Pleasure Island Update

Pleasure Island is described in detail in the PassPorter Walt Disney World on pages 140-143. Updates, changes, and interesting tidbits about this nighttime entertainment complex are listed to the right. Links of interest, if any are available, are below.

Updated 04/25/06

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  General Update
None yet.

Clubs Update
Rumor has it that Mannequins is in need of a rehab, and that Disney may simply tear it down and build a new club in its place. Rumors are also circulating that the Adventurer's Club will get some smoke and lights to the entrance of the building to simulate going back in time to the year 1939, There may also be some character changes and script changes, perhaps even a total rehab of the interior (say it isn't so)! Keep in mind that these are only rumors.

Shopping & Eating Update

Playing Update
None yet.

Transportation (Getting There) Update
None yet.

Tips & Notes Update
None yet.

Ratings Update
None yet.

Park Map Update
None yet.

Best Times to Go Update
None yet.

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