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Our Journey PassPocket
July 1999 Trip

Here is an online version of Our Journey PassPocket, with the same information that we've written in our PassPorter for our July 1999 trip.

Please note that this is the best (and fastest) way to show you our PassPocket on the Web, but it isn't how a PassPocket actually looks (just close). To see a real pocket, visit our Peek Inside the Book page.

Updated 03/08/06

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Our Journey  
Departing at 7:00 am on 7/8/99 _Arriving at 9:31 am
Airline/Train/Bus Company Northwest Airlines (800-225-2525)
Flight/Route Number(s) #346
Reservation Number(s) F6VILN Seat(s) 33A and 33B
Rental Car/Shuttle/Limo Company Tiffany Town Car
Type Town Car Reservation Number: D37142
Details Our driver both ways was Mohamed.
Returning at 10:25 pm on 7/12 Arriving home at 1:00 am on 7/13
Flight/Route Number(s) #427 Seat(s) 19E and 19F

Things To Do

[x] Make seating arrangements [x] Take Kippi (dog) to Gordon's
[x] Reserve Town Car [_]
[x] Buy sunglasses at mall [_]
[x] Turn off computers before we leave. [_]


Car was parked in the U.S. Park lot, section M-19.
Construction is progressing at the Detroit Metro Airport.
Outbound gate was convenient, but inbound gate was out in the boonies!

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