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The text on your right is direct from page 204 of PassPorter™ Walt Disney WorldŽ (1999 Edition) for the convenience of our current readers and for the enjoyment of our future readers.

For sheer head-over-heels magic, nothing quite matches meeting Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, and their fellow Disney characters. Not only will you (or your children) get a hug you'll never forget, but they'll give you their autographs, if you're prepared. To be sure you are prepared, we included a 4-page "autograph book" within the pages of PassPorter. This excerpt shows one of those pages.

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Autographs Anonymous

We know. We understand. Bouncing tigers and giant mice can be intimidating. After several months of research and development, we came up with the following system that can help both the interminably-shy and the over-stimulated. Just write your name in the blank below, take a deep breath, and hold out your book. Now, wasn’t that easy?

Hi, my name is


and I want your autograph!


(write your name here)






Character: Location: Date:






Character: Location: Date:






Character: Location: Date:


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