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Updated 11/21/03

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  All About Debe

Hi, everyone! My name is Debbie!

I am the oldest of three (two brothers) in our family and was born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan on 6/6/56 (which makes me 43 so you don't have to figure it out). Our father was in the Air Force, so we never really had a place to call our home until he retired. Now, we all live within three miles from the Atlantic Ocean here in the most southern part of New Jersey.

I met my husband, Howard, in high school. Together we have a son Shawn, 22, who is a commercial fisherman and a daughter, Shannon, 20, who is going to college for culinary. Also we have a "daugger" -- this is our hunting dog named Sandy who thinks she is a kid... had to include her!). In September, we will be officially celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We just came back from a Walt Disney World trip in celebration of this occasion and we had a wonderful time together! Couldn't think of a better place to celebrate it! (And was the only time my husband could get away!). I am hoping for another 25!

I love animals and together my husband and I raise pheasants and quail as a small business. My husband is a regional supervisor for a waste water treatment facility, teaches night school for state licensing, and is currently in the NJ Army National Guard. I am a part-time geriatric nurse in a local nursing home and am currently working towards my Studio Arts degree. I enjoy arts-and-crafts but my favorite thing to do is plan trips to Walt Disney World!

This past year we had some tough hurdles to jump over. The toughest one has been my mother's battle with breast cancer. She is a very special person to me and is constantly on my mind. At the present time, she is doing great! I have tried many times to get her to go to Walt Disney World with me thinking it would do her good, but after she found out that there are cute little lizards and other reptiles in Florida, she said "NO WAY"! Maybe someday she will say yes, but I really doubt it as long as there is a snake in the grass!

I have always had a love for M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, according to my mother. She said I was able to spell out Mickey Mouse (due to constantly watching the Mickey Mouse Club) before I was a year old! I am sure I didn't know what I was spelling then but I sure do now! My love of the mouse has grown over the years! I enjoy watching the Disney Channel (I usually turn this channel on to keep Sandy company while we are out..... spoiled dog!) One of my favorite shows that was cancelled was "Walt Disney World Inside Out"! I would watch this weekly to see if there was anything new that I had never seen or experienced while down at Walt Disney World. I found it very helpful in trip planning! As soon as I get one trip planned, I start planning for another!

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the PassPorter Message Board family! With the help of one another I am sure we can "Make Your Dreams Come True"!

People in work say I am obsessed with a rat! But I know better! He is the man... I mean the Mouse! Looking forward to your postings on the message boards!

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