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Suzy Q'Disney (Susan) is our guide for the The Office forum, bringing her tips and experiences on money-saving programs to our message boards.

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Updated 11/21/03

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All About Suzy Q'Disney

Good Day fellow PassPorter Readers!

My name is Susan and my PassPorter name is Suzy Q'Disney, given to me by a fellow Disney fan. I live in New York State. 80 miles NW of NYC and 80 miles south of Albany. Some what near the corner of NY, NJ and PA.

I live with my husband Glenn and our three children. Paul at college, 20, Erica, 15, and Michaela 13. We have four cats too many, another story!

I work as a midwife with a homebirth practice. Lots of nice babies and moms! Many people ask questions about this so I will just give you the answers.
1. It is not messy.
2. It is not dangerous, it is normal. If it was dangerous I would not do it. No baby or mom is in danger.
3. We bring equipment.
4. Yes, we weigh the baby.
5. All kinds of people use midwifes: Lawyers, rock stars, truck drivers, teachers, hippies and ministers.

I went to Disneyland when I was six or seven with my parents. I wore the mouse ears for months. Then there was the earthquake. My Dad insisted on going to WDW when it opened and we have been going ever since.

I do not collect anything Disney ecept vacations.
Last year I was lucky enough to go to WDW four times. With; sister and her daughter (5), my family, my two sisters for my 40th birthday, and then my family again.

So that made 28 days at Animal Kingdom Lodge! Which brings me to the forum I chose to guide " The Office". I need to save up to go back. So not only do I have a vested interest in helping others save and budget, I need help too.

I love PassPorter and have several copies including a few I won in contests. Jennifer and Dave are great writers and researchers. I have found them to be very open to fans. They even changed a passage to be Midwife friendly! I just bought the cruise guide so maybe...

Peace and Love to all,



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