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The text on your right is direct from page 23 of PassPorter™ Walt Disney WorldŽ (1999 Edition) for the convenience of our current readers and for the enjoyment of our future readers.

The Packing List is part of Chapter 2, "Getting There (and Back!)" Everyone has their own idea of what to bring on vacation, but every vacation destination has special requirements. Our packing list makes plenty of suggestions, plus gives you room to note your things!

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Packing List

The Essentials

[_] Casual clothing you can layer for all temperatures
[_] Comfortable, broken-in shoes (socks, too!)
[_] Jacket and/or sweater (lighter for the warmer months)
[_] Swimming suits (one-piece for water slides)
[_] Strong sunblock, sunburn relief, and lip balm
[_] Sunglasses with attached cords, and caps, hats or visors
[_] Comfortable bag (waist pack, backpack, or shoulder bag)
[_] Toiletries and medicines (including aspirin or acetaminophen)
[_] Camera/camcorder and more film than you think you need
[_] Plastic storage bags that seal (large and small)
[_] Raincoat/poncho and/or compact umbrella
[_] Money, travelers checks, credit cards, driver’s license, other I.D.
[_] Luggage tags with your name and phone number (avoid addresses)
[_] Your PassPorter, tickets, maps, guides, and a pen or pencil!

For Families

[_] Snacks and juice boxes   
[_] Books, toys and games    
[_] Familiar items from home
[_] Stroller and accessories   

For Couples
[_] Corkscrew and wine glasses
[_] Candles and matches
[_] Evening wear for nights out
[_] Portable CD player and CDs

Everyone Should Consider
[_] Big beach towels (for pools and water parks)
[_] Penlight (for reading/writing in dark places)
[_] Water bottles for liquid refreshment
[_] Snacks for any time of the day (plus gum, if you chew it)
[_] Plastic cutlery for snacks or leftovers
[_] Quarters and pennies for the coin presses (and a way to hold them)

Our Personal Packing List
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________
[_] ____________________

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