Disney's FASTPASS Ride Reservation System

Tired of waiting in long lines for popular attractions? Disney is introducing their new FASTPASS system, designed to reduce the amount of time you need to spend in line. Here at PassPorter we're very interested in FASTPASS for several reasons. We love anything that helps you save time and have more fun! Additionally, it seems that the PassPorter is ideal for carrying and protecting your family's FASTPASS tickets. No "oops, my FASTPASS must have fallen out of my pocket, Mom" or "oh no, our FASTPASS tickets were ruined when they got wet on Kali River Rapids." Besides, we couldn't help but notice that FASTPASS and PassPorter have a little four-letter word in common (hint: it starts with a P).

Five more attractions now have FASTPASS—Jungle Cruise and Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom, "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" at Epcot, Star Tours and Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney-MGM Studios.

To help you get the most out of this new system, we've gathered all the information on FASTPASS together on this Web page. We're presenting it in question-and-answer form, as many of you have questions and we hope this is most helpful. Below are the questions on this page -- just click on one to jump to its answer on the right:

If you have additional questions, clarifications, or corrections, we encourage you to e-mail us. Please visit this page often as we will be updating it as we get more information!

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FASTPASS is a free ride reservation system that gives you a ticket to ride a popular attraction during a specific time frame. This allows guests to bypass a long line, do other things (such as another attraction or a meal), and return at a designated time to ride the attraction. FASTPASS is optional -- you can wait in the regular queue (standby) if you chose.

Where is FASTPASS in use at Walt Disney World?

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom
    • Countdown to Extinction (online mid-July 1999)
    • Kali River Rapids (online mid-July 1999)
    • Kilimajaro Safaris (online mid-July 1999)
  • Epcot
    • Test Track (online November 25, 1999)
    • "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" (online December 1999)
  • Disney-MGM Studios
    • Rock 'N' Roller Coaster (online July 29, 1999)
    • Tower of Terror (online November 25, 1999)
    • Star Tours (online December 1999)
    • Voyage of the Little Mermaid (online December 1999)
  • Magic Kingdom
    • Space Mountain (online August 2, 1999)
    • Splash Mountain (online during busy periods)
    • Jungle Cruise (online December 1999)
    • Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (online December 1999)

Note: Park Guidemaps should indicate which attractions are using FASTPASS.

How do I use FASTPASS?

Walk to the attraction you intend to ride. Check the two posted wait times -- one is for standby (regular queue) and one is for FASTPASS (virtual queue). If the Standby time exceeds the amount of time you're willing to wait and a FASTPASS time is posted, proceed to the FASTPASS area which is generally near the entrance to the attraction queue. Each member of your party must insert their admission media (ticket, resort identification card, annual pass, etc.) into the FASTPASS machine. A FASTPASS pass is issued, including the one-hour window during which you should return to the attraction. Keep your pass in a safe place as you will need it later.

What if one member of my party gets a different FASTPASS time than the rest of us?

This is a possibility, but if it happens your entire party is allowed to enter the attraction at the earliest time shown on your FASTPASS. This does assume that every member of your party presents their admission media at the same time. You should not send one person ahead to get the FASTPASS pass just to get an earlier time.

What happens when we return to the attraction during our one-hour window for FASTPASS?

Look for the FASTPASS queue (there should be a sign nearby or overhead) and proceed directly to it. A Cast Member will ask to see your FASTPASS pass(es), but will not take them. Once you present your passes, continue through the queue to the attraction. In most cases there will be little to no wait for the attraction. A Cast Member at the end of the line will collect your FASTPASS pass(es) before you actually get on the ride.

What about line jumpers? Couldn't someone just sneak into the FASTPASS queue from the STANDBY queue?

It is possible, but without a FASTPASS pass to present to the Cast Member at the end of the queue, the guest would be instructed to return to the end of the line.

How long do we have to wait to ride the attraction?

When you approach an attraction, the FASTPASS clock will tell you how long you have to wait. Additionally, the FASTPASS pass displays your time window for return. Guests have reported the time to be as early as 25 minutes and as late as a couple of hours.

Can I be a few minutes early for my one-hour window? A few minutes late?

Guests report that Cast Members do not let guests into the FASTPASS line until their one-hour window begins, so arriving early is not helpful. Likewise, if you miss your one-hour window, you probably will miss your opportunity to ride the attraction.

What happens to FASTPASS if an attraction goes down?

If an attraction goes down, the FASTPASS system will stop issuing passes. If you already have a pass, you should be able to use it any time after the attraction comes back up.

A reader writes: "When we were there, Kali River Rapids in Animal kingdom went down during our FASTPASS time. If you go up to a cast member, they will mark your FASTPASS for entrance any time after the ride begins again. It is important to get the cast member to mark your ticket. (Contributed by Theresa)

Will I miss the pre-show if I use FASTPASS?

No. If an attraction has a pre-show, the Standby and FASTPASS lines will merge at the entrance to the pre-show so no one misses any part of the attraction.

Can I have more than one FASTPASS reservation at time?

Officially, no. The FASTPASS system will not issue another ride reservation if you are already holding one. You must wait until after the start of your pass's one-hour window.

Can I use FASTPASS to ride an attraction twice?

Your FASTPASS pass is only valid for one ride on an attraction. You could, however, get a FASTPASS for a future time and then wait in the Standby line. This would allow you to ride the attraction once as standby, and exit, and walk on the ride again with your FASTPASS (assuming you exited the ride within your one-hour window).

What happens if I lose my FASTPASS pass?

You must get a new one or wait in the Standby line. If you have a PassPorter, we recommend you keep your pass(es) inside it.

The FASTPASS system wasn't working when we went to Countdown to Extinction. Did it go the way of the dinosaurs?

Most likely FASTPASS wasn't needed when you visited. The FASTPASS system is available during peak times and seasons, so it will not be used all of the time.

Does FASTPASS really work?

Yes. Guests report great success with FASTPASS, as it frees them up to visit other attractions, take meal breaks, and so on.

How much does it cost to use FASTPASS?

There is no charge for this service.

What is the official word from Disney about FASTPASS?

Disney's FASTPASS Gives Disney Park Guests Alternative to Waiting in Line

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Walt Disney World Resort is introducing an innovative system this month at Disney's Animal Kingdom that gives guests an alternative to waiting in line at popular attractions during peak seasons. Disney's FASTPASS is Walt Disney World Resort's newest guest improvement that frees guests to enjoy more of the Disney park they are visiting. 

The system is expected to roll out at popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios later this summer. "We're always striving to set new standards in guest service," said Bruce Laval, executive vice president of operations planning and development for Walt Disney World Resort, "and Disney's FASTPASS gives guests time and flexibility to experience more of the fun."

Here's how it works: 
When guests approach an attraction offering Disney's FASTPASS, they will have the choice of using Disney's FASTPASS or waiting in the regular line. A display clock denoting regular wait time and the return time for Disney's FASTPASS will assist guests in making their decision. If guests choose Disney's FASTPASS line, each member of the party will insert his or her theme park admission ticket into a turnstile to receive the FASTPASS and a return time. Then they can use the time they normally would spend in line enjoying other areas and attractions in the park until their designated return time. When they return, they will go to the Disney's FASTPASS entrance and proceed directly to the attraction pre-show or boarding area with no further wait. 
At Disney's Animal Kingdom, selected attractions using Disney's FASTPASS include Kilimanjaro Safaris, Countdown to Extinction and Kali River Rapids. There is no extra charge for Disney's FASTPASS, and guests can get a pass for only one attraction at a time.

Before There Was FASTPASS . . .
Although Disney's FASTPASS is Walt Disney World Resort's newest guest offering making Disney park visits more enjoyable, here are several special guest touches that have been offered for years:
Surprise Mornings Overnight guests at Walt Disney World Resort hotels can get a start on Disney park fun one-and-a-half hours ahead of regular day guests. The early-bird perk rotates among Disney-MGM Studios (Sunday and Wednesday), Magic Kingdom (Monday, Thursday and Saturday) and Epcot (Tuesday and Friday). Walt Disney World transportation runs early between the hotels and the designated Surprise Morning Disney park.

Magic Kingdom E-Ride Nights Held on certain evenings at the Magic Kingdom, and exclusive to Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests carrying multi-day tickets, this event provides guests with special "after hours" access to their favorite Magic Kingdom attractions. E-ticket parties typically take place between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., and include some of the more popular attractions.

Pre-shows Elaborately themed queues add a whole new dimension to the guest experience. State-of-the-art pre-shows extend the time in which guests are engaged in the story of the attraction. For instance, the Test Track (Epcot) experience and Kali River Rapids white-water adventure (Disney's Animal Kingdom) really begin in the queue, where guests learn the significance of automotive testing and the threat deforestation poses to our environment and the habitats of hundreds of animals.

Tip Boards Located near the center of each of Walt Disney World Resort's four major theme parks, tip boards are useful tools that allow trained cast members to aid guests in getting the most out of their visit. Up-to-the-minute listings of wait times at all of the parks' attractions allow guests to best plan their day.

Laugh 911/"Streetmosphere" Cast members recognizing increases in demand for certain attractions can alert their partners in Walt Disney World Entertainment to roll out a portable entertainment set. Often comedic in nature, live "Streetmosphere" comes to the rescue, providing another element for guest enjoyment.

Extended Hours During peak seasons, Walt Disney World Resort extends park hours to accommodate early birds, night owls and everyone in between.

Also, this announcement appeared in the Mickey Monitor:

Be among the first to try out Disney's Fasspass, the new time saving guest service, exclusive to the Walt Disney World resort, that eliminates the wait for your favorite attractions.  Right now, the FASTPASS is available on the most popular Disney's Animal Kingdom attractions.  But soon, the FASTPASS will be cutting line times in all four Disney Theme parks.  There, you'll recieve a complimentary FASTPASS with a designated ride time to return later and hop on board, with no further wait.  Go see. Go do. Go Play.  Then, when your time rolls around, head back to the attraction with your FASTPASS in hand.  Look in each park's guidemap for attractions offering this awesome new feature.

Additionally, this brochure is available to guests inside the resorts and parks:

Can't wait to ride your favorite rides? (Don't)

Disney's FASTPASS — Now cutting attraction wait times at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

With Disney's FASTPASS, the amazing, new guest service exclusive to Walt Disney World Theme Parks, you no longer have to wait in line for many of your favorite attractions.

Just slide your regular Park ticket through the tunstiles at participating attractions and get a complimentary FASTPASS imprinted with a designated ride time. Then, go play in the Parks. When your ride time rolls around, come back to the FASTPASS entrance and hop on board with no further wait.

Disney's FASTPASS. What you've been waiting for.


  • Refer to in-Park guidempas for specific participating attractions marked with this symbol: FP
  • You have a 1-hour window following your designed ride time to use your Disney's FASTPASS
  • Only one Disney's FASTPASS per guest can be issued at a time., meaning, it's not possible to acquire a Disney's FASTPASS for other attractions until your ride time has expired.
  • Each member of your party must be present to meet attraction height requirements and get his or her Disney's FASTPASS.
  • Naturally, you may stand in the regular stand-by line and wait if you wish.

What does a FASTPASS pass look like?

The pass is about 2" x 3",. The front bears the name of the attraction, the time frame for which it is valid, and the date and time the pass was issued. The back notes the rules conditions of the pass. Here's a diagram of a pass we have in our possession:



Valid for Entry


10/02/99 1:11


Please enter the pass entrace at the attraction between the times noted on the other side.

Operating hours of the attraction are subject to change without notice.

Attraction may close temporarily without notice.

Not valid for admission to any theme park.

Persons who do not meet the minimum height requirement of 46" may not ride the COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION® Attraction.

Nontransferable NOT FOR SALE


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