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This excerpt is an introduction to the first chapter in the book, Planning Your Adventure. Each chapter contains a similar introduction, setting the tone and introducing the topics to come.

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Planning Your Adventure

Planning is the secret to a successful vacation. The vast Walt Disney World Resort is not designed for procrastinators or last-minute travelers. Good planning is rewarded by a far more magical Disney experience. Planning is also wonderful fun. It increases the anticipation and starts the excitement months before the vacation begins.

Planning begins by learning about the Walt Disney World Resort. Your PassPorter has all the information you need for a great vacation, and then some! Written to be complete yet compact, the PassPorter can be your only guidebook or act as a companion to another. You can use it in a variety of ways: as a travel guide, a vacation planner, an organizer, a trip journal, and a keepsake. We designed it for heavy use—carry it about wherever you go and revisit it often after your trip is a fond memory. Personalize it with your plans, notes, souvenirs, and memories. We even crafted it with extra room in the binding to hold the things you’ll squeeze and jam into the pockets along the way. The PassPorter is the ultimate Walt Disney World Resort guide—before, during, and after your vacation. (When we say “Walt Disney World Resort,” we mean the entire complex of parks, resort hotels, and other facilities that make up the “World.” The term does not refer to just a resort hotel. More and more, Disney uses this term and we’ve adopted it when it seems appropriate.)

This first chapter helps you with the initial planning stage: gathering information and budgeting. Your PassPorter then continues through the planning stages in order of priority. Sprinkled throughout are ways to personalize your trip, little-known tips, and magical Disney moments.

Above all else, have fun with your plans. Don’t get so bogged down with planning and recording that you miss the spontaneous magic of your vacation. As Robert Burns so appropriately said, “The best laid plans of mice and of men go oft astray.” Use your PassPorter to plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy your vacation, no matter what it brings.

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