Jennifer and Dave's Disney Adventure Report

Dates: 10/18 - 10/27, 1999 (10 day trip)


  • Jennifer Watson (author): 31 year old, writer and co-author of PassPorter Walt Disney World, on her umpteenth trip to Disney (from Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Dave Marx: 44 year old, writer and co-author of PassPorter Walt Disney World, on his 10th (or is it 11th?) trip to Disney (from Hackensack, NJ and Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Evans: online friend who we used to work with on AOL; Disney vacation veteran (joining us for the first three days)
  • Liz: friend of Evans; never been to Disney before (also joining us for the first three days)
  • Kim Larner: 28 year old, Jennifer's younger sister, pregnant (in her fourth month). On her third trip to Walt Disney World but brand new to the Disney Cruise (from Okemos, Michigan). She is joining us for the cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.
  • Chad Larner, 28 year old, Jennifer's brother-in-law. Also on his third trip to Walt Disney World. (from Okemos, Michigan) He is also joining us on the cruise.
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  Our Third Day: Wednesday, October 20, 1999

We spent most of the day today with Evans and Liz. But before that, we spent an hour or so wandering around the BoardWalk. We followed the path that we've heard leads to Disney-MGM Studios (along the canal) only to discover there is a gated (and locked) chain link fence across the path. So no walking to Disney-MGM Studios from the BoardWalk. (The boat, by the way, takes 20 minutes from the BoardWalk to the Studios, but only about 8 minutes on the return trip.) We also discovered a couple of Hidden Mickeys -- one on a palomino pony on the carousel in the lobby, and one in the carpet on the Villas side. Here are a few other facts about the BoardWalk:

  • The boardwalk is made out of "Ekki" wood, which is so hard they had to cut it with a diamond-tipped saw.
  • The Presidential Suite is called the Steeplechase Suite and the Vice Presidential Suite is the Sonora Suite (which is named after an Atlantic City diving girl)
  • The Concierge Lounge is called the Innkeeper's Club and the private lounge above the Disney Vacation Club is called the Attic.
  • The chandelier in the Grand Foyer is 30 feet in diamter and to be submitted to The Guiness Book of World Records.
  • The drapes in the rooms on the Inn side are made from custom-screened fabrice copied from a collection of actual antique boardwalk postcards.

After our adventures around the BoardWalk, we took a boat to Disney-MGM Studios. We met Evans and Liz for lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby (always a good choice). Our server was Matsi, the same server from Palio the night before. Food was good and the atmosphere was great. We recommend the Potatoe and Leek Soup and the famous Cobb Salad.

In the afternoon, we did a few attractions that Evans and Liz wanted to visit. We all went through the Tower of Terror queue, but Jennifer and Liz took the "express elevator" (chicken exit) before boarding. Jennifer and Liz then took in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and Liz was chosen to be an extra in the show! Disney-MGM Studios is a great place for audience participation. If you want to be chosen, raise your hand when asked and be enthusiastic!

Soon enough it was time for Cirque du Soleil. We caught a bus from MGM to Old Key West, then transferred to a Downtown Disney bus (this is faster than taking a bus to the Transportation and Ticket Center and then transferring). This was our first visit to Cirque du Soleil. We'll write up a more detailed report, but here is our basic impression: La Nouba is a dark yet visually rich show. The dancers are beautifully costumed and seem to act like backdrops or props at times. The show combines traditional circus-like acts with more original dancing and feats. Jennifer was disappointed by the clowns and circus acts, but loved the more original aspects of the show. Dave enjoyed it overall.

After Cirque, we dined at Wolfgang Puck and then took in a show at Adventurer's Club. Then we came back to rest and greet Jennifer's sister and brother-in-law, who arrived at about 2:00 am.

That's it for this report... time to board the Disney Wonder!


From our PassPorter:

The weather on our third day was warm and sunny during the day, overcast and humid (with a little rain) in the evening.

The best thing about our third day was having Kim and Chad arrive.

The worst thing about our third day was _______________.

The most interesting thing about our third day seeing Cirque du Soleil for the first time.

The most frustrating thing about our third day was _______________.

One word that best describes our third day is _______________.

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