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Disneyknut (Ann) is our guide for the The Sunroom forum, bringing her love of Disney, excitement, and outgoing nature to the forum.

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Updated 11/21/03

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All About disneyknut

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Disneyknut here! Ann to everyone, your new Sunroom guide! I am 40 yrs old & I am married to my best friend, Jim who is 33 ( yes I robbed the cradle) and we are the parents of three super kids: son, James Jr, aka Jamie is 10 years old, son, Brendan is 8 years old, and our little monster... er I mean PRINCESS is Shelby who is 5 years old.

We live in West Mifflin, which is a little suburb of Pittsburgh. I only live about 10 minutes from Tikibird & we've not yet met ( but soon, right? ).

I am a licensed Cosmetologist but I am primarily a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) but I do work for 1-1/2 hrs each day as a cafeteria aide at the boys school. I enjoy being with all the kids ( I could write a book on some of the things I've seen & heard with these kids!) and it is a little extra Disney spending money. I am also an avid eBay seller and have recently become involved in a great company which does kid ID/DNA/Fingerpints etc. which I think as a parent is so beneficial.

One of my favorite sayings is "I don't have hobbies, I have kids!" but I do try to find time to do plastic canvas crafts and I love to read. I read just about anything except mystery. I enjoy sports, especially watching my kids in sports. (Yes, I am one of those vocal moms at the games). I also enjoy 'playing' on the computer. I just bought a web site and am trying to learn how to set it up.

As for Disney.. I visited the first time a week after I graduated high school. I then returned almost 16 years later with my family and the obsession started for both Jim and I. As soon as the kids were old enough, they joined the obsession. We are AP holders & try to get to Walt Disney World at least once a year. Our absolute favorite time to visit WDW is late October for the Food and Wine Festival. Jamie would like to be a chef & he has tried many new food items (such as escargot~ICK [Eek!] )

As you can tell from this intro, I love to chat so the Sunroom is a perfect board for me to moderate.

I look forward to a great time in the Passporter community.



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