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Our Journey PassPocket (Back)
July 1999 Trip

Here is an online version of the back of Our Journey PassPocket, with the same information that we wrote in our PassPorter for our July 1999 trip.

Please note that this is the best (and fastest) way to show you our PassPocket on the Web, but it isn't how a PassPocket actually looks (just close). To see a real pocket, visit our flip book.

What We Put In This PassPocket:

  • Airport parking pickup slip
  • Walt Disney World Transportation Guide/Map
  • Detailed confirmation of flights
  • Northwest E-Ticket Sheet
  • Northwest Flight receipts
  • Boarding passes
  • Luggage claim ticket (from Disney)
  • Airport parking receipt
  • Receipt for sunglasses
  • Tiffany Towncar Service business card
  • Tiffany Towncar receipt
Updated 03/08/06

Copyright 1999-2006
PassPorter Travel Press, an imprint of MediaMarx, Inc.

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Memories of Our Journey  

The weather during our journey was beautiful in Michigan, hot in Florida (but not quite as hot as we expected).

The best thing about our journey was simply going to Walt Disney World! The best!

The worst thing about our journey was the cramped seats in economy class and the fact that the plane was completely booked (as usual).

The most interesting thing about our journey was how relatively smoothly the journey went -- no problems, delays, or major concerns.

The most predictable thing about our journey was not getting enough sleep the night before we left (only 2 hours!). It happens every time.

One word that best describes our journey is FINALLY!

Photos and Snapshots Meals and Snacks
[_] Photos taken today (roll #_____) Breakfast _Cinnabons and iced
Shot #____ Description mocha coffee (at the airport)
___________________________ Lunch _(see First Day PassPocket)
___________________________ ____________________
___________________________ Dinner _(see First Day PassPocket)
___________________________ ____________________
___________________________ Snacks _Cereal, bagel, and fruit on
___________________________ in-bound flight to Orlando
Budget and Expenses Notes for Next Time
Target travel budget $ (no presets)
Tickets $_444.00
Gas $_15.00 (fill-up)
Fares $_70.00_
Tips $_18.00_
Meals $_(see First Day)
Other $_8.00 (novels)
Total $_555.00
We've got to get more sleep the night before we travel!

Remember to put sunblock on in the morning before we fly out so we don't have to worry about it once we get to Florida.

See also the front of Our Journey PassPocket for our lodging details and notes.

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