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Readers' Magic Moments

These magic moments were collected during our December 1999 Magic Moment Contest. A special thank you to all who contributed stories!

Our three winning entries were:

The Language of Disney
Twelve years ago we adopted our daughter, then four, named Rachel. She came from Korea and after three years of red tape she was finally ours. I cannot put into words the joy we felt! She had been with us for four months and had said very little. Not only were we getting over the language barrier but she was also afraid of being in a new country as well. We decided to take a family trip to Disney World, a dream for all of us. I will never forget the first time we walked into the Magic Kingdom and Rachel saw Mickey Mouse. Her eyes lit up and the biggest smile we had ever seen came on her face. "Mickey!" she cried! She ran up and hugged him and tears came down her face. All of a sudden the ice melted and that day was the beginning of Rachel's acceptance of being a part of our family. Disney truly is the language of all countries and magical in so many ways.

-- Contributed by Laura Emerson

- and-

The Experience of a Lifetime
This year I have planned a Walt Disney World vacation for my entire family. Last October my husband of 31 years had a heart attack and it was then that I realized we never know the date nor time when we will leave this place. So this will be the first vacation we have had as a family in 25 years. There are ten of us. I have three beautiful grandchildren and wanted to have an experience that would last for the rest of a lifetime. This is by far the most fun I have had in planning any vacation. I can't wait for the memories and the magic that will come. With life being so precious I know that we need to do this now when everyone is healthy. Your guide book has been very helpful as are the comments from others thank you for it all.

-- Contributed by
Diane I.

- and-

The Goodnight Kiss
In May of 1999, we took our three-year old son for his first visit to Walt Disney World. As an added bonus, my parents, who had only been one time before when I was younger came along with us. We have a wonderful video taken on the second floor of the Walt Disney World train station after the fireworks. As everyone rushed to leave, the five of us sat watching the colors change on Cinderella Castle and music played softly. It was a perfect ending to a very magical day for my son (and I think for my parents!)

-- Contributed by Debbie R.

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  Our Readers' Magic Moments

Several years ago I shared a wonderful Walt Disney World vacation with my best friend, Rita, and her mother. We did not know it then, but that was to be her very last vacation. The weather was beautiful, the park was magnificent, the food was great and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly joyous. Indeed there was 'magic' in the air! -- Contributed by Pat H.

We had reservations at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue for my 40th birthday party last August. We were a party of 19 with ten adults and our various kids. The evening started out great, we were seated right in the center of the floor, one table for the kids age (5-15) and one table for the adults. As the meal was served, the parents started to hop up to fix-up the kids meals, our waiter, Allen told us to sit back down, he would take care of the kids. Take care he did! He even cut their meat up! The grown-ups had the best time , not worrying about the kids, the kids enjoyed not having parents hovering. The cast members during the show were constantly around our table, having us join in the fun. But the truly magical moment for me personally was when they picked my 15 year old daughter to be the Can-Can dancer! My husband, remembering a comment I had made years ago about seeing her dance on stage at Pioneer Hall had somehow worked it out with the cast members to have her dance! It was so wonderful! It was the best birthday. -- Contributed by Debbie I.

I just love seeing my daughters face when she meets the different Disney characters in person for the first time. That look is just too unique. -- Contributed by Jennifer S.

My last trip to Walt Disney World was with my 14 year old son's eighth grade class. I went along because I didn't feel comfortable having him that far away from me because he has a medical condition. Needless to say my son did not want me around his group at the Magic Kingdom and gave me the cold shoulder till I went off on my own! At the end of the day all of the groups were to meet at the flag pole in the front of the park. I was sitting there drinking a coke and waiting for everyone else to show up when a crowd of people came towards me. Pooh walked up to me with a stuffed Pooh in a bee suit in his hands! He handed me the stuffed Pooh and gave me a hug. Pooh is my absolute favorite! When I looked past Pooh there was my son and his group grinning from ear to ear. He and his teacher had set this up to make it up to me for him being so mean earlier. About 50 of the kids were back and there was a very loud collective AWWWWWWWWW. They took my picture with Pooh and stuffed Pooh and I have it in a frame. -- Contributed by Leann D.

About 6 years ago Mother had cancer surgery and then a round of chemo. It was particularly hard on her since she was 80, and then the year before, Daddy had passed away. We took her to Disney World in a wheel chair. There were four of us, and the staff was so kind and attentive to Mother. I hadn't seen her smile that much in many years...that was the magic in our trip...Mother's smiles. She still smiles when we talk about that trip. -- Contributed by Judye Briggs

My son was about five years old. It was our first trip to Disney World and he was too excited. We took him to the Magic Kingdom the very first day, just to calm him down. As soon as we started walking down Main Street, he stopped and was in awe. His mouth was open and his eyes were sparkling. I had always wanted it to be like this, with his mind in amazement. It was a joyful moment. I went to buy him a balloon, leaving him with his father (bad mistake). When I returned, he was gone and I was in panic. I ran around the street, calling his name, but to no avail. My husband then sat me down and tried to calm me, but nothing can stop a mother with a lost child! After about ten minutes, a motherly Cast Member walked over to me with my son. She told me that he went over to see Mickey and he started to cry when he couldn't see me. She said that she knew what it was like to lose a child in Disney World; her own children had run away years ago on their first visit. -- Contributed by Laura K.

The first time we went to Walt Disney World in 1990, as we were driving into Magic Kingdom, my wife looked up and saw the road sign over the highway where Mickey was peeking around the sign. She broke into tears, because she was so happy and excited to be there. It was a moment I will never forget, nor will the rest of my family.. -- Contributed by Tom L.

The most magical moment during our Walt Disney World Vacation, was watching our three children's amazed faces, as the fireworks started over the castle, and Tinkerbell flew right on past them. -- Contributed by Sharon F.

My most magical moment was just being with my mom and dad in the high flying thing and looking down. -- Contributed by Dalita Getzoyan

Our most magical memory would have to be the day of our 10th Anniversary. We had decided to renew our vows before we even decided to go to Disney World, going to Disney just made it all that much more perfect! Unbeknownst to my husband, I had made several calls to see if we would be able to get into the Wedding Pavilion for a "tour". While we would have been touring, I would be getting ready to renew our vows. I did finally have to tell him where I was hoping to renew our vows though since plans weren't going as expected. There was a wedding that just ended when we arrived and another was getting set up so we decided to take advantage of the parking lot there and used the Wedding Pavilion as our backdrop. My brother, Darin, his wife, Becky and our 2 nephews, Derek and Alex all participated with us. Darin videotaped, Becky was our photographer, Derek and Alex were the music directors. My husband, Chris wrote beautiful vows for the event. I was so moved by what he had so, we both started to cry a little. I sang Shania Twain's " From This Moment" as my vows to him. -- Contributed by Dawn Ray

One Magical Moment that we had on our trip was when we went to the Ice Cream Social in Epcot. We had been to the Contemporary for Chef Mickey's buffet at the beginning of our trip and felt that the experience there left little to be desired. My nephews, Derek and Alex didn't get to spend a lot of time with the characters that were there and felt it to be very impressionable. When we were seated for the Ice Cream Social, we already could tell the difference. Our server was great and let us know that if we needed anything to let him know and he would attend to it immediately. Right away, we were visited by Chip and Dale. The boys were having so much fun! Mickey came by and sat down and started to color with them. The looks on there faces are priceless and ones that I will never forget. It was such a special and unrushed time. I recommend that everyone goes with a lot of family cause that is when you will have your most Magical times ever! I will never forget this trip for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I go -- Contributed by Dawn Ray

I'm planning our next trip to Walt Disney World - me, dear husband (DH) and dear daughter (DD). DD will be 2 1/2 when we get there and is talking about going to DISNEY WORLD! We watched the Christmas parade and she got the biggest Mickey for Christmas from us and a Minnie just her size from my uncle.. They all sit together and play and watch Disney movies. We can't wait. Her favorite ride is "it's a small world" (her first trip she was 20 months old). -- Contributed by Vicki

It was amazing always what I've dreamed of! The most fantastic was the beautiful MAGIC KINGDOM! It had all sorts of fast rides there! But the most fabulous thing was that I made all sorts of wonderful friends there and I will never forget about that one. It was very gloomy when I left there but just to cheer me up I thought of how it was my first time in DISNEY WORLD! There are many magnificent things there like the LIGHT PARADE and MEETING MICKEY AND HIS NICE,CUDDLY,FANTASTIC FRIENDS! That was the most amazing things in the dreamy, wonderful, everlasting DISNEY WORLD! -- Contributed by Tarah Mills

My most magical memory was at MGM when I went on my first roller coaster
which was the THE ROCK 'N' ROLLER COASTER. I loved it!!! -- Contributed by
Jamie V.

Research and planning result in a more relaxed and satisfying trip for everyone in your group. A Disney World vacation is magical, but very expensive, so plan, plan, plan and then get there and you can relax and enjoy. List your "must sees" to help you get started on mapping out your daily plans; make priority seating reservations; remember, you can always cancel them when you get there. Make priority seating reservations for at least one character breakfast; character meals are the best way to see the characters and will make a magical memory no matter what your age. Make a list of important phone numbers, like Disney Dining, priority seating numbers, etc. and carry it with you at Disney for those last minute changes and additions to your schedule. Get a roll of new pennies from your bank before you leave home for the pressed penny machines. Be sure to ride the monorail at least once. Remind yourself to relax and slow down and enjoy! -- Contributed by Nancy L.

Watching the Parade and fireworks at the end of the day! The castle looks truly Magical. -- Contributed by Heather Buri

The other day our Magic Box came in the mail (freebies for ordering hopper passes by phone.) The kids (13,10,&4) sat on the floor and went through the items one by one!! It was really "magic." -- Contributed by Tracy

Going to Disney World during Christmas is truly magical!!! The sights, the sounds and the entire atmosphere is so festive. During our visit, we took in the Osbourne Family Lights. Strolling down New York Avenue while it is "snowing", drinking hot cocoa and meeting the characters is great. The Candlelight Processional at Epcot is not to be missed. Andy Garcia was especially good as the narrator of the Christmas story and the music was glorious. The Magic Kingdom's Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Parade is wonderful. Especially the Chip and Dale making gingerbread. All in all, Christmas is a magical time of year but this year being at WDW made it the best Christmas of all. -- Contributed by Steve Alexander

Last December my husband and I were lucky enough to celebrate our 25th (yes, 25) wedding anniversary at Walt Disney World. The planning stages were wonderful with the help of our Wedding Coordinator, Kristen. I knew this would be a wonderful vacation and experience, since we were blessed to have 10 family members share in this lovely time. But I cannot even begin to tell you how I felt when the doors opened in the Wedding Pavilion, for me to look out onto not only family members, but also the most beautiful picture etched in my memory forever of the church, the minister and my loving husband. To have my son walk me down the aisle, to have the opportunity to renew our vows with the Castle in the not-to-distant background and to have my husband waiting there for me (just like he did 25 years ago) is still difficult for me to put down into words. This, for me, will always be the moment in time that I will freeze forever, because each time I remember this moment it stirs nothing but warm and happy emotions. -- Contributed by Pam E.

My Magic Moment happened in 1994. My son, Brent, was 12 years old at the time. This was our second trip to WDW. During our first trip, we had stayed at CBR, this trip we stayed at PO. This story starts before we left for our trip. As soon as we began to plan our trip, Brent wrote to the general manager of CBR to tell him/her that we were coming back! I think he really thought he would be remembered from his first trip! Anyways, instead of staying at CBR, we made reservations for PO. Brent again wrote the GM to say our plans had changed, but that Brent wanted to come and visit and talk to the GM because he had some "ideas" for the resort he wanted to share. The day before we left, Brent got a phone call from a CM from CBR. She told Brent to call her when we got to WDW, because she wanted to talk to him! He was on cloud nine! -- Contributed by Patsy


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