Planning Tip Ideas

Are you drawing a blank on a planning tip? Aren't sure if your tip is what we're looking for? We believe everyone has a good planning tip inside them -- probably more than one! To help you find and submit your best planning tip, use our checklist on the right.

When you're ready, return to the contest and submit your entry!

Updated 11/21/03

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  Planning Tip Checklist

Do be creative, original, and unique! If you heard or read the tip before, someone else may suggest it, too! If you're intent on using a popular tip, submit it early!
Do think about your past trips and what you did to make them special. Alternately, consider what went wrong on past trips and what you could have done to prevent it in advance.
Do be specific! Give complete directions on how to carry out your tip and cite the results you had when you tried it yourself (if you have).
Don't suggest tips that are illegal or immoral. If your tip works at the expense of others, it won't win the contest.
Don't copy someone else's tip word-for-word from a Web site, newsgroup, or discussion board. If you've used the tip before with success and recommend it, go ahead and suggest it in your own words. Or invite the person who came up with the tip to enter our contest!

Keep in mind that this checklist is only a set of guidelines, not a firm set of rules for our contest. If you have a great tip but it doesn't meet every suggestion in the checklist, submit it anyway! Sometimes the best tips break the rules a teeny bit. The best tips are often a little quirky anyway!

Other Thoughts...
We will assume that everyone who enters this contest already knows certain planning tips, and thus those tips won't win the contest. We assume everyone knows to:

  • Plan a vacation in advance
  • Use the Internet and online services
  • Read a travel guide

While we'd be flattered if your tip was to simply purchase and use the PassPorter Walt Disney World travel guide, the contest's intent isn't to make us feel good but to give you a chance to contribute something and perhaps win a prize. So we recommend you suggest something else.

If your best planning tip is one we've already mentioned on our Web site or in our book, that's ok. We don't have a monopoly on those planning tips and we recognize that you may have been using it long before you ever heard of PassPorter. Keep in mind that its availability may reduce its chances of being unique, however.

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