Sheik of Araby

Our handsome, derring-do adventurer Hathaway Brown delights the Club with his rendition of the classic "Sheik of Araby." But who is the Sheik, you ask? The sheik of Araby charges across the desert in search of that one true love to add to this harem. Wearing a "bearnoose" (sp?) to protect their head from the rays of the desert sun so they won't get confused and write the bad check and lose money. Their long, flowing robes, color coordinated with the bearnoose, flap in the breeze as they charge across the desert in search of their one true love. What's under those long flowing robes?

Did you know the Beatles did a version of this standard too? Take a look at their lyrics and listen to a music clip from their song.

Updated 11/21/03
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Over the desert wild and free

Rides up old shiek of Araby

Is there a band at this command

Follows his love's caravan

Under the shadow of the palms

He seeks to call her to his arms



I'm the sheik of Araby (...with no pants on!)

Your love belongs to me (...with no pants on!)

At night while you're asleep (...with no pants on!)

Into your tent I'll creep (...with no pants on!)

The stars that shine above (...with no pants on!)

Will light our way til dawn (...with no pants on!)

You'll rule this land with me (...with no pants on!)

I'm the sheik of Araby (...with no pants on!)

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