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Walt's Legacy Hunt

This hunt was originally held on December 5, 2001 (Walt's 100th Birthday) during our PassPorter Gathering. Here was the description we wrote about it before the hunt:

Spend three lively hours at Disney-MGM Studios exploring Walt Disney's amazing creativity and accomplishments. This is a hunt for Disney's "treasure" and prizes will be awarded. Registration is required, as is a $5/person entry fee to defray costs of hunt materials and prizes for winners.

About the Hunt
We love to put on treasure hunts, and it’s become an annual tradition for us now. Last year we hosted two hunts—a treasure hunt through Adventureland and Frontierland, and a photo hunt around the Seven Seas Lagoon. This year’s hunt focuses on all things Walt within Disney-MGM Studios, the center of the activities for Walt’s 100th birthday. Our treasure hunt is designed to be fun and friendly, with something for everyone. To find Walt’s legacy, we have you hunt for answers to questions about Walt or Walt-related things. You’re welcome to hunt competitively or casually—whatever suits you best. Just have a good time!

Treasure Hunt Rules
1. You may hunt as an individual or as a team of two (2) people (adult/adult or adult/child). Please indicate your hunting status at the top of the hunt questions.
2. The answers to all 35 questions can be found within the park, and the ONLY attraction you need to visit is One Man’s Dream. You do not need to visit Mickey Avenue or the New York Street Set.
3. Please be mindful of other guests; don’t run, block their way, cut in front, or otherwise hinder their enjoyment.
4. When you find an answer to a question, please write it in this booklet and be as specific as possible.
5. The hunt will end promptly at 11:30 at the Backlot Express eatery. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we will need to deduct points out of fairness to other hunters. When you are finished, we encourage you to get something to eat while you wait for our afternoon events.(Note: We may not finish scoring your answers until later in the day.)
6. We will award two prizes: one prize to the individual with the most points, and one prize to the team with the most points. Points will be based on the number of questions answered correctly and completely.
7. Have fun!

If you have any questions at any time, please see Jennifer or Dave at the Backlot Express eatery or walking throughout the park.

Updated 11/21/03

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The Questions

1. What year was Walt born?

2. 1928 was the year Walt introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. Can you find a California license plate number from this year?

3. Pollyanna is one of those classic films Walt presented on his TV show. Where will you find a studio production sign for it? What Disney character is on it?

4. When is the Walt Disney Imagineering holiday dinner?

5. Walt adored Abe Lincoln. Where can you find an unpainted bust of Mr. Lincoln?

6. Long before it was stylish, Walt believed in taking good care of his staff. In the backlot can you find a Special Purchase Program for Walt Disney Productions employees for Hobie Cat sailboats (of all things).  What company is offering this deal?

7. Jiminy Cricket was created under the direction of Walt Disney himself. Find a book with Jiminy on it (no, it’s not in a bookstore) and list the most prominent words on its cover here:

8. Cartoonist/animator Winsor McKay was a huge influence on Walt and many other artists. Where will you find a tribute to McCay’s biggest star?

9. What is Walt reading in the darkroom?

10. How far did Walt have to fly when he was researching Walt Disney World?

11. Unlike the other autographs here, this Walt Disney autograph is not for sale—though it was originally worth $200. What did Walt sign, and where will you find it?

12. How old would Walt Disney have been today?

13. Gifts and treasures surround three statues of Mickey from the days of Walt. What films do these statues represent, and where can you find them?

14. What are three of Mickey's Greatest Moments?

15. What year did Mickey’s Good Deed happen?

16. What does WED stand for?

17. Where will you find the Studio News issues with Walt on the covers?

18. Walt loved trains. The landmark Pacific Electric garage went up in what landmark year for Walt?

19. What was Walt’s middle name?

20. In this shop lined with vintage sporting photos (including a display dedicated to Walt’s passion, polo) lurk photos of Walt sportinq about. Name three the sports pictured in the photos of Walt:

21. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered at the Carthay Circle Theater in 1937, with Walt in attendance. Where in Disney-MGM Studios can you find the Carthay Circle Theater?

22. These trunks could have been Walt’s, as they are affixed  with decals from his Chicago birthplace, Missouri childhood home, and his California adult home. What other two states are represented?

23. What is the Walt Disney quote that appears beneath The Cameraman?

24. What do these all have in common besides Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse, Alice’s Wonderland, MAPO, the good fairies, Steamboat Willie, and Ronald Reagan?

25. Walt was honored in which Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame?

26. According to the guidemap, Walt was “willing to bet everything on his” what?

27. Walt loved to do things BIG! What is the size of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat in Disney-MGM Studios?

One Man’s Dream Questions
(The answers to these questions can be found within the One Man’s Dream attraction. If you decide to hunt for these, please allow at least 30 minutes.)

28. Walt is responsible for many animation "firsts," like the first film series to feature a live actress interacting with an animated world (the Alice comedies). Name three other animation "firsts" Walt achieved before 1950, and name the films in which they occurred.

29. How many Academy Awards (Oscars) did Walt Disney receive?

30. On top of what piece of furniture can you find the Oscar for Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

31. In what year did Walt and his family move to Marceline, Missouri?

32. What was the first feature-length movie Walt saw as a boy?

33. What was the first full-color film of any kind ?

34. Walt built the set for a prototype mechanical song and dance act in what year?

35. What station is televising the Project X speech?



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