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Reviewers, Leaders, and Readers Speak Out About PassPorter!

You know that refrigerator door covered with pictures, articles, and happy thoughts? Well, this is our virtual refrigerator door, filled with all the wonderful things people are saying about PassPorter! So I hope you'll forgive us if we gush just a little bit. We feel like proud parents!

Would you like to add something to our collection? To say we'd love to hear from you is an understatement. Please e-mail us!

Other Interesting Tidbits...

  • PassPorter wins NINE national awards and honors, making it the most honored Disney guide book of all time! Awards include the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best First Book (Bill Fisher Award), Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition Silver Award, ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Silver Award, and North American Travel Journalists Association Award of Excellence.
  • Jennifer and Dave were the special guests of honor at the RADP (rec.arts.disney.parks newsgroups) Holiday Gathering down at Walt Disney World in December 1999. We signed books and gave away plenty of PassPorters—it was wonderful fun! Thanks, RADP! (Note: Since then we've attended annually, and in 2003 we co-founded the popular MouseFest event with Deb Wills!)
  • We were the guests on countless radio programs, from Kool 107's Book of the Week program in Ann Arbor, Michigan (December 22) to WPON's Travel and Adventure Show in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (December 15). Our authors Deb Wills and Debra Martin Koma have appeared on both radio and TV, too!
  • PassPorter hit the travel bestseller list at #11 on August 25, 1999. This bestseller list encompasses all travel-related books, both guides and travelogues. Looking at just guides, we were the 5th bestselling travel guide! As of spring 2006, we're proud to say that PassPorter is still on the bestseller list!
  • At, our sales ranking has gone as high as 222 (that means we were the 222nd bestselling book of all books at at that time. PassPorter is also on the travel bestseller list at consistently.
  • PassPorter Walt Disney World was the "Book of the Week" at The Independent Traveler from 6/5-6/12.
Updated 03/08/06

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The O'Neal family (pictured above) write, "Your book is too cool! The PassPorter helped us so much with the restaurants/ride evaluation. I even had my PassPorter with me on Test Track!"

Reviewer Reviews

We have a LOT of reviews but not enough time to keep this page updated. At last count, we have 28,071 positive reviews from individual readers! Click here to read some of our more current testimonials.

From Family Life in the February 2000 issue of their magazine:
"The PassPorter for Walt Disney World is a guide, planner, and keepsake in one. There are over 200 hundred pages of information and maps to help you get around, plus facts about individual hotels and resorts. There's information on types of passes, each park, transportation, dining options, and more. And every section has a worksheet so you can plan where you're going in what order on which day. There are places to record memories, store tickets, and keep track of your budget. Of all the Disney guides, this one will help keep everything you need in one place."

From the Baltimore Sun on 1/2/00
Excerpt: "A trip to Walt Disney World is more than just a vacation -- it's an exercise in itinerary planning. With 47 square miles packed by thousands of tourists, four theme parks, 20 resort hotels and more than 250 restaurants, planning a relaxing excursion might seem impossible. But a new book published by Spread the Word Press promises to help. The 216-page "PassPorter" has restaurant and lodging reviews, price lists, maps and transportation options, but it also has spaces for memorable moments and a carry-all organizer good for tickets, photos and other mementos."

From the Venice Gondolier on 12/11/99
Excerpt: “Before you go to Disney World, get your ‘PassPorter’... put airline tickets, park tickets, receipts and day-by-day memories of the perfectly-planned WDW vacation, created with the help of the PassPorter.” (excerpted from full-length article on the PassPorter)

From (Stephanie Gold) on 11/24/99
Excerpt: The PassPorter is a brilliant travel aid. It boasts 11 sturdy manila pockets, each clearly labeled, so you know which holds important travel papers (like tickets, itineraries, and maps); which houses papers pertaining to your lodgings; and where to store all the notes, plans, tickets, pamphlets, coupons, and numerous etceteras for each day of Walt Disney World exploration; as well as extra slots for ticket stubs, receipts, and small souvenirs. ... The pockets alone make this a useful take-along, but the PassPorter is a thorough source of information as well. ... With a durable laminated cover, spiral notebook design, and back page of phone numbers (everything from Walt Disney World information to the weather line to MedicClinic), this is possibly the most practical, sanity-saving guide you could take along to Disney World.
Read the full review at

From the Boston Globe on 10/10/99
Excerpt: "...a travel guide, trip planner, organizer, journal, and souvenir. all in one. In addition to information on the park and advice on planning (accompanied by worksheets), the guide contains 11 organizer pockets. Vacationers can write their itinerary on the front of each day’s pocket and store maps, tickets, brochures, and receipts inside. On the back of the pocket, you can write down your memories of the day."

From the Chicago Tribune (Toni Stroud) on 10/4/99
Excerpt: "A thick vinyl cover conceals the spiral binding of this book that is part guide, part diary. The first, or guide, section looks to have plenty of tips, where-tos, star ratings and maps. The second, or diary, section is made of thick yellow "envelopes" with room for your personal notations and pockets for receipts and brochures."
Note: This appeared in the Sunday newspaper, along with a photo of the front cover of PassPorter.

From the Travel Writer MarketLetter (October Edition)
Excerpt: "This is an absolute encyclopedia of information about Walt Disney World & all its parts, plus resorts, hotels, restaurants, tours, transportation. It has places to write about your experiences in order to make a permanent record of your vacation, & thereís much emphasis on planning. Walt Disney World is so huge, itís no doubt a good thing to have so much information about it in one document."

From AAA (American Automotive Association, Larry Keller) on 9/7/99
Excerpt: "Anyone planning a trip to Disney World who doesn't include this book in their planning shouldn't go. Freelance writers Jennifer Watson and David Marx have put together a combination travel planner, location guidebook, and personal vacation journal. It will prove invaluable before, during, and after your journey. Collectively, the authors have probably spent more than 1000 hours exploring Disney World. They draw on that experience to provide "insider" tips on everything from how best to get to Orlando and what's good and not so good about the shows and exhibits to evaluations of the food and service in the numerous restaurants and how to arrange for childcare. In the back is a handy series of day-by-day journal pockets for filing your tickets, itineraries, and notes."

From The Independent Traveler (Carrie Becker) on 5/27/99:
Excerpt: "PassPorter Walt Disney World" is not your average guide to Earth's most famed theme park. Like other guides, it provides the essentials for getting around the parks: ratings for the attractions, a restaurant guide, maps, your best bet for transportation, and current prices. Unlike other guides, the PassPorter is also a planner, organizer and journal. Just about everything you need (except your wallet!) can be tucked safely in here, from theme park tickets to park maps and photos. So, when you return home, you have all the paraphernalia from the trip stored in a neat little binder -- a wonderful keepsake, especially for children.
Read the rest of the review (if you're accessing this page from AOL) in their Independent Traveler Reviews. A briefer review is available in their Disney Guidebook Recommendations

From The Independent Traveler (Kathleen Tucker) on 12/18/98:
PassPorter Walt Disney World is a unique planning tool -- a great resource, particularly for families planning their first Disney adventure. In addition to including the essential reviews of the major resorts, restaurants and attractions, you'll find a place to store all of your important Disney documents and receipts, and a place for the kids to doodle, get autographs, and write about their experiences. (Pre-Publication Review)

Internet Leader Reviews

From Carole Annette Fila (Vegetarian Dining at Walt Disney World) on 9/18/99
I love it's uniqueness. There are so many Walt Disney World books, but yours has a special uniqueness to it! And I love the pockets in the back!

From Jeff Spencer (Spencer Family;s Disney Page) on 9/1/99
Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx team up to provide Disney guests with an excellent guide/planner/organizer.

From Michelle Haffer (Michelle's Magic Ride to Walt Disney World) on 8/30/99
This is an excellent book! The PassPorter provides useful tips for every budget, resort, and attraction descriptions and so much more. The most unique feature of this book are the vacation journal and keepsake pages where you may record your own vacation memories, expenses and organize your brochures, resort ID's etc. I highly recommend this book. Michelle's Rating : 4/4.

From Denise Broucinek (Denise's Web Home) on 8/24/99
This is a terrific tool for planning your WDW visit!  Lots of useful information, packing tips, an area for character autographs, AND pockets where you can store your receipts, key cards, etc.  These daily pockets also allow you to write down your budget and expenses, meals, memories, photo information, and have it all in once place. Great! 

From Ahnalira Koan (Our Laughing Place) on 7/1/99
I've got a 'few' Disney World trips under my belt, and I qualify amongst the Disney freaks who read every guidebook published.... and I am impressed with this book! Just a few of the reasons: Jennifer has a great sense of humor, and it's woven throughout the book (be sure and look all the way in the back to the 'notes' section). She organizes planning in a way that simplifies the process into easy steps... certainly a feat when it comes to the vast possibilities at the World. And, she has tips - like good room locations in the various resorts - that are both specific and unique. Not to mention the creative design that has places to store receipts, tickets, etc. In fact, there were a couple of times while I was reading it, that I thought "This would be perfect for someone who feels overwhelmed by the planning process" You know, too many choices to make. The book has a logic to it that really impressed my organizing mind.

From Liz Hyra (Have a Disney Year!) on 6/30/99
This guide is hot off the press with not only the latest planning information for you, but a unique presentation as well....including pockets for your materials, worksheets for your planning, a durable plastic-covered ring-binder and the most thorough, concise information available to help you plan your WDW journey. This is the book I wish I had when I planned my first WDW trip eight years ago!! 

From Ed Badger (Badger's Disney Countdown Page) on 6/30/99
If I had to recommend a planning guide to someone, I'd tell them to look at this one. If you've been to Disney less than say, a dozen times, it'll help you organize to make the most out of your vacation. The only thing missing is a countdown clock, or pointer to my web page! A quick update: This book has been flying off the bookselves! I haven't seen this kind of activity from any book that I've recomended. I'm sure you'll be pleased with it.

Reader Reviews

Note: We've received so many wonderful reader reviews that we've run out of room on this page. Below are many of our past reviews, and we'll be making a new page in the future to hold more reviews. Thanks!

From Geoff on 1/18/00
I just wanted to say how incredible the PassPorter was on the vacation. We were able to store our touring plans in the front clear pocket, write in important information, keep papers together, and record our memorable experiences each day! I do not know what I would have done without is truly ingenious. I look forward to ordering another PassPorter and going to WDW again soon!

From Dave on 1/18/00
We're huge WDW fans and when we bumped into this book, we weren't sure what it'd be like. As soon as I opened it, however, I was hooked. Dave and Jennifer have a great, informal writing style and the book is great fun. I'm not too thrilled about the pockets (we didn't use them since we already have our own method of organizing our travel stuff) but the book travelled with us to WDW and we read it every night, both to compare our experiences with theirs and to prep for the next day of our trip. Overall, highly recommended. Real people who really like WDW talking about what, why and how. Every time I pick it up I want to go back!

From Trevor on 1/17/00
It is unique in that it has resort maps.

From Robin on 1/16/00
The resort description is very detailed and helpful. The design of the cover is also wonderful.

From Liz on 1/15/00
Very easy to follow. Like the reminder to tell Disney staff about special occasions. I especially like the accurate descriptions of the properties.

From Lori on 1/14/00
I like the pockets to write on and store things in...the ideas on getting ready to go.

From Hilary on 1/13/00
I like the lodging info, tips & notes, pockets, cool look.

From Sue on 1/12/00
I like it's organization tips. I also like the spiral binding and pockets.

From Jennifer on 1/11/00
Maps of the resorts, pockets, and "journal" for each day. The web-site compliments the book, plus connections to other sites.

From Bill on 1/10/00
I like the pockets, and resort maps.

From Bambi on 1/9/00
I like the pockets & check lists,the maps,and the spaces for planning

From Jean on 1/6/00
I like EVERYTHING! I used it for first trip last September and started getting things organized for this Sepember.

From Desta on 1/5/00
I like the whole book!

From Linda on 1/3/00
What a great idea!

From Joe on 1/2/00
I like that I can use it as a journal of my trip. Wonderful book; Day Runner meets WDW Guidebook is how I would describe it!

From Bev on 1/1/00
Great place to store all my trip papers!

From Laura on 12/30/99
I love the pockets, the extensive coverage of restaurants, great info about the resorts and the layout of the book itself!

From Valerie on 12/17/99
I like the planning tips and the envelopes.

From Becca on 12/6/99
Everything is all in one place! I wish I would have found it sooner!

From Debra on 12/5/99
I like all the information and cross refrences

From Bill on 12/4/99
I like your organizational techniques. The pocket ideas.

From Debbra on 12/1/99
All the information for Walt Disney World in book form. God bless all those wonderful people who keep Disney websites, but when you wake up a three in the morning with a question about Disney World it is much easier to grab the book off the nightstand than signing onto the computer!

From Vanessa on 11/30/99
I like the pocket organizers! Thanks for taking the time for making the passporter.

From Sandra on 11/25/99
I received a copy of Birnbaums Official Guide to Disney World the day before I received this. Yours is a much better book. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

From Mike on 11/27/99
I like the layouts and best places or locations to stay at Disney resorts. Liked everything!

From Sue on 11/22/99
The convience of having everything together in on book. I just love it!!

From Sue on 11/19/99
I like the in-depth info on the resorts

From Richard on 11/17/99
Great help in planning our vacation. Great job!

From Betsy on 11/16/99
The organization and the pockets in the back to store things.

From Jenny on 11/15/99
I like the worksheets and itinerary pages

From Laura on 11/12/99
I like the PassPockets -- I liked that I could keep all my reciepts and papers in one spot. Also the spots to write down things from that day.

From Annette on 11/7/99
I liked the ease of use.

From Sherry on 11/7/99
I like the pockets to keep info in and write journal entries

From Cathy on 11/6/99
I like the pockets to hold tickets, reservations, etc.

From Cheryl on 11/5/99
I love the resort descriptions and the fact it has alot of information in a "small" easily carried space. I really enjoyed your book - It's going to Disney on my first trip!

From Deb on 11/3/99
I like having the worksheets to help plan and budget with.

From Diane on 11/3/99
I like that it will be convenient to take with me. I have all these pieces of paper that I can compose into one book

From Christine on 11/2/99
The Pockets!!! After organizing the plethora of info from the internet, I was able to file all of it in each day's pocket as needed. The pockets were also a good place to stash our airline info that we received five months prior to our trip.

From Kerri on 11/1/99
I like the pockets for all my 'stuff'! I have been 'Birnbaum' faithful for over 10 years and didn't think I'd like any other Disney travel book. Boy, was I surprised! I truely love the pocket pages as they save me from wondering where I'll store everything. This book was a terrific idea and I'm glad someone thought of it.

From Lynn on 10/29/99
I like the fact it is very user friendly. It is a joy to read! I really don't have any dislikes about it. It is a terrific guide! I feel like I have already gone..... It is awesome.... Thanks so much for helping out with the planning. It has been fun just reading ( and re-reading) this guide

From Wail on 10/27/99
I like the comparison of enjoyment of the different resorts by different age groups.

From Sandra on 10/23/99
I like the spiral binding and the pockets in the back

From Stacy on 10/20/99
Very concise, easy to read reviews of resorts, restaurants, and attractions.

From Geoffrey on 10/20/99
I like that I will be able to use it as a keepsake after my trip is over. I really love this book! I am looking forward to sitting down and reading, writing, and enjoying the book!

From Colleen on 10/20/99
I like so many things!! The cover, the binding, the pockets, but I think I liked the spaces for writing (ie. budget, resort reservations, etc.) the best. I love this book!!

From Brock on 10/16/99
I like the detailed information, such as for guided tours, not found elsewhere.

From Cheryl on 10/15/99
It will be a valuable book to have on trip and a great keepsake!

From Karen on 10/14/99
I love the section on the resorts -- maps, particularly. Thanks for a great product!

From Brian on 10/13/99
Easy to read, compact, and accurate.

From Howard on 10/12/99
I liked the detailed resort maps which I havent seen in other books

From Leann on 10/11/99
I like just about everything! Especially like the pockets.

From Michelle Lea on 10/11/99
I like the convenience of having all my information in one wonderful place. I loved every bit of information and tips!! This has made my trip planning to disney fun, exciting, convenient and and absolute pleasure!

From Pam on 10/11/99
I like the content, format and organizer pockets.

From Allison on 10/7/99
I like the pockets for all my stuff!!

From James on 10/7/99
I think this great....could of used this on my 1st trip to wdw 25 years ago

From Debbie on 10/7/99
I love all the spaces where you can jot down all your notes about your trip. I loved everything about the PassPorter.

From Cathy on 10/8/99
Have read through much of it but you had me at the congratulatory letter. The pockets seem great and the budget pages.

From a reader on 10/6/99
I like the way it is set up day by day. Keep up the good work!

From Kathleen on 10/5/99
Besides being LOADED with information about WDW--Resorts, Parks, Restaurants, etc. etc.--I love the maps!! The pockets in the back make your book really unique. I'll be able to to store everything there, instead of having to search all over my suitcase, before and after my trip. Thanks for all the thought and work you put into this book!

From Bruce on 10/4/99
A lot of info. Compacted into a small space. Ed Badger put me on to your book. Best guidebook I have found todate.

From Beverly on 10/3/99
I like the fact that it has a ton of information plus pockets for keepsakes.

From Ginger on 10/2/99
I love the neat little tidbits of information that can't be found in "regular" guide books. I also love the built in pockets and organizing tools! My family's 17th trip is coming up next month - where have you been all this time? I could have used this great planning tool for trip #1 over 10 years ago!

From Barb on 10/1/99
I got your book way back in summer before it was in the stores. I loved the pockets and we used them alot on our trip. We didn't carry the book with us, but it was in our room, I used the pockets to hold all our "junk", guidemaps, ticket stubs, etc. I kept a separate journal but on the plane ride home I filled in the entries for each day in the Passporter. I also put my guidemaps in the pocket day we went to that park. It is going to make a nice keepsake for us! I also like the website.   Thanks for a great new addition to Disney guidebooks.

From Elizabeth on 10/1/99
I liked the reference sections coupled with the scrapbook. Everything is in one place & I can get one for each trip.

From Joshua on 10/1/99
I like the worksheets... no other travel guide has provided worksheets to help organize my thoughts...(and my budget.)

From Trisha on 9/30/99
I like the day by day journey guide, especially the pockets for receipts, etc.

From Donna on 9/30/99
I like the pockets and the resort maps. I love the website. Great updates. I especially love reading about others' trips.

From Jennifer on 9/30/99
Concise, detailed information that is right at your fingertips!! The pockets help keep things organized!

From Mary on 9/28/99
I really like the pockets in the back where I can store tickets, etc. and where I can record memories.

From Randall and Donna on 9/27/99
Jennifer and Dave have hit on one GREAT IDEA here. Keep up the good work guys, your hard work and love of Disney have helped so many others have a "Magic" vacation at the "World" !

From Pamela on 9/27/99
The pocket pages are great for scrapbookers to help us remember when and where things happened. They're a terrific journaling tool, not only for scrapbooking but also for writing trip reports.

From Bill on 9/27/99
Gave me all the inside tips on visiting the parks!

From Janet on 9/27/99
I like the size... and with all the info on Hotels!!

From Donna on 9/27/99
I like the detailed maps of the resorts.

From Mimi on 9/27/99
I like the coded maps with rides/events and restaurants.

From Carl on 9/27/99
I like the VIP Tour info. Also the pockets for receipts, etc.

From Kathy on 9/27/99
I like the pocket system.

From Debbie on 9/27/99
Fun and easy to read!

From Cynthia on 9/27/99
It has a lot of condensed info on important stuff that I need to know when making plans to go to WDW.

From Tina on 9/26/99
I really enjoyed the way it is written. I enjoy the "conversational" tone that you both take about WDW.

From Lisa on 9/25/99
The little touches that make this book seem personal. I loved the "Disney Dreaming," "Plan it up," and "The Last Resort" sections. Your book is the best that I have come across on WDW. It's the first one that seems to have been written by real Disney fans!

From Melissa on 9/25/99
I like the ability to keep everything organized

From Robert on 9/24/99
PassPorter is easy to read and offers good directions.

From Kathy on 9/24/99
I like the vast amount of information in one book.

From Gennie on 9/23/99
I like the idea that you can keep all of the information in one place!

From Elise on 9/22/99
I loved the planning section, it's compact size, the pockets!

From Tracy on 9/19/99
Short consise descriptions, should be easy to carry around.

From Rosemary on 9/19/99
I liked the information and maps of the resorts! I actually have a picture in my head of where everything at Widerness Lodge will be. Very reassuring for a mom who doubles as the tour guide.

From Eve on 9/19/99
I like that there's pockets and the info on the restaurants is good. The insider tips are the best.

From Chris on 9/18/99
I like the pockets in the back with info to write on the front, details about food and the attractions.

From Colleen on 9/18/99
I like the detailed maps and attraction lengths.

From Patricia on 9/17/99
It is very unique in design

From Teresa on 9/17/99
PassPorter is an all in one travel guide with pockets for each days travel documents. This is terrific. We use belt packs at the park as well as a bag on the stroller. It would be wonderful to be able to carry this on us for use waiting in lines. My aunt ordered the belt pack you have available. I looked it over. Very nice. Stick a pin, or zipper pull with a disney character on it and it would disneyize it. WONDERFUL GUIDEBOOK.

From Gini on 9/17/99
I like the pockets at the end of the book. Wonderful!!!!!

From Jennifer on 9/16/99
Very informative. All the material is well organized. I like that you update on the web, so you get current info. You don't have to keep buying a new book.

From Kimberly on 9/15/99
I like EVERYTHING!!! Girl I gotta its the best by far!! You guys did a wonderful job on this book...personally you got Birnbaum beat all to pieces. :) I'm going right now to DIS to post my review of this wonderful book for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE :) I do think tho if you put one small paragraph per resort about accessibilities it wouldnt make the book too bulky (imho) I couldnt put that dang book down I tell ya! :) You and Dave put your heart and soul into the research and accessibily of information in this book and it show through out :) Just thought I'd give you my own personal opinion :) For the more intense version of my thought on your book go to the DIS community board :)

From Marjorie on 9/15/99
I like the index tabs on the edge of each page, the charts of the atttractions, and the maps.

From Michelle on 9/15/99
Makes planning easier...

From Michelle on 9/13/99
I just got it and am just beginning to read it, but so far I just love the format and the "little things" I'm finding out. I have been to WDW 5 times and plan each of our vacations a year in advance pouring over books and websites for any info I can find and I am finding new things in your book. That's great.

From Lisa on 9/12/99
The pockets are great! I love this book!

From Kimberly on 9/12/99
I loved the details about the resorts as well as the pockets for holding my stuff

From Vicki on 9/12/99
It answered a lot of questions I had and I am better able to plan my time now.

From Linda on 9/11/99
I like the Web site addresses, worksheets, organization, and PassPockets. Where have you been for the past 5 trips? I would have saved alot of time and aggravation, especially for the first two or three trips.

From Charlotte on 9/10/99
PassPorter will help me organize my thoughts and data.

From Gregory on 9/9/99
I like the concise layout...and the PassPockets

From Allen on 9/8/99
*The* definitive coverage of the resorts. I like the pockets.

From Joanne on 9/7/99
It has lots of good information that does not appear in the Birnbaum guide. It was obviously written by people who really love Disney. It is well thought out and easy to follow and find information. I enjoyed it very much and will be using it on my next vacation.

From Carol on 9/4/99
I like that is has organization and information not available in some other sources.

From Sara on 9/2/99
The book helped a lot with organization--which I like!! I liked the chapters on planning and touring the best. I loved the pockets.

From Gail on 9/2/99
I like the expanded hotel sections and that your attitude matches mine in regards to the Disney magic. The maps were very helpful.

From Lori Ann on 8/30/99
Good information, and the organizational pockets. The plastic cover is a great add too!! What I see looks great, and I buy several WDW guides.

From Amy on 8/30/99
I like the PassPorter Pocket - I'm always wrinkling and/or losing the items I want to take home for my scrapbooks. I love to be organized - this is a great help!

From Randall on 8/30/99
I like the layouts of the resorts. No other guide book I have found includes this. I really did not find anything that I did not like about this book. All of the information that I was looking for is in this guide book.

From Mary on 8/30/99
I like the Day-by-Day memory log and pockets.

From Jana on 8/29/99
I like the restaurant reviews, including $$$ for price range and ***** for ratings; we probably never would have tried Whispering Pines or 'Ohana if it hadn't been for you. We liked the VIP tips. LOVED Deb Will's site ( Thanks for mentioning it.

From Alayne on 8/29/99
I like the pockets in the back to store documents, receipts, etc. Overall, I love my PassPorter. I've been storing my travel documents in it, and using it to plan my itinerary.

From Meghan on 8/29/99
I liked the fresh look and more detailed information about the resorts and parks.

From Lorraine on 8/26/99
I liked the information regarding best places to stay at each World Resort, i.e., 101 Dalmatians at All Star Movies. I think this book is great! We have been planning this trip to Disney for two years and since January have purchased four other Disney guides, but this one had the greatest suggestions!

From Jeanne Anne on 8/26/99
I like all of the extra room to keep maps and other information that always get lost.

From Rebecca on 8/24/99
I like that I can have everything scheduled and organized. As I made different reservations I could write down the reservation numbers on the pocket for the right day. I could put all my tickets and coupons in the pockets. I also really love the Magic Moments found throughout the book. I actually laughed and clapped when I read some of them!

From LuAnne on 8/23/99
After over one year of visiting almost a hundred websites preparing for our trip, this book seemed to compile bits and pieces of all these site into this one wonderful book. I also like the organizational sections. Thank you so much for putting together something so practical and helpful.

From Nancy on 8/23/99
I liked the pocket pages in which I can save all the things I collect during our next trip. Great book. I have read it twice and will definitely take it along on our trip!

From Kristen on 8/23/99
I loved the pockets in the back for stuff and spaces to write what we did each day.

From Thomas on 8/23/99
I liked the easy layout and the little pockets

From Tony on 8/22/99
I felt like I was reading advice from a good friend! I can't think of a thing I don't like. I'm a WDW vet., having been there 17 times now! I'd have to say that your guide is very helpful for both vets and novices! Great job!

From a reader on 8/22/99
The planning and keepsake pages and pockets. Also, pretty good maps of the parks at the beginning of each section. I also loved the e-mail sites that you published in your book especially, WDWIG!! Very helpful!

From Constance on 8/20/99
I just got my copy and have just started to go through it. So far it looks great and I think that I will enjoy having a place for all my planning notes, receipts, and all the other things that you seem to collect while planning and while on vacation. This next trip will be my eighth trip and we have one more trip planned for this year that will make nine. Even with all the trips I have made I think that you guide will come in handy and I plan to take it with me to the parks which is something that I don't do very often.

From Donita on 8/20/99
I like the pockets and all the information.

From Jeffrey on 8/18/99
Easy to read. Liked the binder style. Very informative.

From Chris and Dawn on 8/18/99
PassPorter Walt Disney World just saved our vacation. It helped us to realize that CRO had us down for an incorrect site at the Ft. Wilderness Campground. We are bringing one of our dogs with us and they had us staying at a site where he couldn't stay with us. Thanks to the info in the PassPorter, I was able to correct their mistake and get the MKC discount as well. Thanks!!!! I think that this is great. My husband and I are going to WDW in a month and were very interested to get this. I only found out about it a week ago and I have only had the PassPorter for a day. It has been incredibly helpful. It is very informative and easy to use. It helps us to be even more organized. Thank you so much!! I plan to recommend it to everyone!

From Jeffrey on 8/18/99
Easy to read. Liked the binder style. Very informative.

From Gerald on 8/17/99
I like everything!!!! Loved the resort maps and things to do there. Loved the meals section. REALLY loved the pocket pages to hold tickets & stuff!!! One of the BEST books ever that I have bought!

From Lisa on 8/15/99
It is current, and I am enjoying the planning pages in the back of the book. I am enjoying your book very much! It is a must for fanatic Disney planners like myself. You have a witty writing style that is fun without being sarcastic. Thanks for a great book!

From Phil on 8/14/99
We loved the Organizer section. Other books gave us information, but only "PassPorter" gave us an organizer. I liked everything about "PassPorter." Thank you for helping us plan and anticipate.

From Lana on 8/12/99
I like the easy to follow breakdown of each park/attraction/dining. The suggestions were suggestive without the feeling a MUST do. The pockets are great~

From René on 8/12/99
I like the plastic cover and the PassPockets. I just love this book!!!

From Glenna on 8/12/99
I liked the spiral binding, plastic cover, compact size and pockets, and the contents.

From Patricia on 8/11/99
This has got to be the best book ever published on Disney. It is thorough, accurate and is already being used, airline info, etc. It will be used continually during our trip in November and every time we go to Disney thereafter. Thanks so much, keep up the great work. I have recommended your book to everyone at work. It is the best ever written!!

From Edward on 8/11/99
I like the fact that it is compact and the concise reviews.

From Kyle on 8/11/99
I love the pockets best of all. The ability to holds things is great and to be able to write our plans for each day is the most helpful planning idea I've seen in years!

From Chellen on 8/10/99
It's great! I wish I would of found it 3 years earlier, when we went the first time.

From John on 8/9/99
I enjoyed the layout. I don't have to read a whole 6 pages for the meat! I also love the internet capabilities to keep us up-to-date. Very novel approach! Very to the point information! Keep up the good work.

From Allison on 8/9/99
I like the PassPockets! And the personal, out of the way spots you gave good directions to. Really good idea and I know this will come in handy when I'm up there.

From Wendy on 8/8/99
It has a place for everything you need for planning and taking your WDW trip.

From DeEtte on 8/6/99
The pages designed to help plan various aspects of the trip, i.e., budget, lodging. And the neat and organized way to chronicle all the info that goes into planning the trip. I'm sure I'll love the journaling also! Oh...I also love all the www addresses!

From Connie on 8/6/99
I liked the details about all the resorts & restaurants. Great product!

From Teri on 8/5/99
Easy to carry - has everything I need at my fingertips - able to write reminders to myself for planning our trip in October - it will be fun to be able to save mementos from the trip in one place.

From a reader on 8/5/99
I like the pockets in back with space for daily recording of info. Thanks for your prompt service...the PassPorter arrived very quickly. What a fun job you have!

From Heather on 8/5/99
I love the storage pockets! The resort maps were also very nicely done.

From Lisa on 8/4/99
Good info about resorts. Liked presentation.

From Evelyn on 8/4/99
I liked it enough to sit down and read in one night and now I finally have someplace to put all the papers I've been collecting over the past few months while we plan our November trip to WDW.

From Thom on 8/2/99
I saw your WDW PassPorter mentioned on Deb's site and RADP, ordered a copy through, and just spent a few hours going through it....... what a great find !! Even though I have copies of both the Official and Unofficial Guides, this is the one that will accompany me on our adventures each day. I uncovered many new things, and the logical and concise way in which you have organized the information has enabled me to get a much better idea of how to further plan our family's visit which starts on the 28th of this month. I especially welcome the pages to record our memories and store our mementos, things that so easily get overlooked when you're rushing around all day. I'd happily recommend this guide to anyone as the best way to plan, enjoy and remember your trip ! Thanks for helping to ignite and prolong the magic........

From Jeannie on 8/1/99
I love the insider kind of theme the whole book has, it really comes across as being from people who know and love Disney as much as I do. The pass pockets are a great idea and I already have my airline tickets, PAPs & tickets for MVMCP in them. This book is full of great tips & information even for a person who has been there several times. Thanks so much for such a great planning resource. I usually purchase a cumbersome notebook with folder pockets in it to plan my trip and this is so much nicer.

From Beth on 8/1/99
I like the detailed resort descriptions and the sections to fill out your days and travel info.

From Kristine on 7/31/99
I like the up to date information and ratings of the amusements in each park. The book was great.

From Donald on 7/30/99
I like how the book actually becomes part of the memories of WDW.

From Tricia on 7/30/99
I like the pockets for items and the water resistant cover.

From Judiann on 7/30/99
I like the detailed description of Walt Disney World hotels.

From John on 7/29/99
Good reviews and neat way to store your Disney information!

From Suzi on 7/29/99
PassPockets are cool. Good memory joggers and a great idea for keeping track of daily activities. I think it is great that you quote so many other resources (i.e. websites, phone numbers, other books).
I like the typeface you chose. Easy on the eyes and fun!

From Alan on 7/28/99
I like the pocket feature.

From Wendell on 7/28/99
I was impressed by the yellow pocket pages the most. I couldn't believe that there were actually other people who organized their WDW trips in roughly the same manner. It was almost spooky. I also enjoyed the style of font you chose for the basic text throughout the book, it's very easy on the eyes and reader-friendly. The different ways to help organize your budget was especially welcomed. The reviews of the resorts seemed to be better and more fully explained than most. All of the maps and pictures are very good and easy to understand. The illustrations, diagrams, tone and presentation style of your book is a real treat and very pleasurable to read. I wish you all the success possible with this new venture but I know you don't need it, this book will do just fine standing on it's own. Thanks for a great publication!

From Faustine on 7/28/99
I liked all the hints that were given. All are very helpful.

From Sheila on 7/28/99
I was amazed at the amount of practical information in such a small package. Plus, I was happy to have practical advice from someone who actually appreciates WDW. I love your guide.

From Melissa on 7/26/99
I liked the Passpockets in the back of the book. I liked everything about the book:)

From Jennifer on 7/24/99
I really liked the different age related ratings. It helped me make the decision on what resort to stay at.

From Kathy on 7/24/99
Ideas of different things to do at the resorts - love to resort hop.

From Teri on 7/23/99
I love the pockets to help organize and save things great idea!

From Donna on 7/22/99
I love the pockets and all the maps. I have to have maps to get around.

From Janice on 7/22/99
I enjoyed the whole book, especially the pockets in back.

From Venita on 7/22/99
Excellent info on resorts. Loved the pockets!

From Tina on 7/21/99
My PassPorter arrived on Monday, and I ignored my housework the entire afternoon to read it! I especially liked having the maps of the hotels and the descriptions, as well as the budget information. I think the best part is having you share your WDW planning experience in an organized fashion that makes it easy for first timers to follow. Thanks for a great book!

From David on 7/20/99 (posted at rec.arts.disney.parks)
Yesterday I got my copy of the "Walt Disney World PassPorter" which I ordered through which I got to through Deb's page so she got credit for it... (you're welcome, Deb). Its a fine addition to our trip planning library. Lots of good firsthand descriptions presented in a straight forward manner and steeped in the old "WDW Sense of Wonder". Not the company line and not cynical.. fits nicely between the Birmbaum and Unofficial Guides in tone. The book is part guide, part organizer. Its spiral bound and plastic coated, rugged and easy to carry. There are pockets and check lists to keep your stuff organized. In the back are all the most useful phone numbers on one page. Its a great book for the experienced WDW junkie and the wide-eyed newbie.. and they even plug Deb's so you know they're hip.

From Terri on 7/20/99
I liked the pockets, descriptions of the hotels, rides and restaurants. I'm amazed how much information is in such a compact book. This is the "one" book I was looking for to take on my first trip to WDW!

From Patricia on 7/20/99
I like the style that it was written -- not too critical and not too complimentary. Also your mention of web sites to look up further information.

From Barb on 7/19/99
This is possibly the greatest idea anyone has ever had, at least for us WDW fanatics. Being a seasoned Disney fan (we go twice a year, two weeks with the kids, one week alone), it is great to have some fresh ideas. I'm the person all my family and friends come to for info and travel tips and now your book is first on my list for suggestions. I just got my copy today and "pouring over it" is putting it mildly. You guys seem like people my family could easily be friends with!! Thanks for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to updates and check your site as often as I can. We are also looking forward to our millennium trip. We've had reservations since 1993!

From LeNore on 7/18/99 is a wonderful resource; I wouldn't know where to begin. Phone #'s on back cover are a great idea - saved me from making my own list.

From Jean on 7/17/99
[I like...]The handy pockets. The opportunities to use the book as a journal as well as a planning tool. The excellent maps. The charts describing and rating all the attractions. Everything! The print's a little small for my middle-aged eyes, but I can understand why it would be difficult to use a larger size. You have so much information to squeeze into a small space! Actually, I have no major criticisms. You have done a wonderful job. An outstanding job! It was gratifying that Jennifer replied so quickly and thoroughly to my e-mails. Thanks!

From Stefan on 7/16/99
The packaging is great!! And it's well done and creatively put together with spectacular maps and up-to-date info. Its about time a guidebook is done in spiral form. And the paper quality is really nice!! I have been reading and having so much fun with this book!!! PassPorter is just very fresh and different from all the same old offerings that are out there. I think its perfect and doesn't really need any changing.

From Deb on 7/15/99
I love it! You've got tips even I didn't know and I've been to WDW 17 times!

From Nikole on 7/14/99
[My PassPorter] came super fast! I was impressed. I spent most of my weekend reading through it and enjoying it! Thanks a bunch!

From Cliff on 7/13/99
A very easy read, told by people who really love Disney. Everything is covered down to the extension numbers. I will be even on to my tour operator to get my room changed, thanks to the information given in PassPorter

From Carole on 7/13/99
The pockets are a great idea! I also like your use of the resort maps.

From Kathleen on 7/13/99
Brief descriptions on all the restaurants, resorts & parks. I especially loved the area you fill in to keep your trip info! Going to WDW this August & I am thrilled to have all my info in one place nice and neat!! Love this book...plan to buy a bunch for Christmas gifts this whole family are Disney Nuts!!!!

From Michelle on 7/12/99
I liked the very detailed info about where to go once you get to the airport. Pages 16-17. I'm still in the process of reading it...on page 176 right now. I'm a mom of 3 so time is consuming! Loved reading the guest comments and personal experiences. I especially like the marriage proposal p.168.

From Bev on 7/12/99
The way it was set up, the pockets will be great when we go on our trip.

From Kendra on 7/11/99
This is a FABULOUS book! I was in process of trying to find a way to keep everything together for my trip, but this is better than anything I had thought of, and I can keep it forever! (And I do keep travel books forever!) And your resort pages are more thorough than anything I have read so far (and believe me, I have read a lot!), and I love the maps that you have included. Without being too bulky or heavy, you have put TONS of information in your book, plus made a wonderful keepsake! I have posted on the WDW Bulletin Boards how wonderful this book is, and I hope you sell TONS now!!

From Kate on 7/10/99
We loved our book and plan to get one for our trip in December 2000.

From Janis on 7/9/99
I absolutely love the pockets!!! I save all my stubs, park maps, etc., and these pockets are perfect!

From Lynda on 7/8/99
I have received my PassPorter! I just love all the resort maps!! The restaurant guide is great too.

From Deborah Cinkus on 7/7/99
I just have to say right up front -- thanks for the wonderful customer service. What a breath of fresh air in today's world to have a company deliver such a personal touch!....This is the first truly unique guide for WDW I have seen, and I've probably bought half of all the ones published this year. Keep up the good work, and much luck to your fledgling PassPorter business.

From a reader in the Adirondacks on 7/7/99 (posted at
A most practical and well-written guide to Walt Disney World. PassPorter WDW is the most unique travel book for WDW that I have seen. From the waterproof cover that folds back to the pockets for tickets, papers, and mementos, the authors have thought of it all, not to mention great advice and reviews. I especially like that they only give ratings to those restaurants that they have actually visited. This is the one book that I am actually taking with me to WDW my next trip, and I'm sure it will be used a great deal. Highly recommended

From a reader in Dayton, Ohio on 7/6/99 (posted at
A must-have for any Disney planner! The PassPorter has, without exception, the BEST resort descriptions I've seen. (And I'm more than a bit obsessive, so I've checked just about every guide book out there.) The PassPockets are GREAT for keeping the huge volumes of stuff I've accumulated in preparation for my trip neatly organized and readily at hand. I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone planning a trip to WDW!

From Dawn on 7/5/99
I am slowly devouring each page so as not to miss a thing. I have spread the word of your great book. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the PassPorter. It gives us Disney-a-holics something to do in-between trips to the "World."

From Ron on 7/2/99
The book is very well organized, thorough, and written nicely, but what I REALLY appreciate is your Web Site.. an outstanding way to keep the book up to date, designed by someone(s) who really knows how to make a Web site user-friendly and attractive. BRAVO!

From Jennifer on 7/1/99
I just wanted to tell you that the service from your company is excellent. I have read my PassPorter through now. when I posted I had only skimmed it. The book is excellent. I love the way you did the attractions and etc.. for each park. It was very easy to read. Keep up the good work.

From Pam on 6/30/99
I just returned from vacation (not to WDW this time, boo-hoo) on Monday and to my very pleasant surprise, there was my WDW Planner waiting for me. It's wonderful!! I honestly have not had time to look it over with a fine tooth comb, but I am so impressed with the 20 minutes I have already put into it. It seems to contain all the "Necessary Info" that's needed for the WDW trip.

From Sherrie on 6/28/99
I'm loving my PassPorter.  36 days and counting for me!  I've already got "things" stuffed in the pockets, and information written down in it.

From Jean on 6/26/99
My PassPorter arrived yesterday, and I've been having fun looking through it. I haven't really had time to read it all yet, of course, but I can tell it's going to be helpful and enjoyable reading. I especially like the pockets, the journal areas, and the chart format for describing the rides at different parks. Your price is reasonable, too.

From Beth on 6/26/99
I just love it all! I just received it and Thank You for sending it so fast! Can you do one for Disneyland, too?

From Ed on 6/25/99
My family loved your planning book! My wife really enjoyed the format that you have designed. Enabling her to keep various receipts, memos, thoughts of the day, etc.. is very important to us. We now don't have to worry about trying to remember all for the scrapbook. Your PassPorter is a scrapbook too!

From Don on 6/24/99
I like pretty much everything. It's condensed to a useable form all of the materials I've been accumulating from many sources, including Web sites. I wish that there had been something like this when I was organizing my family's trips to the British Isles and Europe.

From Janine on 6/23/99
The pockets are the greatest !! The spiral binding makes it very easy to handle. It is the only WDW "book" that we are taking with us :)

From Charissa on 6/23/99
I love the pocket itinerary/information sections in the back of the book. This is wonderful for keeping track of my touring strategies, priority seating reservations etc. More...more...more! I love this book!

From April on 6/23/99
I like everything but if I have to limit it to one it would be the ease of reading and finding what I am looking for. Keep up the good work!

From Sue on 6/23/99
I like the way the PassPorter organizes all the loose papers I have

From Shawn on 6/23/99
I like the PassPorter's size and the pockets Glad you took the time to put the book together.

From Mark on 6/23/99
I like the PassPorter's planning system and worksheets to transfer to the pockets

From Marjorie on 6/22/99
I think it's awesome! I've almost finished reading it and will be going through and personalizing it with all my data next. Can't wait to make it mine! Great job!

From Carla on 6/22/99
I like how organized everything is! I really love it because I love to plan and everything with me has to be neat and organized.

From reader Beth on 6/21/99
Just got my PassPorter from this weekend. It was WONDERFUL! :>) I am exactly the type of person who loves to plan things as much as she likes doing them, and your book runs along the lines of what I do every trip anyway, but now I have a condensed version. Being organized and Disney World--the two things I love best! How could I not love this book?

From reader "uncaDonald" on 6/16/99
It's our first trip to WDW and I have to tell you that PassPorter WDW is just about the greatest thing for travel planning I have ever run across. While the maps of the Parks are great, the maps of the resorts are simply the best I've seen. The pockets are so useful. It's impossible to lose tickets, etc. (I would have to lose the entire book, and I don't think that even I can do that easily.) I would only wish that one could get additional pages if you are staying longer than a week.
I've even written which parks have early entry on each page for that particular date. Really great work. Thank you and thank you for clueing me onto your really great book.

From reader Lisa on 6/15/99
I received my PassPorter on Thursday, June 10 in pristine condition. I am absolutely thrilled with it!! In fact, I've been carrying it around with me since I received it! I love your descriptions and the pockets are awesome! I can't wait to use it on our September trip. Thank you, also, for your wonderful customer service. Only at WDW have I received service as great as this! I will recommend your book to anyone planning a trip to my favorite place on earth!

From reader Alayne on 6/15/99
I received my PassPorter and I love it! I have been looking for some way to combine my notes with a trip journal, and this fits the bill perfectly, with all the pockets in the back to keep receipts, etc.

From reader Becky on 6/13/99
It is wonderful I have already read it cover to cover at least twice. It is great. I am beginning to fill out my PassPockets now. I have read a lot of WDW guides, and they all have great information, but none of them have actually given me information oh how to plan. Not only does the PassPorter do this but it had actually given me "tools" to plan with. I and so glad I could get this book before our trip in August. I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed and frustrated, but now I am much better organized since I have my PassPorter. Thank you so much for making this invaluable "tool" available.

From reader April on 6/13/99
I have received it and absolutely LOVE it. In fact my sister-in-law ordered one after seeing mine. Thanks for doing such a great job.

From reader Naomi on 6/11/99
I received the PassPorters yesterday and am on chapter 3 so far! It' s brilliant - very easy to read. I love the PassPockets at the back especially as I keep receipts for absolutely everything.

From reader Gennie on 6/11/99
The [PassPorter] arrived last Saturday. I have been busy reading and planning. I have already found it to be a wonderful planning tool. I am very glad I found out about the PassPorter! Thanks!

From reader Nancy on 6/10/99
Received my PassPorter today. I love it!! Read it cover to cover. Although we are experienced (10 trips to WDW and counting) your book is great. The one thing I think you might include would be some type of calendar. Maybe just one page showing all the months. Maybe you could put 1999/2000 in this book, then next year put 2000/2001, and so on. I love your descriptions of the I've seen. Thanks for putting this together.

From reader Bill on 6/10/99
The book arrived today and the family and I poured through it already tonight and started making entries. We are going next in August and the book is FANTASTIC. I'm a fanatical planner and your book is a perfect place to keep so many useful facts right at my fingertips.( I'm always misplacing notes). I wish you much success with the book. It's a great one.

From reader Jan on 6/7/99
I just wanted to let you know that I received my PassPorter book last Thursday and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for sending it so promptly so that I could have it for our trip. I look forward to filling it out. I only wish I had had one for the other 20 trips!

From reader Shawn on 6/6/99
I got my PassPorter yesterday and I love it. If I had the time I'd read it cover to cover, but I have to settle for snippets here and there. Our vacation isn't until January 2001, but your book makes me wish we could go sooner. Thanks for the great book. I'll recommend it to anyone who asks.

From reader Kristen on 6/4/99
Hi! I received my PassPorter today and I love it! I'm looking forward to using it for our January trip. Thanks again for everything!

From reader Barb on 6/2/99
Just got my PassPorter yesterday and I LOVE IT. Especially the pockets in the back. It will be so fun to write about our trip there. Our last trip I kept a journal in a notebook but this will make such a great keepsake. Good luck with your book sales.

From reader Jennifer on 6/1/99:
This book is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for taking the confusion out of planning for our wonderful trip. I have been talking about nothing else and am driving my family crazy with my book. This book has made such sense of everything that I have scribbled on whatever I got my hands on, My sons homework, the phone bill and the last was my husbands pay check. OOPS! Anyways, thank you again for this wonderful book. It is AWESOME!

From a reader on 5/31/99:
Received my PassPorter and love it. Thank you for sending the PassPorter so quickly.  The info contained within is wonderful. PS.....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, IT IS A FANTASTIC RESOURCE ! ! !  

From a reader on 5/30/99:
I just received my copy yesterday and it's just what we've all been waiting for and just what you're looking for. I'm really enjoying my book and can't wait to put it to use.

From reader Katie on 5/28/99:
I received the PassPorters I ordered and had to read my copy immediately. Yes, I even got to the page where you shrunk 64 sheets of paper. <VBG> BTW - I am taking a pencil sharpener with me so I can use everyone of those pages on my trip. <g> Thank you for putting this book together and for doing it in such a delightful way.

From reader Carole on 5/27/99:
I ordered my Disney PassPorter on Sunday, it arrived today, this has to be the coolest travel book, it has everything.

From a reader in New Jersey on 5/27/99:
Just wanted to let you know that I just got your new PassPorter Book for WDW and I LOVE it. I am not a new traveler to WDW, this August will be trip number 21 (I think!) and I have read all the books. Your PassPorter will be a wonderful way to document one of the best trips to WDW for me!!!

Your descriptions of the resorts were wonderful and the addition of the maps was great. All in all, a wonderful book on the best vacation place in the world.

From reader Amy Keen on 5/22/99:
"PassPorter Walt Disney World" is the neatest thing! It's labeled as a "travel guide, planner, organizer, journal and keepsake" and it is definitely all of the above! It covers all the "regular" items as far as maps, hotel & restaurant descriptions, etc. but goes further for those of us who really love to plan! It has a ton of worksheets (budget, travel, lodging, touring, dining, etc.), comparison charts, journal pages, and even pages for the characters to autograph!!

In the back there are "folder" pages to write all the details of your trip, day by day and has a place to hold receipts, tickets, etc. You can record "Memories of Our Lodging", "Memories of Our First (Second, Third, etc.) Day", budget & expenses for each day, what & where you ate, even what photos were taken & what roll they're on! I mean, this baby is *complete*!!! <gg>

It's basically a trip keepsake....and what a great marketing strategy...make a book that we'll want to buy for every trip!! I got it very quickly (granted, it's made in Michigan, and that's where I am) and I just love it. They even make accessories for it....a fanny pack that can hold it, and a weatherproof carrying pouch.

What a great keepsake this will be for us! :-)

From reader Jean Fuentes on 5/16/99 in the PassPorterWDW mailing list:
I absolutely LOVE the WDW book "PassPorter Walt Disney World". I have read both of the WDW Birnbaum books for 1999 more than once :-), and I still found the PassPorter great reading. I also have the WDW for Couples. The PassPorter doesn't get into as much detail about each ride in the parks like Birnbaum's, but for everything else in the world, it is #1! After reading this book, I called back and added a few special requests to my room reservations.

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