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Have you noticed curious glances when you flip open your PassPorter? Do you know someone going to Walt Disney World who always seems to have "just one more question?" Envious people and Disney novices may ask you about your PassPorter and wonder how to get one. Wonder no more! 

At the request of our readers, we've created "PassAlongs" for PassPorter owners to pass along to their friends, family members,... even that complete stranger who stops you on Main Street, U.S.A. PassAlongs are humorous stories about vacationers and their PassPorters. On the back of each PassAlong is ordering information and the "PassPorter Pledge" which points out to the reader that it is traditional to offer the give of a PassAlong a big hug or a postcard from Disney!

To download a sheet of PassAlongs, just follow the directions on the right.

Our thanks to readers Lois and DocDavis for their ideas and inspirations for PassAlongs!

Updated 11/21/03

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  Get Your PassAlongs

A. First, check your computer to ensure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program and it is needed to read the PDF file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from

B. Download the PassAlongs PDF file to your hard drive.

C. Open the PassAlongs.pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You should have two pages in the file.

D. Print the PassAlongs file using the directions below:

1. Select File > Print
2. Uncheck the "Fit to Page" option
3. Print page 1 of 1.
4. When the first page prints, put the sheet back in the printer so the other side is ready to print.
5. Print page 2 of 2 (again with the "Fit to Page" option disabled)

E. Cut out each PassAlong and store in a PassPorter PassPocket. Alternatively, you can put the PassAlong page in your PassPorter and tear out later as needed.

We will be offering new PassAlongs -- if you have a fun PassPorter story to share with us, please send it in! If we use your story, you'll be credited by name and receive a free PassPorter. 


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