Disney Music

Music soothes the savage beast... and the impatient kid who just can't wait to go to Walt Disney World! Here is our list of favorite Disney music collections and soundtracks.


Updated 11/21/03
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The Official Album: Disneyland and Walt Disney World (1997)
Summary: We love this album! This is the new collection of music from the parks, with old favorites and new additions. If you've ever been to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you'll recognize many of the tracks. If you haven't visited either park before, this album is a great introduction to the music you'll hear throughout your adventure. One track of note is the Fantasmic finale from Disneyland -- it is the same composition you'll hear when you watch the new Fantasmic show at Disney-MGM Studios! So even though we hadn't seen Fantasmic before our recent visit, we recognized the music and it really made the experience magical. Get the full track listing and listen to samples from "Fantasyland Castle Medley," "It's a Small World," "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room," "Grim Grinning Ghosts," and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" at Amazon.com.

Music from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (1997)
Summary: Gorgeous music surrounds you in this album, much the way the foliage does as you enter the Animal Kingdom itself. This album contains much of the music you hear as you stroll through the Oasis Garden and the Tree of Life Garden. It conjurs up the magic and magesty of the natural world -- a real treat to your ears! Of the seventeen tracks, the first sixteen are very relaxing and could even be mistaken for "new age" music by the uninitiated. There last track is a surprise -- "Diggin' in Dinoland" -- and isn't listed anywhere on the case. We picked up this CD at Downtown Disney on our December 1998 trip and it doesn't appear to be available outside of the parks yet. The product code is 0012800300.

Disney Travel Songs (1997)
Summary: If you're dreading the long journey to and from Walt Disney World, this album could have been custom-made for you. The CD is entirely comprised of travel songs, such as "Up, Up, and Away," "She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain," and "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Kids will appreciate Mickey's singing voice, but he'll bring out the kid in you, too! Get the full list of the 21 tracks at Amazon.com.

Disney's Music From the Park (1997)
Summary: Stars such as Olivia Newton-John and Linda Ronstadt perform Disney classics that are ostensibly from the parks. This CD is pretty disappointing as the classic music loses a lot of its charm when their remade -- it is hard to conjure up vacation memories with this music if you've never heard it in this form before. The best thing about the album is the accompanying booklet with the lyrics and photos from the various attractions. We were unable to find it for sale at Amazon, but the ISBN is 0-7634-0125-0 if you want to try to special order it.

Other albums:

The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song (1996)