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HiddenMickey (Suzi) is our Staying in Style forum guide, bringing her love and enthusiasm for Walt Disney World to the discussions!

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Updated 11/21/03

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  All About HiddenMickey

Though I had visited the Magic Kingdom once as a child and again during a Spring Break from College, I didn't get the "Disney Bug" until after I had my two children. My husband and I decided we'd try and take our first family trip when our youngest was 4. That meant I could start the planning in 1999. 

I started reading guidebooks, looking at on-line sites and just immersing myself in all things Disney. Plans were finally laid for an October trip with a stay at All Star Music for 8 nights. We went on this trip thinking we wouldn't be back for a few years and managed to fit in just about everything we wanted to do. And had a great time doing it!

The funny thing was, when we returned home, we started feeling like we needed to go back. There were those few things we'd missed... Within three months, I was back planning a new trip for September 2000. I haven't stopped planning since! 

One of the best things I ever did, was to find the PassPorter Message Boards...and in doing so found the guidebooks and the wonderful people who frequent the site! Being asked to Guide the Resorts Board was a wonderful plus, that I've really enjoyed.

The rest of my life is made up of being a Mom to two sweet children, a wife to a wonderful husband (who luckily loves WDW too!) and working as a full-time Journals Manager for a University Press. 

HiddenMickey (aka Suzi)


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