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Updated 11/21/03

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  All About LauraBelle V. Hime

Hi! You all know me by LauraBelle, but everyone calls me Laura. 

I have been a teacher aide in the local elementary school for 19 years and work in the same capacity summers, but with pre-kindergarten students. The little ones are great and make working summers worthwhile. I have an older sister, Linda, and a younger brother, Hal. We are lucky to still have our mom, Ruth. I met my husband Shaun in college and our engagement endured his stint in the US Marine Corps and a tour in Vietnam. Shaun has been an emergency room registered nurse for 30 years and is also a self-employed contractor. We have been married 33 years and have 3 children. Stacie (29), a graduate of NYU works at Infonet and lives in Long Beach. She is also a sergeant in the Army Reserves.

Shandon (31), a graduate of WVU is a certified prosthetist with offices in in Morgantown, NY and Uniontown, PA, where he lives with his wife Lynn. Heís a talented young man who started his own business, Anatomical Designs, LLC., including remodeling an old home into a beautiful office. 

Shannon (32) is manager for Talbotís in Charlotte, NC. She is the mom of our two grandchildren, Alexis (6) and Olivia (1).

My husband and I were also foster parents to 36 children over 8 years. Our nest will have been empty for 10 years this September and our Shih-Tsu, Mr. Benny, helps to fill that void. He runs with me mornings, goes on construction jobs with Shaun, keeps me company when Shaun works evenings at the hospital and is an experienced air traveler.

My love of Disney came from watching The Mickey Mouse Club in the 50ís. I also couldnít wait for Sunday nights to watch Walt Disney. The man always fascinated me and I would hang on his every word.

My first taste of the magic came in 1967 when I visited my then finance (Shaun) at Camp Pendleton, CA. He surprised me with a trip to Disneyland. The next time wasnít until 1980 when we made our first trip to WDW with the 3 kids in a small motor home and camped at Fort Wilderness. Since then Iíve been back 10 times. I've also been to Disneyworld 3 times.

We typically visit WDW during Spring Break because of my schedule at school. I would love to visit more often, but my family is my # 1 priority so other vacations are spent visiting them or visa versa. I have learned so much on the PassPorter Board that one of these days I may pop down for a weekend.

I am looking forward to learning, sharing, and being as helpful as I can on the Sharing the Fun forum and the entire PassPorter Message Board. WDW is truly a magical place and to be able to share the magic year round is a great feeling!


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