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Updated 11/21/03

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  Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Guest Rooms

Standard-View Rooms
We did not have the opportunity to stay in a standard-view room, but our friends Deb Wills and Linda did stay in one such room. They really didn't like it. Why not? The view. You can see the highway (192) from many of the rooms. Who wants flashy motel signs to intrude during your stay at this deluxe resort? We strongly recommend you splurge for a savannah-view room, as this is the real draw at this resort and you'll probably feel let down without one. Then again, if a standard-view room is the only way you can afford to stay at the Lodge, don't let the view get in your way -- there are seven public viewing areas scattered around the resort that you can use during your stay.

Pool-View Rooms
Again, we didn't have a pool-view room, but our impression is "okay." The pool-view rooms remind us of the courtyard-view rooms at the Lodge, but without the same sense of excitement. The pool-view rooms (which may also be called water-view) look out onto the Uzima Springs theme pool and have a glimpse of the Uzima savannah beyond. These rooms are going to be noisier, and some have partially blocked views from roofs. If you opt for a pool-view room, we recommend you request one in Zebra Trail.

Savannah-View Rooms
We stayed in a delightful savannah-view room on the second floor of Zebra Trail, looking out onto the Uzima Savannah. We really enjoyed our savannah view, and we feel this is real reason to stay at this resort. We saw animals at virtually all hours of the day and night -- only for an hour or two during the day did the savannah seem empty (this is likely when the savannah was closed for cleaning). Bring binoculars and cameras -- you never know when you'll spot some zebra grazing or "Tommies" playing. 

Concierge Rooms
Concierge service has never quite pushed our buttons, and the Lodge's Concierge is no exception. We just don't see the value for the money unless you get a great discount. 

Security and exclusivity are a big part of the attraction, but here at Animal Kingdom Lodge, only 18 of the Concierge rooms are on the key-protected sixth floor (and they have sub-par views of either the pool or Sunset Savannah). The rest of the rooms are Deluxe Savannah-View rooms on the anyone-can-access-it fifth floor, which require a bit of a walk and an elevator ride (keep your key handy) to reach the concierge lounge. The only consolation for fifth floor guests (and it's a biggie) is that their rooms have premium views of the Arusha Savannah. So, if security is paramount, be sure to request a sixth floor room. All rooms, regardless of floor, have bedrooms and balconies that are more spacious than standard rooms (and can sleep up to five). The decorating is also distinct from standard rooms (among other things, you get more hidden Mickeys for your money). Turndown service is "automatic" rather than on-request, and you'll also have cuddly bathrobes (more useful than at most resorts, as you'll need them for your many jaunts onto the balcony to watch the animals).

The concierge lounge (Kilimanjaro Club) is an absolutely fabulous space looking out across the main lobby to Arusha Rock. For us, it's the single-biggest redeeming trait of the Lodge's Concierge service. It's a bright, airy room with distinctive and comfy African-styled furnishings nestled under the vaulted, thatched lobby ceiling. The staff is friendly, attentive, and eager to pamper their guests. Food and snack offerings are tasty and fresh, reflecting the overall quality of the Lodge's food and beverage service. Coffee lovers will appreciate the presence of a proper cappuccino machine. If you have time to kill (at Disney??), the lounge is the perfect hangout.

We didn't have the opportunity to either stay in nor see a suite, but we do know that there are some one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites -- these are located at the ends of wings. There are also two large suites -- a presidential and vice-presidential suite -- on the fifth floor. We're hoping to see these on our next visit!

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