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Get Add-in Pages For Your Binder

Thanks to the flexibility of PassPorter Deluxe, we can now offer some extra goodies: add-in pages! Below are free Adobe PDF files for you -- each is completely formatted in typical PassPorter style and ready to print out. We'll be adding more, so check back again soon! 

No PassPorter Deluxe yet? You're still welcome to download, print, and use these files. Enjoy!

Not sure how to download, use, or print out an Adobe PDF file? Read these directions first.

Add-In Page Pages Filesize Date
PassPorter Cruise Guide Free Pages 23 500k 11/26/2002
PassPorter WDW 2003 Free Pages 28 1 MB 11/14/2002
PassPorter WDW 2002 Free Pages 28 561k 9/5/2002
PassPorter WDW 2002 Updates 7 68k 9/5/2002
Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Update 6 272k 7/5/2001
PassPorter WDW 2001 Updates 8 72k 7/5/2001
PassPorter WDW 2000 Updates 3 64k 10/15/2000
Blank Page Template (for your own pages) 2 16k 8/8/2000
PassPorter Deluxe Tips 2 44k 8/8/2000
Daily Trip Report/Journal Pages (assorted) 6 40k 8/8/2000
Autograph Pages (assorted) 4 24k 8/8/2000
Note Pages (assorted) 6 28k 8/8/2000
PassPorter Nameplate 1 36k 8/30/2000

And here are some "utility" pages that you may be directed to use or like to try...

Add-In Page Pages Filesize Date
Blank Page Template (for your own pages) 2 16k 8/10/2000
Drilling Template (for converting a regular PassPorter into a Deluxe) 1 20k 8/8/2000

If you have ideas for other add-in pages, or if you'd consider purchasing more extensive pages (such as new attraction/park planner pages, off-site resort pages, etc.), please e-mail us.