have the choice of walking straight ahead or taking a sharp 90 degree right turn. By walking straight ahead you will be in line to experience the "Gangster" show. Taking the turn will put you in line for the "Cowboy" show. -- Contributed by Judy Taylor (September 1999)

We plan on showing our kids the "WORLD" by riding the monorail all the way around. What a way to tour the parks first-- and letting the kids see everything and decide then how much there is to see. This can be done on the evening of arrival that way we are not wasting an afternoon on a day ticket-- but still get to "DO DISNEY". -- Contributed by Lana C. (September 1999)

Writing down notes in a notebook. -- Contributed by Angie Johnson (September 1999)

My favorite thing to do at all the parks is to sit on a bench and observe all the little things that make Disney world special. An example is the talking garbage cans at Epcot or the barber shop quartet at the Magic Kingdom. In the hustle to see it all most people miss the most special parts of the parks. I love to watch people's reactions when they discover these "little' things. -- Contributed by Kim Brownell (September 1999)

RELAX... Have fun.... I know we can get excited about being there...but don't forget to stop and smell the roses.... Soak up all the ambiance... don't forget the forest for the trees...HAVE FUN - Contributed by Gregory B. (September 1999)

RELAX...Have fun.... I know we can get excited about being there...but don't forget to stop and smell the roses.... Soak up all the ambiance...don't forget the forest for the trees...HAVE FUN - Contributed by Gregory B. (September 1999)

Last trip, when we had to stay off-site, we toured the Magic Kingdom on a non-early-entry day. I wanted to be at the Main Entrance really early to be one of the first inside and didn't want to wait for the monorail or ferry at the TTC. So we parked at the Polynesian, had breakfast there and were in line to get on the first monorail heading to the entrance. We were way ahead of the pack just getting through the turnstiles at the TTC. Also, at the end of the day, all we had to do was jump on the monorail to the Polynesian and head back to our hotel from there. No headaches getting out of the parking lot at the Magic Kingdom! -- Contributed by Linda Trahey (September 1999)

Avoid the post-Illuminations exit from Epcot at all costs. We've seen the show before, so we'll scoot out of the park about 10 minutes before it starts...that way, we're on an almost empty bus back to the resort. inside a store/counter service place until 15 minutes after the show ends, and then commandeer a bench to do some people watching. Take your time exiting, and you shouldn't have a problem. -- Contributed by Kimberly T. (September 1999)

When we first rode coaster type rides like Space Mountain, the excitement and a bit of fear made us tense up and hang on tightly to anything we could. After being jostled around, we found our muscles (especially neck) to be sore. Our kids didn't want to ride again. The tip: When you are on such rides, just relax. Let your body move with the ride. You won't fall out! This will ensure that you have fun and leave the ride with nothing but happy memories. -- Contributed by Jeff St. Gelais (September 1999)

Wake up early and take advantage of early entry. The last time I went I was with people whose attitude was "It's vacation, I'm sleeping in." That meant long lines for the popular attractions. Also, if you do early entry: When the park starts getting busy go to another park. -- Contributed by Lisa M. (September 1999)

Plan every day out, which park you will be at, where you will eat, and what shows you will see before you leave your house. Then follow your schedule and you'll be able to see everything you wanted to and not spend hours just deciding what to do every day when you're there. -- Contributed by Gail (September 1999)

Our most successful touring technique has been to book the last available character breakfast on the day that we are going to a particular park (with the Crystal Palace being the best followed by Cinderella and Soundstage, we did not like the Garden Grill). Then get to the park first thing, go like crazy until your "breakfast", which then functions as your lunch/break. This worked great both times, first with 3&1 year old, then two years later. -- Contributed by David L. (September 1999)

Take a break in the afternoon, go back to the hotel for a nap and a swim. -- Contributed by Christine Holmes (September 1999)

For the past several years, we have been traveling with teens. They wanted to do their thing, we wanted to do ours. To set up a meeting place was somewhat difficult because you never know how long you'll be waiting in line. So last year we decided to rent pagers (which can be obtained at Guest Services at all WDW hotels). The best investment money could buy! The boys were given the freedom to tour what they wanted to see and we always felt we were somewhat close to them. When we go back in Dec of this year, we are actually going to rent two way pagers which we'll even be better (it will truly be a direct link to them). This touring tip made our vacation last year the most enjoyable one we had taken to WDW. -- Contributed by Pam E. (September 1999)

I make it a point to try at least one ride/attraction that I do NOT think I will like. In the past, I have been occasionally pleasantly surprised to find one I really like. For example, I did not want to bother with Peter Pan's Flight. It sounded like a kiddies-only ride from descriptions, and at the time I didn't have children. One night, there was no line, so I said what the hey, and went on. What a beautiful ride! Now I make it a point to try new things. This can go for food too. How many Moroccan restaurants are in YOUR town? Why not try a new food? It may become a favorite (like the Yakitori House is with me). Don't always go on descriptions from other people or books. Live a little. Be adventurous! -- Contributed by Melissa Rinn (September 1999)

If you don't have Hopper passes, and need to put in a full day at the park, you can still take an afternoon "break." If in Tomorrowland, take a ride of the COP (Carousel of Progress), and the people mover. Or at the other side of the park, see The Hall of Presidents, and Bear Country Jamboree. Either one of these combos will give you close to an hour of air-conditioned, sit down comfort, and are great attractions, too. -- Contributed by Judy Taylor (September 1999)

Extensive touring can start to become physically taxing. You will inevitably develop some aches and pains and even maybe some blisters. Bring a small first aid kit with you complete with Band-Aids and moleskin for the hot spots on your feet. Do not forget to bring some Aspirin or Aleve. Aleve really saved my last trip from being spent in the room aching after 2 days. This helps avoid paying gift shop prices (which are outrageous) for these products and it also assures you that you will be using your brand and not stuck with the one or two brands they carry. -- Contributed by Melissa Shaw (September 1999)

We always take the little plastic resealable juice or soda bottles and fill them 2/3 of the way full of water and stick them into the freezer the night before we tour a park. The next day when you are at the park with the frozen water you can either use it by holding against your skin to cool down. Secondly it is also good for putting some of the melted cold water on a washcloth to put on your face or neck. Finally it will also be there for anyone who needs a drink of something cool. We always bring on for each of us in our party and have always used them. Keeps you cool and hydrated on those days when it is easy to get tired from being overheated and thirsty. -- Contributed by Deb S. (September 1999)

Probably the biggest complaint after a day of touring WDW is sore feet. My tip for avoiding this is to wear not only comfortable shoes but COMFORTABLE SOCKS. I find Fox River Wick & Dry Socks to be the most comfortable I've ever worn. They are sized not only by shoe size but also by foot width. There is a left sock and right sock and the socks are padded just right. They are made out of Cool Max so they wick perspiration off your feet and the Teflon fibers help prevent blisters. Try them, you'll like them and no I don't work for the company I just love the product! -- Contributed by Donna S. (September 1999)

My best tip for touring WDW is to ride all rides that are outside (or partially exposed to the outside like Tower of Terror and it's window) during both daytime and nighttime. Often the rides can feel very different and you might notice quite different things. When we rode Tower of Terror during daytime we didn't take in much as we peered out the window but when we rode at night we could see Osborne Family Lights (when we went in winter) and it was actually easier to pick things out. By riding the rides under two different conditions you actually double the number of rides that are available for you! -- Contributed by Donna S. (September 1999)

If you are travelling with small children and they are getting tired, you can give them a break by either hopping on the monorail for a relaxing ride around the parks or try going into a quiet attraction, like the Enchanted Tiki Room. At one point or another, all 3 of my kids have taken a small nap in there! -- Contributed by Colleen Anastasi (September 1999)

View the Main Street Electrical Parade from Frontierland, and hop on the railroad to get out of the park without walking through the crowd. This is especially helpful during peak times. -- Contributed by Joan (September 1999)

Watch your children, and the joy they feel at Disney, and copy them. You can be an adult again when you get home. No one cares if you're giggling and wearing mouse ears. -- Contributed by Maryann Z. (September 1999)

When touring with toddlers be prepared for ANYTHING. For us this meant stopping EVERY time we saw a duck. We can relive our '97 trip with our 15 month old by thinking of "The Ducks of WDW." We just went with the flow. -- Contributed by Tracey S. (September 1999)

When we tour the theme parks, we are really exploring them. We select a restaurant where we would like to eat, then we explore the area where the restaurant is located. Our exploration will take us on some rides, of course. We also take quite a bit of time to study the architecture, the gardens, and the theming. Even the garbage cans are themed to fit in with the areas where they are located. We also like to look for "hidden Mickeys" during our touring. Usually we explore awhile, take a break for our meal, then go back to exploring. When we've finished looking around as much as we want it is generally time for a snack or another meal, so it's off to another area of the park to explore some more. We always manage to find something "new" on our explorations, no matter how often we've been there. -- Contributed by Bev Harrell (September 1999)

My best touring tip is in two parts: try to add a day to your trip and get a park hopper pass to go with it. That way you can relax and enjoy your time in each park without having to worry that you've 'just gotta' get another ride in. And I'd say that this is doubly true if you're traveling with kids! -- Contributed by Dave Taylor (September 1999)

If you're looking for a specific character, stop by City Hall in the Magic Kingdom to find out when and where they'll be available. You can also just ask any Cast Member to call and find out for you. -- Contributed by Beth Hodges (September 1999)

Plan, plan, plan. Make notes of "must-see/do" then another of "if we have time" according to everyone in your traveling party. If traveling with several people, plan to split up part of the day so everyone can enjoy their favorites (I think everyone should LOVE Space Mountain, but to my surprise, some don't). Just have fun. If you don't get everything done, save your list for the next trip. -- Contributed by Debbie C. (September 1999)

Walt Disney World has more than just the parks for touring. For something different (or on a rainy day), try touring the hotels. Each hotel has a different and unique theme and they are all fun to visit. Our family especially enjoys visiting the Wildreness Lodge. It has lots of hidden spots on all the different floors. If you have time get the Hidden Mickey list for the front desk and go exploring! -- Contributed by Brad McDowell (September 1999)

When you are in the Magic Kingdom and want to see the characters, try checking in the Kodak building on Main Street (near the train station). We took our daughter in here twice on our last trip and we were amazed at how many characters were there. Our daughter had many of the characters to herself and received great interaction. The building is also air conditioned so it is a great place to get out of the heat. -- Contributed by Jenny McDowell (September 1999)

For hassle free park shopping, go to early entry at Magic Kingdom. After seeing 1 or 2 attractions go back to Main Street before the park opens. Stores are empty, sales people give personalized service because there's nobody else there, and you check out immediately, and they will send your packages to your room. Then when park opens all your time is for touring. Works great! -- Contributed by Dave Benson (September 1999)

Bring small travel games into the parks for those extra long lines! -- Contributed by Trisha (September 1999)

I always bring along a few large garbage bags in my backpack. Why, you ask? When I go on rides like Splash Mountain, or Kali River Rapids, any ride with a potential for getting wet, I take out a bag, slip it over my feet so my legs and behind are covered. Cinch the bag at the waist, and I'm fairly waterproof! I've also taken a bag with a hole in it for my head and slipped it over my head. The bag usually will cover your behind, and keep you dry that way. If you're really worried about getting at all wet, use 2 bags, one for top and one for bottom! (Yes, you can use a poncho, but I love the funny looks I get. People laugh when I'm getting on Splash Mountain, but the laughs turn to compliments when I get off dry and they're soaked)! I also use a bag for putting my stuff in when I go on the ride. Keeps everything nice and dry. I usually just toss the bag away when I get off, but most times, I end up giving it to a person who asks me (and someone almost always does)! -- Contributed by David R. (September 1999)

Carry an inflatable cushion in your frontpack or backpack. This will come in handy when waiting at that perfect spot for a parade, IllumiNations or just to rest when all the benches are full. -- Contributed by Rebecca (September 1999)

In the event of rain...keep on going! Nothing closes and the fountains are fun to play in when you are already soaked!!! That is when we have the most fun!! Especially in EPCOT! -- Contributed by Kristin W. (September 1999)

We have three beautiful, but "feisty" children who tend to squabble among themselves. To encourage them to get along and to enjoy the magic while at Walt Disney World, we have promised each of them "pillow gifts." Each night after they have survived a whole day without arguing with their siblings, they will find a small gift on their pillow at the Beach Club. My husband and I will purchase little souvenirs for them, such as Mickey socks, Disney books, small plush animals, etc. and present them to the kids as a reward for behaving all day. If they try to squabble while we're in the parks, all we have to do is remind them about the pillow gifts, and they shape up in a hurry! They love the idea of getting a surprise gift every night! -- Contributed by Jana Fink (in August 1999)

If you're already bogged down with bags, kids, and everything else, it's usually just another hassle to carry a mobile phone/pager/2-Way Radio. Besides, there's a big chance of misplacing it, breaking, etc. Instead, use the WDW Voice Mail System to contact the rest of your party when you're all staying at a Walt Disney World resort! You can use it at any of the parks, at the public phones (for free!), and at all retail and Guest Services locations. It's an easy way to leave messages for your loved ones while you are at WDW, and a cheap and efficient system that requires a simple password (so, it's private!) that you create to retrieve messages. -- Contributed by Steve Pyles (in August 1999)

Purchase a PAP a.k.a. premium annual pass. I read this on the AOL message boards. I never knew that WDW sold PAP'S (maybe a hidden motive so you will buy passes year after year.) Anyway, this year is our dream vacation for our family. There is also a possibility that our son's marching band maybe going there next year. So purchasing an annual pass is saving us the price of next year's tickets and this years. This upcoming trip in 19 days we are saving on resort costs...Contemporary savings of $79.11 a night and Beach Club savings of 100.21 a night. Plus dining discounts, Disney store purchases, free parking, etc....The savings on our resorts alone justified buying an annual pass. Buying an annual pass just gives one the incentive to revisit Disney and spread the pixy dust. Thanks to the message boards and thanks to you guys for making planning more enjoyable!! Great job guys!!! -- Contributed by Micki (in July 1999).

If you are using multi-park passes, plan to do Animal Kingdom in two stages. Go in at opening one morning and if you don't absolutely have to see the animals first thing, ignore the crowds headed to the safari and go to Countdown to Extinction and Kali River. These are usually walkons for the first hour or so. You should also be able to do the Bug's show and Lion King show before the crowds become oppressive. Then plan to go back to Animal Kingdom 2-3 hours before closing on one of your days. The park gets very crowded from mid-morning to about 3:00 PM. You can usually hit all of the major rides (Safari, Countdown to Extinction, Kali River) in those 2+ hours with little or no lines. -- Contributed by Wilbur (in July 1999).

I believe the best way to get around the World without missing anything that you want to do, is to make an itinerary before you go. Collect all the info you can on WDW from books, Internet, previous trips, etc. and compile an awesome itinerary. That's what I do. Been there 8 times and every time I have a new itinerary cause WDW is always changing! It's also a great way to get you so pumped up and excited for your upcoming Disney trip. I believe that a great itinerary and organization is the best way to "conquer the World." -- Contributed by Sara Boyce (in July 1999).

On some early entry days only one of my wife or myself takes our older girls (12,8,7) to the early entry while the other sleeps a little bit with our youngest (3 years old). Then we meet up for a breakfast around 10am. We usually do this at MK and meet at Crystal Palace for a character breakfast. -- Contributed by James Zeoli (in July 1999).

Save the empty tubes from Mini M&M's. They can be refilled with other snacks for your kids (or yourself). -- Contributed by LeNore (in July 1999).

Freeze water bottles the night before, and keep them in your backpacks for cold refreshment any time of the day! -- Contributed by Kendra Thornberg (in July 1999).

When traveling around WDW if not alone take along the family 2-way radios. Great way to keep in touch so kids can go to one attraction (or food) and you can go sit and rest. Also a great way to stay in touch should you be in line and miss a "meet me here" time ! -- Contributed by Don K. (in July 1999).

If you are driving and have a park hopper pass, park at Pleasure Island (early) and hop on any bus to any of the parks to avoid the parking fee at all of the Disney parks. No charge to park at Pleaure Island. -- Contributed by Kelly Waldron (in July 1999).

After just finishing an awesome trip to WDW with 6 children, our best piece of advice is to take each day as it comes and make sure to listen to the kids. Although we all enjoyed every part of our trip, the best memories are the ones that were not planned. Enjoying the family of ducks, watching a wedding at our hotel and having a sandcastle contest were wonderful memories that we now have etched in our minds, and pictures are definitely worth a thousand words. Also, bring the film mailers with you and send it from the World. The pictures are waiting for you when you get home to keep the magic happening! -- Contributed by Jennifer P. (in July 1999).

We all know how hot it can get when we're on the go at the parks all day. My tip is to keep with you some rice papers to blot your face when the "going gets tough". You'll look fresh and feel fresh with everyone's envy! Rice papers are sold at any beauty supply store. I'll also be keeping a travel size baby powder and peppermint foot cream with me! -- Contributed by Kelly (in July 1999).

If you are planning on going to Pleasure Island one evening... DO NOT GO ON THURSDAY EVENING!!! I knew ahead of time that Thursday was cast member night but I thought that would make it more fun because there would be more people. WRONG! First we had dinner at Fulton's and timed it perfectly to be finished with dinner and get inside Pleasure Island in time for the "New Year's Eve" midnight celebration. When we got to the gate we saw a huge line of people. I went to the front and asked the cast member why they were not letting any one in and he said it was because they had reached maximum capacity. It was 10 minutes to 12:00 and he thought it would probably be another 1/2 hour (at least) until they would let more people in!! I was sooo bummed. It was our last night there and I so badly wanted to show my boyfriend what Pleasure Island was like. We did eventually get in around 12:45. It was soooo crowded that you could literally not move unless the crowd did! This was in May and I imagine that it could be worse in the summer. -- Contributed by Tracy Anderson (in July 1999).

My family enjoys illuminations at Epcot but doesn't enjoy the crowds that go with it. What we do now is walk over to the Boardwalk area between the Yacht Club and the bridge leading to the Swan and Dolphin hotels. We are able to see the fireworks and the sky laser show without anyone around us. Another benefit of watching the show here is that it is free. The only downside is that you can't see the laser show on the water. -- Contributed by Michelle (in July 1999).

If you are going to Walt Disney World with small children (age 4 to 7) prepare them in advance that what you will see is NOT real. It is just pretend. When you get there reinforce this every time you are standing in line for a ride you think might upset them. You would be surprised what scares a small child. Our 6-year-old granddaughter loved Splash Mt. but the Jungle Cruise scared her. If they are uncomfortable in the dark get a Mickey or Minnie flashlight (with the plastic strings - very little light) and let them carry it on the dark rides like Snow White. They feel like they have their own personal night lite and it is such a soft glow that it didn't bother any other riders. Also, we warned our small grandchildren that any time something scared them during a 3D adventure that they could just take off their glasses. It worked. They found out it was just a movie and are now comfortable in the 3D movies. -- Contributed by Dot Filz (in July 1999).

We absolutely love WDW, but those ticket prices can be hefty. We've learned to buy a season pass for the first year, and then plan our next year's vacation approximately two weeks prior to our first year's travel dates (i.e. 1999 travel dates Dec 3 through 13 - 2000 travel dates Nov 14 through 24). We also just purchased our seasonal passes for Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, so I'm already starting to plan for a great year 2000 vacation. -- Contributed by Pam E. (in July 1999).

Always carry a spare pair of dry socks in your fanny pack. After going on the wet rides, I always feel refreshed in dry socks. -- Contributed by Linda Levesque (in July 1999).

If you have a freezer in your room, freeze a water bottle the night before to bring to the parks. As it melts, it will stay cool for hours. -- Contributed by Linda Levesque (in July 1999).

This tip is made for keeping yourself from wasting time on big lines for refreshments. Simply the night before you go to any park, fill a half bottle of water and put in the freezer. When you go out the next morning fill the rest of the bottle with cold water from the fridge. That way you will have cold water for almost the whole day and you can beat the heat and the long lines from the parks. -- Contributed by Jeanessa (in July 1999).

There is a "secret path" behind barnstormer and Donald's boat that leads to Tomorrowland-it is a quick shortcut that no one ever uses. Follow the red brick path. -- Contributed by Christine Siwczak (in July 1999).

When taking a trip for 8 days or more it is best to buy an annual pass instead of Length of Stay passes or Hopper tickets (Especially when staying on site) You can use your pass to get a discount on your resort stay. Last year we stayed for 11 nights and the discount we got using our annual pass exceeded the actual cost of the pass. Plus, if you go once a year you can plan on going a little early the following trip to get one more use out of the pass. Also, as another tip, buy your pass voucher early (Way before your trip) to avoid the price increases that come at least once a year. You pass will not expire for one year from the day you activate it (First use at a park) -- Contributed by Ron Murdza (in July 1999).

My best tip is when the if you're at Disney World during a very hot time, get back to your hotel at 3:00 and enjoy their pool! And enjoy each other. I think so many families are so busy trying to see everything they forget to enjoy each other. You are so busy in "real life" with working, and all of your other obligations, when are you ever really together but on a vacation at Walt Disney World? Don't forget to play at the pools with your spouse, your kids, your friends, your family. Relax! Have fun! I see so many people hot and tired and complaining about long lines, NO WAY - if you know how to do The World, you relax, have fun, and see all that you want to see at all of the parks! After you are refreshed from your afternoon of playing and relaxing at the pool, then you go back to whatever park you want and enjoy the rest of your evening. HAKUNA MATATA! -- Contributed by Marlene Levin (in July 1999).

If you are driving to EPCOT park at the BoardWalk or Yacht/Beach Club and enter on the International bridge. This allows you to watch Illuminations from the bridge or the area behind the Rose & Crown and still leave the park with minimal traffic. -- Contributed by Stan T (in June 1999).

Sometimes we just have to get-away from the excitement for awhile. One of my favorite places is the sitting area under the Boardwalk veranda. It's a great place to watch the Friendship boats making their rounds. -- Contributed by Bev Harrell (in June 1999).

Purchase your park tickets before leaving for your trip. This eliminates standing in line and wasting precious time. Certain passes can be purchased at The Disney Store. Magic Kingdom Club members will receive a discount. Or, for nonmembers and members of AAA, purchase certain passes from them for a discount. -- Contributed by Kathy Jahr (in June 1999).

AAA Diamond Lot Parking Certificate. On two occassions when I purchased my park passes at the AAA office, I received this Certificate. It provides the opportunity to use the special parking areas at the Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, and Epcot parks. These lots are close to park entrances. The certificate much be presented with a valid Walt Disney World Resort I.D. or valid Walt Disney World theme park ticket. -- Contributed by Kathy Jahr (in June 1999).

When I go to Epcot I go to the right and circle around Epcot that way. most of the time you will be going against the flow of visitors! Also when in long lines steer to the right! -- Contributed by Karen White (in June 1999).

Always allow for a break each day. If you over exert yourself then it does not make for a good vacation. By the time you return home your feet will be aching and your entire body will feel worn down. Relax and take it easy! -- Contributed by Romy (in June 1999).

Buy a set of gel insoles for your shoes. Every afternoon when you take a break from the parks, put your insoles in your refrigerator or cooler (with ice). When you start out for evening touring, the cold insoles feel fabulous on hot, tired feet! This tip works even better if you have two sets of insoles and you can just swap them out every afternoon and morning. -- Contributed by Beth L (in June 1999).

My great tip is when you go into the parks always go to the left because most people are right handed and they tend to go to the right. And you will have a easier time getting on the rides especially in the mornings. -- Contributed by Kathy Dixon (in June 1999).

When traveling with adults, give yourselves alone time. Think about it, when we're at home, most of us don't spend 24/7 with the person/people we've touring Walt Disney World with. We usually work in different places or have different activities that we do on our own. Even the best of friends/lovers/significant others can start to get on each others' nerves when they spend all of their time together over a period of days. Thats why I recommend taking at least one morning or afternoon when each person does their own thing. It can be really refreshing to do this and trust me, it really helps to keep your WDW vacation magical. You'll have new things to share and to talk about when you meet up again, plus, I find that I tend to meet more new people when I'm on my own and there are always some really interesting Cast Members and Guests at Walt Disney World. -- Contributed by Pam K (in June 1999).

Discuss with members of your group what you will do if you are separated from each other. A predesignated spot will help in the event that this happens. A few years ago my son and I were separated from my husband outside a ride at closing time. I waited on a bench outside the ride exit thinking my husband would not leave the area without us. He proceeded to the car thinking we would go there. Discussion ahead of time would certainly have helped in our situation!! -- Contributed by Shelley C (in June 1999).

Have everyone in your family wear the same colored shirts to make spotting them in a crowd easy. -- Contributed by Sue (in June 1999).

Look for Hidden Mickeys. As you are preparing for, traveling to and experiencing your Disney vacation be on the look out for the familiar design of Mickey's head and ears, whether its an actual Mickey picture or design or something that resembles the three circles of a Hidden Mickey. You can even pick up some inexpensive note pads (maybe with Mickey on the cover)for each member of your family to record their Hidden Mickeys and compare your tallies at the end of the day or at the end of your vacation. To get ready check out some of the Hidden Mickey web sites that are out there on the internet. -- Contributed by Mark (in June 1999).

When I was there in April, Main Street was packed and we could find anywhere to watch the fireworks. We found the best seat in the house! Get the Liberty Belle Riverboats. The view of the fireworks is beautiful. And very romantic! -- Contributed by Tanya Wells (in June 1999).

Here's the best tip for utilizing your time at disney better: Ride and tour during peak meal times. The lines getting onto the rides are smaller and the service is better when you are ready to eat! -- Contributed by Penny Hiler (in June 1999).

Allow some time at the end of a day at the MK to unwind, sit in front of the Castle,eat an ice cream cone and when the crowds have flocked out -the Park will be truly yours and the late evening with Walt and Mickey's statue-the twinkling lights,Magical music and the beautiful Castle bathed in soft colors. Well, it's truly a Magical Moment. -- Contributed by Beth K (in June 1999).

Don't miss an attraction/activity based on negative advice! Attractions are desinged for the enjoyment of various types people. -- Contributed by Ed Badger (in June 1999).

Try entering the Magic Kingdom later in the day and staying until closing especially when the park is busy and open late. You can usually ride a couple of the "biggies" between 11:00 and Midnight. Even the young ones can make it. Disney magic keeps em goin. Besides, nothing beats looking back at the castle with an unobstructed view as you leave at about 1:00 A.M. with a belly full of cookies from the Main Street Bakery. -- Contributed by Gene (in June 1999).

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