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Updated 11/21/03

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  All About iloverags2

My name is Cindy Seaburn (36), and I am the moderator for the Sharing Your Adventure: Disney Cruise Reports forum. Cruising is definitely my favorite mode of traveling, but that doesn't stop me from going elsewhere. After the 25th visit to Walt Disney World, I stopped counting trips there! My sisters and I have a running contest to see who can visit every state first. I'm way in the lead!

My husband, Russ, and I live in Jacksonville, FL, which allows us numerous weekend trips to Orlando. Russ' 15 year old daughter stays with us every other week, and her best friend usually accompanies us on our vacations.

Originally from Chicago, I ended up in Florida after attending the University of Miami to study film (screenwriting), and ended up in Jacksonville after meeting Russ. I will be starting school again this summer, full-time, to obtain a degree in accounting. Motion Pictures is not very marketable unless you live in Hollywood!

Some of the folks from the boards have asked about my screen name, iloverags2. Well, I'm an avid Raggedy Ann and Andy collector (Ann was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame on 3/27!), and my collection totals over 1000 pieces, including over 300 dolls. Seeing how I love her and Disney, I guess you could say I'll never grow up!

Thank goodness PassPorter has been such a wealth of information to will come in handy while helping with these boards. I look forward to the challenge ahead.



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