First PassPocket (Back)

The text on your right is direct from the back of the "Our Journey" PassPocket of PassPorter™ Walt Disney WorldŽ (1999 Edition) for the convenience of our current readers and for the enjoyment of our future readers.

PassPockets are the heart of the PassPorter concept. Each pocket is printed front and back with forms that make it easy to lay out your plans and record your experiences. Every PassPocket begs to be stuffed with brochures, maps, tickets, receipts and other useful or memorable items. Finally, to make each PassPocket even more useful, each is printed with a unique tip or reminder.

PassPorter comes with eleven PassPockets in all, one optimized for your travel plans, one for your lodging plans, one for each day of an eight-day stay at Walt Disney World, and one to hold special vacation memories.

View this page exactly as it appears in the book (caution: large graphics).

Updated 11/21/03
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  First PassPocket (Back):

Memories of Our Journey

The weather during our journey was _________________
The best thing about our journey was ________________
The worst thing about our journey was _______________
The most interesting thing about our journey was ______________________________________________

The ___________ thing about our journey was _________
One word that best describes our journey is ____________

Photos and Snapshots       Meals and Snacks
[__]   Photos taken today (roll #__)       Breakfast___________
Shot #      Description       __________________
_____     ____________       Lunch ______________
_____     ____________       __________________
_____     ____________       Dinner _____________
_____     ____________       __________________
_____     ____________       Snacks ____________
_____     ____________       __________________
Budget and Expenses       Notes for Next Time
Target travel budget $______       ___________________
Tickets $___________       ___________________
Gas       $___________       ___________________
Fares    $___________       ___________________
Tips      $___________       ___________________
Meals    $___________       ___________________
$___________       ___________________
Other   $___________       ___________________


Total    $______________       ___________________
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