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Hidden Mickeys

Believe it or not, Disney intentionally hides "Mickeys" all over the place! The internationally-recognized Mickey Mouse head (one big circle and two smaller circles for the ears) has been discovered hidden in murals, fences, shows—you name it, you can probably find a Mickey hidden somewhere in it!

Finding these Hidden Mickeys can be a fun adventure in itself. Much of Jennifer's first and second trips to Walt Disney World were spent scouting for Hidden Mickeys, and we both continue to delight in finding a new Hidden Mickey on our trips!

We have two schools of thoughts when it comes to finding Hidden Mickeys:

1. Go to Walt Disney World without any knowledge of WHERE to find Hidden Mickeys, relying only on your own observational skills to discover them. This is, of course, the most challenging option.

2. Read about your fellow vacationers' discoveries before you go so you know exactly where to look for various Hidden Mickeys. We recommend you use the links on the right to find a list (or two) of Hidden Mickeys that interests you, print it out, and place it in your PassPorter to take with you!

Either way you do it, hunting for Hidden Mickeys is fun and rewarding.

Updated 01/02/07

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  Lists of Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

The best Hidden Mickey site is hands-down Steve Barrett's which goes hand-in-hand with his excellent and very popular guidebook, "Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disney's Best Kept Secrets. Steve offers us the most complete catalog of Hidden Mickeys, organized by location and filled with descriptions and photos. Run, don't walk, to

Tom Shaws' Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World site is older and not up-to-date like Steve Barrett's. It's still quite fascinating and it offers an excellent definition of what is and isn't a Hidden Mickey, along with lists of Hidden Mickeys in the parks and on the Disney Cruise Line.

AllEarsNet's list of Hidden Mickeys offers excellent descriptions and some recently-found Hidden Mickeys.

Wikipedia offers a fair amount of information about Hidden Mickeys, including a list of films known to include them.

Looking for Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland? Checking out Finding Mickey, which is a sort of Hidden Mickey blog.

Howard, Krista, and Stephanie's list of Hidden Mickeys, featuring a gallery and a test! Alas, this web site is also woefully out of date, but it still has some historical interest.

CoasterBear's list of Hidden Mickeys found in 1998 (eight photos). Again, an older site, so take information on it with a grain of salt.

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