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Is PassPorter Right For You?

It's not unusual for folks to write to us and say, "I saw your guidebook on the Web and it looks great, but I'm still not sure it's right for me. Will it work for my vacation?" There's no easy answer to this question... there are as many answers as there are vacations! PassPorter isn't everything to everybody, nor does it try to be. But we can offer four things that may help you make a decision:

1. Take a "virtual flip" through our book with our free sample pages.

2. Request a $1 copy of an earlier edition... you just pay $1 + shipping and handling. While the information and a few of the features are out of date, it still gives you a good idea of the PassPorter concept. Click here for more details.

3. Learn the fifteen features only offered by PassPorter Walt Disney World:

1. Our organizer "PassPockets" are legendary for their ability to plan trips and record memories. This is our readers' #1 feature, and we're the only guidebook to offer them.
2. We've totally packed our guidebook with information, details, prices, ratings, reviews, tips, and little-known facts. You'll be amazed how much information is on each page, and how well organized it all is.
3. The most up-to-date guidebook to Walt Disney World on the market. Thanks to our production schedule, our guidebooks are always ahead of the game.
4. A spiral or ring binding, making it easier to keep your book open to the page you're reading.
5. Full color, fold-out maps of the four major Disney theme parks... and they're more detailed and accurate than any other map, too!
6. The most in-depth coverage of the Disney resorts -- we devote at least 4 pages to each -- including detailed maps, floorplans, tips, ratings, prices, and more.
7. Magical memories from fellow vacationers in their own words.
8. Over fifty full-color photos of Walt Disney World resorts, parks, eateries, and special things -- and many feature real people doing real things, not just Disney models smiling for the camera.
9. Listings of related web sites and pages... well over 150!
10. Trip-tested worksheets to help you plan your vacation
11. ToddlerTips, KidTips, TweenTips, and TeenTips of attractions and childcare clubs... from one kid to another!
12. Self-stick, color tabs to mark your chapters
13. Very, very accurate information, thanks to our diligent efforts and more than a dozen expert peer reviewers. We're not perfect (that's not possible), but even when there are mistakes we fix them by issuing online book updates.
14. Always up-to-date with our online page-by-page book updates, a free weekly newsletter, and a free message board to exchange news and ideas with other vacationers
15. Written and reviewed by real vacationers, not simply professional travel writers (not that we aren't) nor a corporate team of researchers and editors. Our authors feel more like friends and family. And we're accessible -- you can ask us any question.

These are great features, yes, but in the end all that matters is if the guidebook helps you plan the best possible vacation. And that's where we put the most focus. We keep our information concise and direct, we try not to overwhelm you with too much stuff, and we give you tools to actually plan your trip.

4. Read why PassPorter works for other vacationers with these selected quotes:

"I am thoroughly enjoying my PassPorter. At first I didn't understand why you did some things the way you did. Now that I am actually making reservations and seriously planning, not just dreaming, it makes perfect sense. My husband laughs at me that I like the friendly font. It is not just another travel book. It's like a friend bound up all of this great information for you." (Sandra S.)

"I think PassPorter will be the only guide we actually carry around with us to the parks. The other two we got are helpful, but one is too big and the other isn't detailed enough. I like the planning pockets and the places to keep everything in one place." (Dr. Lee)

"I wanted you to know how much PassPorter enhanced our recent trip to Disney World. This was our second visit and I felt much more organized this time, due in large part to PassPorter. And because I felt more comfortable, my family had a much more relaxing vacation than the last one. We were able to do it all but never felt like we were rushed or falling behind. Thank you! I will recommend PassPorter to anyone I know planning a trip to Disney!" (Kimberly C.)

"The PassPorter became an invaluable tool in my planning for our four-year-old daughter's first trip to Disney World. I love the pockets and used them to organize priority seatings, tickets, and maps." (Jean H.)

We receive thousands and thousands of testimonials like those above. But just so you're sure we're not faking them (horrors!) or only repeating the nice things, check out the comments from readers at

Still not sure? Visit a bookstore and find a current version of PassPorter. Flip through it, read some pages, see how it feels in your hand. Sometimes that's the only way to know!

That said, there are a few things that we do okay, but other guidebooks do better. It's more important that you have a good vacation than buy our book! Here are some features that are stronger in other guidebooks:

In the end, only you know what is best for you and your family. PassPorter began with an idea from a Walt Disney World fan and has been refined over the years in direct response to our readers' needs and wishes. PassPorter speaks directly to many tens of thousands of readers... whether you are one of them or not is for you to decide.

If you have questions that this article does not answer, please e-mail us at and we'd be happy to offer more specific answers.

Or, if you think PassPorter is for you, you may order it from our online store now, from, or visit your local bookstore for a copy!

Updated 02/18/06

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