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Adventureland and Frontierland Hunt

Designed from top to bottom by Jennifer and Dave, this treasure hunt takes you through Adventureland and Frontierland in search of those delightful Disney details. The hunt is in the form of questions, to which each hunter must find the answers.

The Treasure Hunt was originally held on September 22, 2000 in Adventureland and Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. We arranged to meet at the tables beside Aloha Isle in Adventureland between 2:30 and 2:45 pm. The hunt ended at 5:00 pm.

The Fun Rules:
The rules to our hunt are both simple and few
Search Frontier and Adventure, and only those two
If your eyesight is sharp and your wits guide you true
You’ll unearth the answers to ‘bout every clue

You won’t have to waste your time stuck in a queue
Or know where they used to dock Crockett’s canoe
You’ll find all your answers in (almost) plain view
No coasters or boat rides or shows you need do

All explorers must promise to hunt alone do
Of unauthorized teamwork we take a dim view
To even the odds in those cases so few
We will team the young ‘uns with a partner or two

Return to this Isle when your hunting is through
Or no later than 4:30, ‘cause we won’t wait for you
We’ll tote up the scores and when we are through
We’ll award all the prizes, and the champ may be you!

The Rules Without Rhyme:
(But Lots of Reason)

This treasure hunt takes place only in Adventureland and Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. The goal is to have fun and focus your attention on the hidden joys and rich details to be found wherever you turn. Answers do not depend on historical knowledge of the parks or other Disney trivia.

To conserve your precious time, all answers can be found without attending shows, riding rides, or standing in line. You do not need to visit Tom Sawyer’s Island. We suggest you avoid Frontierland altogether until after the parade has passed.

Adult hunters must search individually out of fairness to all. Teamwork (including the sharing of answers) will result in disqualification. Upon request we will team children with older partners. Although you’ll undoubtedly bump into other hunters, try your best to not gather in groups or follow other hunters around the parks. It is against the rules to run in the park, or to otherwise diminish the experience of other park guests. Anyone engaging in this behavior will be disqualified.

Your answers will be judged on accuracy and completeness—provide as many details as you can. In the event of a tie, the hunter who took the least amount of time wins. Thus, return to Aloha Isle for a time stamp as soon as you finish.

All participants will receive a certificate for their participation in the hunt. The hunter with the highest score and lowest time wins first place. Second and third place will also be awarded.

If you have any questions during the hunt, please return to Aloha Isle to speak with Jennifer and/or Dave. Remember, you must be back at Aloha Isle by 4:30, even if you haven’t finished the hunt. If you do not have a watch, ask a cast member for the time or check the clock tower in Adventureland.

This Treasure Hunt was designed by Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx, authors of PassPorter Walt Disney World (

Updated 11/21/03

Copyright 1999-2006
PassPorter Travel Press, an imprint of MediaMarx, Inc.

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The Questions


1. Iago isn’t the only roguish bird in Adventureland. Tell us where you’ll find his bird of a feather, and what words does it sing?

2. Break out the mayonnaise! Where can you find live baby piranha packed in 100 percent pure Amazon river water?

3. Where is the Fuente Cielo Azul?

4. Where can you find Bomokandi Bertha and Zambesi Zelda?

5. This was more than a three-hour cruise! When did Disney’s castaways wreck their ship?

6. What will you find in the Fuente de Fortuna?

7. “I don’t know where I’m gonna go when the volcano blows!” Ok, so Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant is at Universal, but in Adventureland just how often does the volcano erupt?

8. Party! When is the Palos Verdes Surfing Club 4th Annual Hula Luau?

9. Where is the Galleria de la Fuente?

10. Ok, all you Adventurers... when was the Jungle Expedition Training School established?

11. Only one parrot in all of Adventureland is trendy enough to have a tattoo. Of which parrot do we speak, and what tattoo does it bear on its feathered breast?

12. Where can you find the Gulf of Goofy?


1. Where will you find Ruthless Billy Jack? For
     an extra point, when did he meet his maker?

2. It’s forever night time in this plaza, where strands of colorful lights, a gurgling fountain, and a verandah with a birdcage set the scene. Where is this plaza?

3. What time is it according to Brer Rabbit’s clock?

4. You’ve got to hand it to her! What gift did Slue Foot Sue give Billy?

5. When was Grizzly Hall built?

6. It’s not Morse code, but it says, “...and don’t ever spit in front of women and children.” Who said it and where can you find it?

7. This hombre’s the Frontier trail boss. What is his name?

8. Look to the rooftop, your eyes must be keen, just where can you spot, a red, white, and grey canteen?

9. Who drew the Pecos Bill Trail map?

10. What is the Laughin’ Place and where is it?

11. Where is Cactus Canyon?

12. Where can you find a “carriage and harness” repository?



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