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In various places on this Web site (such as the shopping system and on forms for contacting us, registering a book, entering a contest, filling out a survey, or subscribing to newsletters), we collect information such as your e-mail address and, in the case of our shopping system, your credit card information. This is necessary for the function of these features.

We do not provide e-mail addresses or other contact information to third-parties without your permission.


Updated 11/01/04

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We do not provide credit card or purchase preference information to third parties under any circumstance.

Should you receive an e-mail newsletter or other such contact from us, you can unsubscribe at will. Our e-mail newsletters will include instructions for unsubscribing; the unsubscribing instructions are also available on this site.

If you are receiving regular e-mail from us and need to change the e-mail address to which it is being sent, simply unsubscribe from the old address and then resubscribe from the new address.

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