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The PassPorter Organizer

The PassPorter is the ultimate vacation organizer. What's that we hear? You don't think you need to be organized on a vacation? Ask yourself these questions first...

Where were you planning to keep your plane/bus/shuttle and baggage claim tickets?

Where will you keep the bazillion maps and brochures that make such great souvenirs?

Where will you stow your stamps, postcards, and small souvenirs?

Where will you keep your park passes so you can always find them?

If your answer to any of these questions was a purse, wallet, pockets, backpack, or waist pack, think about those decisions carefully. Purses tend to be cumbersome at Disney, wallets won't hold everything you need, pockets are better known as "black holes," and backpacks/waistpacks crumple most things you don't want crumpled. Most folks go for a combination of the above, sending all those important and valuable items into a total disarray. Who wants to spend five minutes at the turnstile searching for a lost pass anyway?

This was our problem, and the PassPockets in the PassPorter was our solution. Each of the fourteen pockets holds all those small items so necessary to a good Walt Disney World vacation. Just as you wouldn't go anywhere without a suitcase to hold your suits, why go anywhere without a PassPorter to hold your passes?

Updated 03/08/06

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