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Chapter 6, "Making More Magic" is devoted to  the many ways Disney (and you) can make your vacation extra special. This excerpt shows how we close the chapter!

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Your Own Walt Disney World

Break out of typical-tourist mode and make the Walt Disney World Resort your personal playground with these helpful tips:

  • Find a favorite spot in the World and have someone take your picture in front of it. When you return again—whether it’s next year or next decade—have your picture taken in the same spot! Do this trip after trip and you’ll have a unique photo history of your vacations at the Walt Disney World Resort. Jennifer has her picture taken in the Magic Kingdom at the Mickey and Walt statue in front of Cinderella Castle!
  • Don’t rush about to visit every park and attraction. A good vacation requires a more relaxed pace. Use the time you saved with the PassPorter to savor Disney’s details. Focus on your play rather than on your time.
  • If you become intrigued by the Walt Disney World Resort as we did, you’ll find it is enormously satisfying to learn all you can about it. Become an expert in your own right and share your experiences, suggestions, and comments with family, friends, and fellow vacationers at our Web site. We also encourage you to write to us with contributions for the book—if we use them, we’ll credit you in the book and send you an autographed copy! See page 205 for our feedback form, or just drop a note to us at P.O. Box 3880, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 or feedback@passporter.com.

Magic Moment

“We can’t resist the opportunity to share our own magic moment with you. We had been colleagues for a couple years working on a project for America Online when Jennifer mentioned the PassPorter idea to Dave. He expressed interest and suggested a joint trip to Walt Disney World to test the concept and do additional research. Not only was the trip helpful and educational, it was wonderful fun! It was the beginning of a great friendship and working relationship. Today we spend our days together, planning, writing, and working on our dreams. We’re proud and a little awed to say that it was Walt Disney World that really brought us together.”

Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx

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