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Toontown "Twenty Questions" Hunt

This hunt was created for a vacation with members of the VLA (VirtuaLeader Academy) in January 1998 by Jennifer and Dave. Thus, the questions may be a bit out-of-date but most are just fine!

Ok, Hunters! The old VLA HuntMaster has taken his Hunting clothes out of mothballs and is ready to offer the following challenge:

We're gathered here, just outside Mickey's Toontown Fair, with only one goal in mind: explore Toontown and find the answers to as many questions as possible, within the next hour.

We will be divided into three teams. No choosing sides -- Jennifer and the HuntMaster will pick teams so all's fair. If more than one team finds all 20 answers, the first complete team to arrive back here at the Start will be the winner. Please submit only one answer sheet per team.

Now make the most of your team, and find those answers! Good luck and have fun!


When your team has finished, or time's up, please come back with one complete answer sheet per team to the designated point for scoring and the winner announcement.


Updated 11/21/03

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The Questions

1. B'Gosh, what brand of overalls does Mickey wear?

2. Who drew Donald's map?

3. Name at least two artists (besides Minnie) whose styles are imitated in Minnie's self-portrait.

4. Who is Red Barns?

5. Who are Mickey's pen pals?

6. What props up Goofy's mailbox?

7. Minnie is in the publishing business! What does she publish?

8. What Troop did little Mickey join?

9. What will you find growing in Pete's Garden?

10. Jennifer isn't the only author around here! What book did Minnie write?

11. Who sweeps-up around Toontown?

12. What books is Mickey reading?

13. Even Toons have "vanity plates." What is the license number and when was the car registered?

14. What scale is used for the plans for Mickey's automatic dishwasher?

15. Minnie's a quilter, too! What pattern won her a Grand Prize?

16. What are three of Goofy's cash crops?

17. Who are Minnie's Great-Grandparents?

18. Is it toon time, or Tool Time? Who make Mickey's wrenches?

19. Minnie has baked some very special diet cookies. What's so special about them?

20. Where will you find the keys to Pete's restroom?

(And keep your eyes open for the Palm Tree!)




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