Our Fourth Day PassPocket (Back)
July 1999 Trip

Here is an online version of the back of Our Fourth Day PassPocket, with the same information that we wrote in our PassPorter for our July 1999 trip.

Please note that this is the best (and fastest) way to show you our PassPocket on the Web, but it isn't how a PassPocket actually looks (just close). To see a real pocket, visit our flip book.

What We Put In Our PassPocket For This Day:

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Updated 11/21/03

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Memories of Our Fourth Day  

The weather on our fourth day was (coming soon)

The best thing about our fourth day was (coming soon)

The worst thing about our fourth day was (coming soon)

The most interesting thing about our fourth day was meeting fellow club member Jon at the Adventurer's Club and learning what happened to Pamelia Perkins!

The ______ thing about our fourth day was (coming soon)

One word that best describes our fourth day is (coming soon)

Photos and Snapshots Meals and Snacks
[_] Photos taken today (roll #_____) Breakfast
Shot #____ Description  
___________________________ Lunch
___________________________ Dinner
___________________________ Snacks
Budget and Expenses Notes for Next Time
Fourth day budget $ (no presets)
Admission $__________
Meals $__________
Shopping $__________
Other $__________
Total $__________

See also the front of Our Fourth Day PassPocket for our itinerary and notes.

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