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Are you hoping to get a corner room in Alligator Bayou at Port Orleans-Riverside Resort? Rather than just cross your fingers, tell Disney your room preferences. You may request locations, specific building numbers, room numbers, and so on. It is important to note that Disney cannot guarantee any of your requests, but they try to honor them whenever possible.

If you have specific requests, let Disney know when you call to make your reservations. In the past, we recommended that you fax your requests as well, though we've lately learned that Disney is getting many fax requests and is not always able to process them in a timely manner. Thus, at this time, we're recommending that you phone rather than fax. We've prepared a helpful "script" that you can use when calling Disney -- just fill out the information to the right, click Create, and your call script will be created. You can use this script to keep on track when you phone Disney!

If you prefer to fax your request, we recommend you read Jack Marshall's excellent article on Faxing Room Requests, which is located at Deb's WDWIG web site.

Updated 11/21/03

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