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PassPorter Deluxe

PassPorter Deluxe
How to Convert a Regular PassPorter into a Deluxe

For those of you who just bought PassPorter Walt Disney World 2000 and want a way to convert it into the Deluxe binder, we offer these instructions:

Note: It is possible to convert the first edition (1999) of PassPorter Walt Disney World into the Deluxe binder, but the 1999 PassPockets won't fit quite as well in the binder.

1. Order a PassPorter Deluxe Binder. Your binder will come with the pen, but without any of the inserts.

2. Download our Drilling Template file and print it out. You will need to trim the printed sheet to 9" x 5.5" as indicated on the sheet.

3. Take out anything you may have placed in your PassPorter, unless it is small and well secured in the PassPockets.

4. Remove the spiral binding from your PassPorter. You can either cut it with regular household scissors (quick but messy) or snip off the folded plastic end and rotate the plastic coil off (slow).

5. If you want to put your PassPorter covers in your Binder as well, you'll need to cut both the front and back covers at the spine, forming two pieces (discard the spine itself).

6. Collect your text, pockets, and covers together and make sure all the pages are facing right side up. Place the Drilling Template sheet on top of the stack -- be sure that the six circles on the Drilling Template sheet are along the left side of the stack.

7. Gather your PassPorter text, pockets, and covers, along with your Deluxe binder and the printed Drilling Template sheet. Take these items to your local copy shop (Kinko's works well). Ask them to drill your text, pockets, and covers to the specifications shown on the Drilling Template. It should take them only a few minutes and cost only a few dollars (at most).

8. While you're still at the copy shop, place your text, pockets, and covers in your binder. If there are any problems fitting the pages into the rings, just ask the copy shop to redrill the problem hole. If they use the holes printed on the Drilling Template, there should be no problem, however.

If you have any questions at all about this process, don't hesitate to e-mail me at -- I've been through the above steps myself.