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Debarkation Station

Is your vacation coming down to the wire? Are you stressing out about what to do? Worried you'll forget something? Relax. We've prepared a set of handy checklists to help you get everything ready so you can have peace of mind on vacation!

If you have ideas for new checklists or suggestions for our existing lists, please e-mail us!

Updated 07/07/06

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1. One Month Before - Find out what you can do now to prepare.

2. One Week Before - Tidy up those loose ends! (Also, see our Resort Request Script Maker for help in making room requests.)

3. One Day Before - Get ready to go!

4. Just Before You Leave - Stay calm during the last-minute storm.

5. Did You Remember? - Discover what you may have forgotten!

6. Luggage Log - Create a record of your luggage contents, PLUS a luggage tag.

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