Meet the PassPorter Guides

PassPorter Guides are the members of our community who facilitate and encourage others members of the community to contribute. Guides often answer questions, create new topics, and post announcements. If there is a problem or concern in a particular forum, the Guide is the person to ask about it. Guides are volunteers, not employees nor staff of PassPorter Travel Press (with the exception of Jennifer and Dave, of course).

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Updated 11/21/03

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PassPorter Message Board Guides

Globetrotting - Dadtojbj

Using Your PassPorter - AllisonG

Ask the Travel Agent - tikibird, disneyknut

Vacationing Your Way: Your Special Needs - stonewall, Laughaholic88

Planning Your Adventure - debe, Fortissimo

Getting There (and Back!) - Fortissimo

Staying in Style - HiddenMickey

Touring the "World" - Cruella, Aerobics

Feasting and Snacking - WildForWD

Making More Magic - michnash

Going Behind the Scenes - Joe Carioca

Owning the Magic - Disnydad

Sharing the Adventure: Walt Disney World Trip Reports - tikibird

Planning Your Disneyland Adventure - DebiDebiDebi

Sharing the Adventure: Disneyland Trip Reports - DebiDebiDebi

Planning Your Disney Cruise Voyage - Belle*, iloverags2

Sharing the Adventure: Disney Cruise Reports - iloverags2, Belle*

PassPorter Villa: The Porch - LauraBelle V. Hime

PassPorter Villa: The Sunroom - disneyknut

PassPorter Villa: The Office - Suzy Q'Disney

PassPorter Villa: The Spare Room - LilMarcieMouse

PassPorter Villa: The Backyard - Beaner

The Backyard - Beaner

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