Tarzan Rocks!

We saw Tarzan Rocks! at the Theater in the Wild at Animal Kingdom on its Opening Day, July 9, 1999! Our review of this wonderful live stage show is to the right, with show basics below.

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom, DinoLand U.S.A., Theater in the Wild
Wait: Depends on when you arrive. An awning shelters guests from the sun and rain while standing in line for seating. Seating begins about 15-20 minutes before the performance begins.
Seating: Wooden benches with backs, all under cover from sun and rain. The two sections nearest the stage on the left and right offer the best views, but the section in the middle just behind the sound/light booth is also good.
Show: About 30 minutes
Shows Per Day: Four or five (check your guidemap for times)
- Cast members circulate through the audience selling drinks and frozen treats. Additionally, a trailer is set up near the entrance to the theater selling McDonald's fries.
- The music is very loud, though no one in the audience during our performance
seemed to take objection to it.
- You may take flash pictures and videotape the performance, but you cannot
use the lights on your camcorders.

If you've also seen the show, please e-mail us with your experiences so we may add them to this page!

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  Our Review

Sometimes luck is with you. With no advance knowledge on our part we arrived at Disney's Animal Kingdom on the opening day of the new Tarzan Rocks! Show at DinoLand U.S.A.'s Theater in the Wild. Tarzan Rocks! replaced Journey into the Jungle Book, and, to borrow a phrase, this is not your father's Jungle Book!

Tarzan Rocks! really does rock. It's a dynamically staged rock concert with all the sound, lights, dancers, and other on stage pyrotechnics you've come to expect from a major rock and roll tour. And like rock and roll, it's very loud! The songs Phil Collins wrote for the soundtrack of Disney's newest animated feature, Tarzan, are all here, presented in new arrangements by a live, on stage rock band and a trio of vibrant vocalists that attack the tunes with more energy than Phil Collins could ever muster. Of all the shows at Walt Disney World, this one has the most in common with the Festival of the Lion King over at Camp Minnie Mickey. There's no real attempt to tell a story or to recreate the movie, and guests hoping to see a lot of Tarzan and other characters from the movie will be disappointed. It's just pure, musical entertainment.

As we sat in the audience prior to the show we marveled at the elaborate stage preparation. There are long ramps running from the sides of the theater down to the stage, and another ramp running out into the middle of the audience. Flanking the stage are two huge vine-encrusted trees built of gleaming, twisted steel tubing, through which the side ramps pass on their way to the stage. The stage itself was dark, though, giving no hint as to what was to come.

The show began, and the lights came up to reveal a four-piece rock band arrayed on large, tubular steel scaffolding and illuminated by brilliant concert lighting. The drums thundered from an excellent sound system, and singers, dancers and a troupe of acrobats poured out onto the stage to announce the "Tarzan Rocks Two Worlds Concert Tour." They then broke into an energetic rendition of "Two Worlds." The numbers flowed smoothly from one to the next, with "You'll Be in My Heart" and "Son of Man" hot on its heels. The acrobats wore costumes that suggested "chimpanzee" and swung from ropes in a manner familiar to all circus fans. As the show progressed the center of the stage rose to create a series of ramps, and the now-rollerblading acrobats took advantage of all the ramps to swoop and soar all over the stage.

Finally, during the third number, Tarzan swings in on a rope, all muscles and loincloth. Jane enters soon afterwards in her familiar yellow dress. She starts by dancing, but it's soon clear that both she and Tarzan are accomplished acrobats. Jane sheds her finery in favor of a costume more sensible for "vine" (rope) work, and together they swing out over the audience for " Strangers Like Me."

Tarzan and Jane leave, and Tarzan's great ape buddy Terk bounds onto the stage (the only character to appear in full "guise") for a rollicking version of "Trashin' the Camp" (Doo wop she doo) that gets the whole audience playing along. After all that excitement, all that's left is a full-tilt, rocking finale of "You'll Be in My Heart."

Our compliments go to the entire cast and crew of Tarzan Rocks! Lead vocalists Montego, Abbey, and Scott present a dynamic stage presence and belt out the tunes with clear-voiced brilliance. The band is a tight, professional ensemble, and the entire troupe of dancers and acrobats are right on the mark. Tarzan and Jane look like they stepped right off the screen into real life, and move through their acrobatic routines with grace and confidence. Special credit goes to the entire creative and technical staff for designing and staging a fabulous show. All together, Tarzan Rocks! left the audience shouting for more. Between this and Rock 'N' Roller Coaster, you can now have a rockin' great time at Walt Disney World.

Reader Comments:

I LOVED the show. We were there early in the morning and the energy of the performers was amazing! Tarzan is a HUNK and Jane was just beautiful. I loved the whole thing. I wanted to get right bcak in line to see it again when it was through. Add it to the do not miss list!! — bfdpnc@gateway.net

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