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PassPorter Deluxe

PassPorter Deluxe FAQ

Many of you have sent us questions about the PassPorter Deluxe edition. Below are some of those questions and our answers for the benefit of everyone. If you question isn't here, just ask us!

Q: What is PassPorter Deluxe availability?
A: The current editions (WDW and DCL) are in stock. They are also stocked by various online booksellers, including Amazon and B& They're generally not stocked in book stores, but you can place a special order.

Q. What's the difference between PassPorter Deluxe and the regular edition of PassPorter?
The only real difference is that the covers, text, and pockets are drilled to fit inside the binder. And, of course, the Deluxe Edition comes with a great binder and a pen. The Deluxe Edition has the same information as the regular edition. (Please note that the paperback edition of the Disney Cruise Line guide does not include pockets, so pockets are also unique to the Deluxe Edition of that book.)

Q: How much does PassPorter Deluxe cost?
A: The PassPorter Deluxe Starter Kits (binder + covers + text + 14 PassPockets + pen) retail for $39.95. We offer a 15% discount on our Web site and through our toll-free number--only $33.96 (+ about shipping & handling). Readers who already have a copy of PassPorter (any edition) can register their copy to get a 30% discount which can be applied towards PassPorter Deluxe--that's only $27.81 (+ shipping & handling). For more details on discounts, see our PassPorter Deluxe Discounts page.

Q: I already have a regular PassPorter. Can I convert it to a Deluxe PassPorter?
A: Yes, it is possible. You'll need to purchase the PassPorter Binder and take a trip to your local copy shop for cutting and drilling (we don't recommend this for PassPorters you've already filled in). For instructions on how to do it, read Converting to a Deluxe. Of course, you may just want to register your copy and apply your discount to a PassPorter Deluxe.

Q: Will PassPorter Deluxe fit in my waist pack?
A: That depends on the waist pack. Look for one that has (at least) a 7" x 10" main compartment. We used to sell an appropriate pack at our store, but the model was discontinued and we haven't found a replacement we're satisfied with.

Q: Will you offer future PassPorter travel guides in the loose-leaf format?
A: Yes! The PassPorter Deluxe is popular, and we'll continue to offer more refills, PassPockets, add-in pages, and accessories. The binder continues to fit all deluxe editions, regardless of the destination or the year of publication.

Q: Can I buy accessories at the office supply store for my PassPorter Deluxe Binder?
A: Because our binder was custom-designed for PassPorter, many of the stock accessories don't fit. Accessories with variable holes for different ring formats may work, however. We hope to offer accessories for our binder soon, too.

Q: Can I add my own pages to my PassPorter Deluxe Binder?
A: Absolutely! We've prepared a template file for you to use that will aid you in cutting and punching your pages to fit in your binder. We also offer add-in pages that you can download and print to put in your PassPorter Binder!

Q: Can I buy the PassPorter Deluxe components a la carte?
A: Each item in the binder, as well as our extra PassPocket sets, can be purchased individually. This allows you to build your own PassPorter and/or refill your binder for future trips. Visit the PassPorter Store for more details.

Q: Can I just buy the text and/or pockets and put it in my own binder?
A: Sure, though you may not be able to find a binder with the same ring configuration. Of course, you could also have the holes re-drilled at your local copy shop to fit your own binder's rings.