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Readers' Magic-Making Tips

These magical tips were collected during our June, July, August, and November 1999 Tip Contests. A special thank you to all who contributed tips!

Our winning entries for the November contest (which focused on magic-making tips) were:


A Scent-sational Tip
Our family has found a most wonderful way for bringing home the magic. Before you leave on your next WDW trip, purchase a new body scent, after shave, body lotion, linen spray, room spray or any new scent that you have never used before, and one that no one you know uses. Make it something brand new (and something you really like) it doesn't matter what it smells like. Every day, as you get ready to leave for the parks (or where-ever), stand at your door, or window, and spritz on your new scent. Do this EVERY day, or spray your linens with linen spray every evening before bed. When you get home, put this new scent away in the closet for a week or two, then take it out and spritz it on whenever you're missing WDW, or longing to be back. The scent will trigger the most intense memory, and put you right back there again. It's been two years since I did this last, and it still works! I intend to reinforce it on our trio this month!!

-- Contributed by Evie D.

- and-

Slow Down
In all of my previous trips, our family has just rushed from ride to ride. On our next trip I intend to just stop and relax. A vacation is no fun if all you remember is rushing. Slow down and have a good time.

-- Contributed by
Lucinda Sakocius

We will update this page monthly as we receive more tips on making more magic via our contest or just by e-mail!

Updated 06/27/06

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  Our Readers' Magic Tips (over 60 and counting!)

I didn't do this for my own trip to WDW but it made a little magic nonetheless. Just tonight I received a call from my Aunt who is in WDW for the week and she put my little 5 year-old cousin on the phone who wanted to thank me for giving her a treat bag. Before they left I took a medium sized gift bag (the kind with the handles) and filled it with gum, colored pencils, crayons, a blank notebook, a little flashlight, a few Disney Dollars, and a Minnie Mouse beanie. She loves it!! The blank notebook, according to her mother, is the best idea since she loves to color and draw and it is becoming her very own journal. She proudly announced to me that she used her money to buy herself an Ariel doll. AND she sleeps with the Minnie beanie every night. I wish that I were there to share the time with her but just knowing I created a little bit of magic for this sweetie is better than any vacation!! -- Contributed by Colleen O'Brien (November 1999)

Be sure to stay in a hotel on the grounds so you can take a break during the day and be refreshed to watch the magic at night. -- Contributed by Barbara N. (November 1999)

Go back to your hotel in the afternoon and sit at the pool or take a nap and return to the parks in the evening. This will help you last for the entire day! -- Contributed by Ann (November 1999)

When travelling with children bring a backpack filled with important items such as, wipes, water bottles, snacks, maps of the parks and notes on which rides are best, and lots of tissues. -- Contributed by Sara LaFountain (November 1999)

Wear comfortable shoes and start early in the day to see as much as possible. -- Contributed by Shirley Hickman (November 1999)

Give each young child under 12 a name tag with all necessary info, in case they get lost. -- Contributed by Janet (November 1999)

Buy each family member a special gift at your local Disney store to be presented on the morning of travel or hidden in their suitcase. I'm geting each of us a Disney sweatshirt since we're going in December & using my Magic Kingdom Club card to get a 10% discount. This will get the trip off to a great beginning! Also, my children think we are eating breakfast in our room every morning to save time & money, but I have a suprise Character Breakfast planned and Disney Beanie Babies to give them on that morning. -- Contributed by Charlsey M. (November 1999)

Gather the family together at strategic "photo spots" and ask another vacationer to take your picture. With fun Disney scenery in the background, or maybe even Mickey or Minnie in the picture with you, these photos, when developed and reprinted make great souvenirs, Christmas cards, or post cards, at a fraction of the cost of some of the pricier souvenirs. They will also serve as a much nicer reminder of the vacation you had. -- Contributed by Kimberly Ripley (November 1999)

Go early, but don't rush to get there - get plenty of rest! Take your time -you'll enjoy things more if you don't try to rush! -- Contributed by Lisa (November 1999)

My tip makes a great stocking stuffer. If you are going to WDW after Christmas. Buy your kids "Disney Dollars" (not a gift cert.) at the Disney store. Then place them in thier stocking. They can use these just like real money for things they may want to buy at the Disney Village. -- Contributed by Kim A. (November 1999)

When finished for the day of all activities, my children and I would open up our PassPorter and fill out the day's adventures with the memories of the day. Having each family member give their own version of what the best (or worst) thing that happened on that day always brought up different answers from each one, making it really fun! -- Contributed by Kevin Chorzelewski (in August 1999)

Convince your kids to start a pressed coin collection. These souvenirs are cheap and don't take up space. There are many different designs you can get at WDW. -- Contributed by Jeremy N. (in July 1999).

No matter if you're 20 or 80, don't be afraid to let the kid in you shine through. I mean this is the time to catch up on all that "lost" time as a kid when you wanted to be older. Go for it, give your favorite character a big hug, get wet on the rides, giggle all day, and buy enough stuffed animals to cushion your home!! -- Contributed by Kelly (in July 1999).

If there is a birthday in the family, go to Dixie Landings for a free birthday cake. -- Contributed by Heather Franzel (in July 1999).

To make things extra special for our daughter, we ordered a gift basket from Disney that included a autograph book and pen, a Disney beanie and several other items. We ordered it, so it will be there when we arrive at the hotel. We also didn't sign our names but signed it "Hope you'll have a great time" and she may think that Mickey sent it to her, which would be very special! Also with getting the autograph book and pen, she will be all ready to get some character signatures. -- Contributed by Cindy (in June 1999).

Things to do in "The World" outside of the theme parks: During the day take the boat from Port Orleans and go to the Marketplace, Pleasure Island (free during the day). Or go to the BoardWalk and the Yacht and Beach and rent a bicycle for three or four, or one with a surrey. In the evening make priority seating at Ohana's at the Polynesian one hour before MK fireworks, lights dim for the show. Or finish eating and go on the beach to watch fireworks. Make priority seating at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge for 8:00. By 9:20 go
down to the jetty to watch the Electrical Pageant on the water. This can also be seen from the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary. -- Contributed by
Margaret (in June 1999).

To ensure our son (now age 7) never becomes bored on the plane ride, standing in attraction lines and at meal times, I always have small "surprises" in my backpack. A few months prior to our trips, I stay on the lookout for small, inexpensive items that will occupy him in a pinch. Some of the items used previously...small jars of bubbles, spinning tops, small puzzles and maze games, finger puppets, yoyo's, matchbox cars, small action figures, plastic army men, etc. I go out to the party store and buy some inexpensive cellophane party bags and place the small toys in them. I put a few in my backpack everyday while at Disney and if my son is getting restless in a line or during dinner, I can pull out the small treats. It really does the trick. During our last trip, we were dining at the Rose and Crown Pub and awaiting the start of Illuminations while dining on the patio. Since we were stretching our dining time out, I pulled out some new micro machine cars for our son to play with. Not only did these occupy him for the next hour, but they also occupied a 5 year old sitting at the table next to us. His parents were very grateful! -- Contributed by Charissa Z (in June 1999).

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